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Review - Outcasts Bk 1 - 2: © Cassandra Gold


Outcasts 01 - Saving Ciaran

Author: Cassandra Gold

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Genre: Paranormal

Cast out of his family for being gay, Drew is a werewolf without a Pack. While traveling to his new home, he saves a strange, winged man who is being chased through the woods. He doesn't expect to fall in love.

Half-fae, half-demon, Ciaran is an outcast among his people. When he's summoned to the human world, he doesn't know what to do. To him, Earth is complicated and scary, and he soon finds himself dealing with unexpected feelings for his rescuer.

If they can find the courage to take a risk, two outsiders may find a home at last. 

My Thoughts

When lone wolf Drew  finds himself in a situation where he has to help a young man, he does not hesitate – he thinks quick and moves just as quickly to get them both out of a rather sticky situation. When the dust settles Drew finds on his hand a man unlike any he has ever seen before, any he has ever heard of before but not one he intends to leave on his own to the nefarious intend of others.

Ciaran is that young man - from another place and time he takes baby steps to trust, but he has to take a chance and trust someone and Drew is that person because he is the first one to really reach out and touch him on a whole other level.

With a whole lot of things to adjust to and new feelings to deal with both men makes the best of their situation – but new emotions finds than questioning how important each is to the other.

Every time I come back to Ms Gold work I slap myself for not making a decent go and get through her backlist. I love her fun style and sweet characters and SAVING CIARAN is no different.

The two main protags are good together and after reading this first book I’ll just say it was really an introduction book to the Outcast series and as such it was info about both parties lifestyle, background and experience and where they are today.

The setting is not over elaborate and the language and scenes are quick paragraphs that make me want to just read on.

While there is time passing in terms of being together, there is insta love in this book which was not a problem for me as there are two other book in the series so far with the same characters, and I am hoping for more time to develop on their relationship. There is also some mystery and even some clock and dagger stuff to ensure that the second book is already on my e-reader.

If you are looking for a quick paranormal read that just hits the spot without reinventing the whole paranormal genre – this is it. Fans of Ms. Gold’s work,  you will love it.


Outcasts 02 - Claiming Ciaran

Author: Cassandra Gold

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

Genre: Paranormal

Life is good for werewolf Drew and his half-demon lover, Ciaran. They’re beginning to fit into their small town, and slowly making friends. When Ciaran gets a job, things are almost perfect.

Then a series of strange, unsettling events disrupts their tranquil life, and Drew fears enemies from the past will destroy the life they’re building before it really begins.

My Thoughts

Ciaran and Drew are settling into  domesticity and they are comfortable within each other’s company. Drew has his job that keeps him occupied during the day, but he makes sure he finds time to be with Ciaran and build on their new relationship. Ciaran on the other hand is still finding everything new and fascinating, he is also finding out new things about himself like the fact that he would like to integrate more and he wants to start to spread his wings within the local community.

Finding the right fit for him proves to be easier than he imagined as he really only has one friend in the small town and he is a quick study.  Something's are never really left behind and Ciaran and a Drew have problems coming their way soon after Ciaran starts his new job  – and in more ways than one.

Ciaran is happy and getting settle in this new vibrant world with the love of his life and Drew cannot imagine life without Ciaran in it – However when danger comes right home to them they will either have to make the biggest sacrifice of their life or fight tooth and nail to keep what they have.

CLAIMING CIARAN is so worth the read – I love when I find a series and I don’t have to wait on the next book. After leaving the boys in their little glow bubble of love in SAVING CIARAN it was nice to see the author just ramp up the darkness and add in more characters into the mix of the story.

Once again Ms. Gold doesn’t reinvented the genre but put her own spin on it which I thought worked nicely with the werewolf secret world. I will admit that there was a few TSTL moments but I accept that as part and parcel of a sweet story. I got more involved with Ciaran and Drew and their day to day life  in this book and that was because it had quite a normal feel to it and it felt real.

Some new players were introduced to the story that I am hoping with book three I will learn more about them. A lot more love scenes were also added to this book and in some cases it felt like sex was used to cover some issues that should have been tackled head on.

That said, the story would not have gone where it did if too much was divulged too soon – so those scenes served there purpose.

I am off to read the third book in the series, which I am so looking forward to – it’s Ciaran turns to man up and be there for Drew and I am dying to see what adventure Ms Gold let them get to in UNLEASHING CIARAN.

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Chris on 26 October 2010 at 04:56 said...

I love Cassandra Gold's writing - I'll have to pick these up at some point.

Andi Anderson on 26 October 2010 at 07:28 said...

I love Cassandra's books. I wasn't aware about these books, so I'll be adding these to my TBR pile really soon.
Great review, EH! :)

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed Gold's work, so I'm going to have to put these on my list.

Fabulous review!