Thursday, 4 November 2010

Excerpt Day - The Ghost Hunter © Lori Brighton


Crossroads, England


Considering the place was at least three hundred years old, she supposed it could have been worse. Then again, it could have been better… much, much better.


Hell, who was she kidding; not even Frankenstein would feel at home in this pub of horrors. Ashley slipped her sunglasses atop her head, thinking perhaps the lenses were smudged and affecting her vision. But no, fingerprints weren’t at fault.



“Needs a bit of work, but it’s got lots of hidden potential.”


Ashley slid the estate agent a disbelieving glance. Amongst a pile of stone and vegetation that had once proclaimed to be a front garden, the woman posed in her navy pencil skirt and jacket, a red smile pasted across her porcelain face, her perfection mocking Ashley. Not a hair out of place, not a piece of lint on her outfit and she could, under the direst of circumstances, spin a positive. Ashley had the sudden urge to start clapping.


Meanwhile she looked like she’d slept in her jeans and sweat shirt, which was fitting, since she had. Not exactly glamorous, but hell, she’d been traveling all night and it was unusually chilly, or so she’d been told. Here she’d been hoping to at least have a warm shower before bed. She doubted the place had running water, perhaps not even an indoor bathroom. She’d be lucky if there was an outhouse in the back.


The agent sighed and weaved her way around patches of weeds growing thick between the slate patio. “Ashley, you seem like nice woman, so I’m going to be honest. With the rules and regulations concerning historical buildings here in England and the fact that…well…this place is bloody immense, maybe you should consider selling it as is. There’s already been interest.”


The woman’s words made Ashley bristle, but at the same time caught her flagging attention. “Really? Someone’s interested?” She wasn’t sure which was more shocking, that someone wanted to buy the dump, or that a real estate agent was being honest.


“I have his number,” she tempted. “And he seems interested enough to pay top dollar. Just think what you could do with the money… a beach holiday, pay off bills, purchase a contemporary condo.”


Hesitantly Ashley returned her attention to the large, stone beast that had somehow claimed this idyllic spot of England. What had once been an impressive home on a beautiful green hill that overlooked the historic town below, now was a big, ugly baby. But then again, it was her big, ugly baby. As tempting as the offer was, she’d traveled here for a reason and that reason didn’t involve taking the first offer she could get and hightailing it to the Caribbean.


“Thanks Sandra, but I think I’ll stay… for now.”


Sandra looked downright disappointed, dollar signs, no doubt, disappearing before her eyes. “Right. Well, you just think on it for a bit and let me know if you want to sell. There’s a nice B&B in town with a tea room where you can get a bit of food because I doubt the stove works. You call me if you want the number for some help— roof,” She turned and looked back at the house, “walls, chimney…”


The list was endless and Ashley had to stop herself from interrupting with, I get it already!

“Well then,” Sandra turned toward her with an overly bright smile that would make a Beauty Queen envious. “You certainly have your work cut out for you.”


Sheesh, it was just house. Sandra acted like Ashley was thirteen, pregnant, and had just told her she was keeping the baby.


The agent fished in her purse and pulled out a card. “Call me if you need anything.”


© Lori Brighton


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The Ghost Hunter

Author: Lori Brighton

Publisher: Smashwords

Genre: Paranormal

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Ashley Hunter is intent on uncovering the truth about her father's disappearance. But Ashley realizes she's in for more than she bargained. Not only has she inherited a decrepit pub, she's also inherited ghosts and demons.

Then Cristian arrives, a mysterious man who insists he only needs a room to rent. She believes him, until one by one her ghosts start disappearing...

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Dr J on 4 November 2010 at 20:07 said...

Oooooo -- always love the excerpts! I think that is what lures me into buying certain books--far more than the blurb on the back or on the book cover. Thanks for sharing--always enjoy what you post.