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Excerpt Day - But I Never Said I Didn't Love You! © Andy Dunn



As he watched from the sidelines, Callum couldn't believe how Brian transformed out on the dance floor.  He ground his hips to the music's tempo and rolled his torso in a serpentine fashion.  Callum had seen his male relatives and friends dance at weddings and nights out, but they all seemed to flail about, trying to find the music.  Not Brian; he felt it and transformed it into an embodiment of passion.  It might have been the song, too, the way the guitars pounded and the hushed singing cut into Callum's brain.  He knew the song quite well, but the way Brian danced brought a new, sexual dimension to it he didn't know exist.


Maybe all gay men are just good dancers. Callum took a sip of his drink.


A twinge of jealousy hit Callum as he watched Brian attract the rest of the pack.  Two others, half Brian's age, tried to match his undulations.  They didn't have the graceful sleaze Brian projected, especially when they moved so that Brian was between them. One ground his hips against Brian's ass as the other rubbed his ass against Brian's crotch.  It didn't work  and just broke the magic of Brian's performance.  Brian declined his suitors' advances with quick kisses and moved away from them, then turned his attention to Callum.


The second Brian looked at him, Callum saw him in a different light.  This wasn't Brian the coworker who playfully flirted with him.  He was now Brian the bright, vibrant, incredibly sexy man who touched upon an inner desire Callum hadn't felt in ages.  He now saw Brian as somebody he could spend a lot of time with. 


Maybe not a lifetime, but enough to get into loads of trouble.


The attention embarrassed and thrilled Callum at the same time; he hadn't been singled out for anything ever.  Callum imagined he was back at school and it was physical education time.  The class was choosing sides for a quick game of football and Brian was one of the team captains.  Much to his surprise, Brian chose Callum first.


The song changed to something slow by Madonna and Callum decided he couldn't leave Brian alone any more.  Still, it meant he'd have to go out onto the dance floor, put his arms around Brian, and hold him close.  How could he do that when he knew everybody in the club was watching him because he had a wife at home?  His heart beat frantically as he set his glass on the rail next to Brian's coat then joined Brian.


© Andy Dunn

But I Never Said I Didn't Love You!

Author: Andy Dunn

Publisher: Aspen mountain Press

Genre: GLBT

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Callum should have come out years ago, but getting married seemed like a better idea. When his coworker Brian begins to flirt with him, Callum starts to question his earlier decision. Shortly after his divorce, Callum and Brian start dating. Nothing serious. Just a laugh and a pint or three down at the pub.

Even though he’s uncertain how strong his feelings are for Callum, Brian encourages him to see other guys. This backfires in a rather unexpected way: Callum meets his second boyfriend Simon. Simon might just be a better suitor – he’s a bit more romantic and a lot less brash than Brian.

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