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Review - The Vanguards: Book One & Two © Annie Nicholas

The Omegas

Author: Annie Nicholas

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Genre: Paranormal

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Only a vampire is man enough to teach werewolves how to fight.

Pretty librarian Sugar wants her life to stay quiet. That’s hard enough when friends and neighbors turn into furry wolves every full moon. But when a hot vampire gets involved, life’s bound to get complicated.

The Omega have always been the pansies of the paranormal. Now Chicago’s top werewolf pack has issued them a life or death challenge. Their only option: hire a vampire warrior to teach them the moves.

Daedalus has been a powerful vampire for ages. Intrigued by the chance to train the geeks of the underworld, he wasn’t bargaining on losing his heart to a human. Can he make the Omegas a success, fit into Sugar’s quiet life, and avoid being ripped to shreds in the process?

My Thoughts

When an ultimatum is sent to a bunch of were outcast by the local wolf pack alpha, they have no idea what to do. Why, because they are not fighters, they are not aggressors in general they are not even confident if truth be told – they need help.

With very little option left to them, they hire Daedalus – a powerful vamp to train them up in time to take on what ever is coming their way.

In the midst of this little pack power struggle is Sugar, Sugar is a human who just happen to be friends with a pack of werevolves and now it seems a vamp. Sugar is  where she wants to be and the only thing that causes a bump in her day is worrying for her friends and the attraction that Daedalus seem to have for her. 

With an alpha type vamp who has seen too much and bemoans all that has been forgotten now in residence – both the Omegas and Sugar soon start to feel like running away might have been a more suitable option than to stay and learn to fight. Daedalus however never loses and he has plans to make The Omegas ready for the fight of their lives.

I love reading book where an author mixes up the paranormal species and right from a few pages into THE OMEGAS I was invested in the battle between The Omegas and the local pack alpha as well as their struggle to find a place for themselves on their own terms..

The cast that Ms Nicholas put together was a nice bunch, with their varied personality and unknown stories – it made for a  fast read and I am hoping that each of these set of people end up getting a story for themselves eventually.

While the core of the book is actually about the training that Daedalus put The Omega through a sweet romance developed between Sugar and Daedalus and it was really cute to watch dominant Daedalus skirt around Sugar while still trying to play the bad guy to the outcast. Sugar was no sweet thing as her name might suggest – she gave as good as she got and I had to grin at some of the antics they got up to.

I do like the plotline and I am hoping that with another book Ms Nicholas delve a bit more into this world that the omegas are striving to carve a place for themselves into.   

THE OMEGA book is a first book in a series and a short read at that and as such most of the small stuff kinda slotted itself right within a few page –  the big stuff still needs to be  resolved and  I am off  to read book two.

The Alpha

Author: Annie Nicholas

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Genre: Paranormal

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Someone is about to get some Spice in his life.

Spice has nothing but the clothes on her back when she returns to Chicago. She's looking for a better life, and that means reuniting with her estranged twin sister, Sugar. She isn't thrilled to find out Sugar's boyfriend is a vampire. But then she meets Eric, once the bottle-cap-glasses wearing nerd next door - now grown into the kind of man she'd love to snuggle with on this cold winter night...and he’s offered her his room in Sugar’s house.

Eric can’t believe Spice has returned. He’d given up hope of ever seeing her again, let alone having her stare at him as if he’s sex on a stick. But now that all of his fantasies for them are coming true, reality rears her ugly head and Eric must tell Spice his intimate secret; he’s actually an Alpha werewolf looking for his mate and he thinks he’s found her.

My Thoughts

As I was intrigued to know what happened to the Omega’s I quickly went on to the next book in the Vanguard series – THE ALPHA. Erica is learning to deal with all the new responsibilities that have been thrust upon him as well as learning about the old ways of the were and the vamps. If that was not enough his childhood crush has just turned up at the front door and she is looking mighty fine..

Spice is at the end of the line, she wants something more out of life and her last port of call to make this happen is her sister -  Sugar. With nothing to lose and her last dollar spent she knocks on Sugar’s door only to find a house full of strangers and even stranger still a now grown up Eric who looks nothing like she imagined he would.

Not believing in a soft touch, she wades right into the houseful of stranger and make herself at home. She has a few surprises to come however for as much as the people she left behind still care for her they have all changed and some are a whole new specie.

Eric has always loved Spice but with time and now new responsibilities he is at a crossroad about how to deal with a pack full of females nipping at his heels and a now grown up Spice who still ring all his bells.

THE ALPHA is such a quick read but has so much packed in. The outcast are no longer babies they are growing and gaining confidence day by day – but it is a struggle and not everything comes easy or without a fight.

Book two while just about the same length as book one veers more towards what happens after “the fight”. The whole team is back and from a few pages in I could see that they are not the same, they are definitely more together and I could see their individual personalities in everything they say or do.

Because so much is packed into these 65 pages not everything worked for me, I really wanted to know more about the werewolf world. The old customs that are the bone of contention and definitely I would have loved to have gotten more scenes with the other members of the household. Hopefully there will be another book that will address some of these niggles that I had with this book.

One again Ms. Nicholas added a romance of sorts to the story line but it was not the focus of this book – Eric is sweet and I can’t imagine any reader not liking him or admire him at the least for how far he has come. Spice on the other hand I didn’t really care for and only because I didn’t get the chance to know her. This was mainly down to the fact that by the time she was introduced into the book she was with Eric soon after.

Daedalus the vamp was really the highlight of this book for me – I love a strong man who not only knows his strength but also knows when to have a laugh. I loved how the author gave insight into the mentor, trainee relationship between Erica and Daedalus – Nice touch I thought.

All in all not a bad series so far. I am not sure if there will be a third book, but I do hope so as I would love to know more about the other outcast and some of their back history as well as I find I like this author style alot..   

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