Thursday, 25 November 2010

Excerpt Day - Forbidden Passions © Aurora Rose Lynn


"Did anyone follow you?"


The interior of the luxurious penthouse suite facing out over misty gray Chicago faded from view as Belle stepped into the room and closed the door with a soft thud. Every inch of Randall Lambert's body screamed to rush forward and take her into the breadth of his arms with whirlwind speed. Instead, he stuffed his clenched hands in his pockets, and refrained from giving a low whistle of appreciation. He knew he wanted her with an intensity that defied comfort, but fleeting uneasiness threaded through him.


Belle had nothing more to do than step into the same closed space with him, and his mouth watered with such fierce arousal that nothing but making love to her would sate him, at least momentarily. Two weeks earlier, he'd determined she was a lovely aphrodisiac, and a healing balm to his soul, although he knew nothing much about who she really was. Not her last name, or if she lived in the Big City, or where she worked. When he asked discreet but probing questions, she neatly evaded them with tiny kisses along the side of his neck.


Ultra-long, dark lashes fluttered before her silver gray gaze lifted playfully to his. Her heady fragrance of verbena and roses swirled around him, leaving him in a powerful vortex of seduction from which there was no escape, had he chosen to do so. She was bundled up to the neck in a black, three-quarter-length wool coat, its collar trimmed with fur. The only sign she showed that she'd been out in sub-zero weather was the faint tint of pink in her high-boned cheeks. The wind had tousled her usually sleek golden brown hair. She gave him a delicate smile, although he knew from experience there was little fragility about her. "I don't think so."
Which meant that once again she'd been carefully evasive in case anyone decided she was worth following. For the thousandth time, Randall wondered why she was so cautious.


Was she in trouble of some sort? The question whirled from his mind as her softly spoken reply practically turned him inside out, heightening his ardor and his fevered anticipation. His cock immediately began to swell, and the skin along his upper arms goose bumped. His gaze settled on her bow-shaped mouth set in a small curve. Her lips were so darned kissable, so perfect, full and rich on the bottom and heart-shaped on the upper.


He quickly closed the distance to her. A spark of electric fire arced between them as he swirled the tip of his finger against the uppermost button of her coat under her slender throat. The slippery fastening was ice cold, and sent shivers through him. From his office downstairs, he'd ridden the glass enclosed elevator thirty floors up, and hadn't been aware of just how freezing the weather outside had turned.


Several times, she blinked, her lashes briefly feathering her cheeks. Was she pondering telling him something important? Belle couldn't, wouldn't tell him they were over. She had no reason to, did she? He choked back the welling near panic.


© Aurora Rose Lynn

Forbidden Passions

Author: Aurora Rose Lynn

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press/ Sapphire Nights

Genre: Erotic

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Beautiful Belle Cassel has a secret identity that might destroy the man she loves.

Randall Lambert is that man. He is pressing past the point of no return to discover who she really is.

Unknown to both, the tragic future is only minutes around the corner and will destroy much of what they've believed in...including each other. The minutes are ticking....


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