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Excerpt Day - The Guardian © Chloe Cole



Serafina Tottingham sat on the edge of her bed, her legs trembling, as she waited for Caleb to call to her. Barely resisting the urge to wipe her damp palms on her dress, she glanced on the clock on the mantle. 8:00 p.m. The servants had all gone for the evening but her maid, Emelda, whom she had dismissed to her quarters.


Too tense to sit a moment longer, Fina stood up once again to look at her reflection in the gilded mirror. She looked like a bit of a heathen, she noted with no small amount of satisfaction. Her cheeks were pink with excitement, her lips red and swollen from gnawing at them.


She ran her hands over the front of her dress, trying to press out any imaginary wrinkles. It was a diaphanous creation, if she did say so herself. Caleb had bought her a length of the most sumptuous emerald silk for her nineteenth birthday. She had fallen in love with it instantly and had taken three months poring over patterns and designs before she would even dare cut it.


When she had shown Emelda three different sketches with variations of the dress, the girl had crossed herself when she’d seen the last one. Fina knew then that she had found a winner. She spent the next month cutting, sewing, and fitting. Now, as she gazed at herself, she hoped it had been enough. She had one shot at this, and she couldn’t live with herself if she didn’t give it her all.


She thought back to the years before Caleb had become her guardian. A long-time friend of the family and protégé of her father, he had been a regular at the dinner table when she was growing up. As a child, Fina had thought him quite dashing, idealizing him as a hero. Although he was ten years her senior, she daydreamed that one day he would be her husband, and they would dance, and he would call her “darling” and she him “dear”.


Her father was very fond of him and treated him as a favored younger brother. His quick wit and dark, gypsy-like good looks had made him popular amongst not only the family, but also other guests and even the servants at the house.


Although he spent quite a bit of time at the Tottingham household, during Caleb’s five-year commission in the Queen’s army, long stretches would go by where they wouldn’t see him.


It was during one of these extended absences that Fina’s parents were killed in a carriage accident. By the time word reached Caleb and he was able to get back to London, she was living in veritable squalor. A distant cousin of her father’s had laid claim to the house and her guardianship. There was no one else to do the job and Caleb, who would have been her father’s pick for the task, had not yet returned. In just three short months, Billy had gambled and drunk his way through the family money, along with most of the contents of the house and even many of Fina’s personal belongings.


When Caleb finally returned and whisked her off to his home in Cambridge, she had been so relieved she could have wept. If he had seemed like a hero before that night, he achieved an almost god-like status in her eyes after it. Billy had been happy to let her go since the money was gone and she was naught but an expense to him now.


Five years later, Fina no longer viewed Caleb as a god, or even as a hero. She saw him as a man. A man she wanted more than anything in the world. Unfortunately, he still thought of her as a child.


But tonight was the night she would change his mind. If not, in a week’s time, he planned to unleash her upon London for the season where he hoped to find her a good husband. This was her only chance to convince him that she was right where she belonged.


Fina recalled, as she had so many times since, the night her love had changed from the naïve, innocent love of a child to the burning, passionate love of a woman. Her cheeks burned with heat at the memory…


The previous autumn, Fina had awakened to a loud thump that sounded as if it came from the salon. It was the middle of the night, but she would be too nervous to go back to sleep if she didn’t investigate the cause. She reached out, picking up her bedside lantern, and headed down the stairs. As she reached the bottom, she heard hushed voices coming from the salon. The door was slightly ajar.


Her heart pounding wildly, she assumed she had come upon thieves in the midst of a robbery. She extinguished the lantern and moved quickly, heading back to the stairs to wake Caleb. As she reached the bottom step, she heard his voice, followed by a low groan. She rushed back to the salon door, panicked that he might be wounded.


She reached out a hand to push the door open, terrified of what she might find, when a feminine peal of laughter rang through the room.


“Hush up. You’ll wake my ward, you naughty tart,” Caleb said, his voice a low growl.


Fina’s cheeks had burned as she realized what she’d almost walked into. She turned to go but stopped in her tracks as Caleb let out a long moan that made her stomach pulse low and deep. Heat suffused her breasts. What would it hurt to peek in and see what they were doing?


She held her breath and nudged the door open an inch, leaning forward, closing one eye and pressing the other against the crack. She swallowed a gasp as she took in the scene before her.


A woman, naked but for her crimson corset, knelt before Caleb. Inky black hair hung down her bare back like a curtain, swaying as she bobbed and moved.


Caleb stood, shirt open, his lean belly exposed, pants to his knees, as he held her head, firmly guiding her mouth up and down on his swollen knob. He whispered words of encouragement and groaned in approval as she sucked him.


“Yes, that’s it. Take that cock. Take it all the way.” He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes in obvious ecstasy.


Fina knew she should be horrified, knew she was wicked, but all she wanted to do was push the trollop out of the way and take her place. Taste him, suckle the hard length of him. Her mouth went dry as she watched.

© Chloe Cole

The Guardian

Author: Chloe Cole

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Genre: Erotica/Historical

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Young, willful Serafina Tottingham is used to getting what she wants, and what she wants now is her guardian Caleb.

Set in 19th century London, Fina explores her sexuality in a very contemporary way as she tries to convince Caleb that he has met his match.

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