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Excerpt Day – Working Stifts pax: Wicked Cool © Val Kovalin


...As soon as they parked in Stu’s garage, they started kissing again. He didn’t even manage to close the garage door. They stood, wound in each other’s arms, swaying against the car as fluorescent light streamed from the shop lights strung overhead.


Stu spun Brian around and pinned him face down across the hood of his car. Brian exhaled hard as he hit the warm metal. He rose on one elbow and spread his knees, fumbling to open his clothes, and Stu helped him, stripping Brian naked below the waist.


Brian had a gorgeous ass, a soft layer of fat rounding out the high, tight muscles. Fine brown hair grew on the backs of his thighs. He stretched out across the hood of the car, trying to appear nonchalant. Stu looked closer, noting the tension in the lean planes of his back.


Scared, Stu thought as he pushed the polo shirt up beneath Brian’s armpits. Or excited.


“You gonna stare at my butt all night?” Brian tightened his rump and gave it a provocative wiggle.


Stu swatted him on the ass, making him flinch and snort. “I might touch it all night.” Mesmerized, he watched his red handprint rise on the white flesh.


“Do that again.” Brian hid his face against his forearm. “Make it sting.”


“Seriously?” Stu heard the mingled doubt and arousal in his own voice.


“Yeah.” Brian drew a tight breath. “Please.”


Stu slapped Brian hard on the ass, putting his shoulder into it. The crack of flesh hitting flesh came as a shock in the well-lit garage. Maybe the concrete floor reflected and magnified the sound, but he had no time to follow that thought as Brian hissed, jerking beneath him. Brian rocked back under Stu’s tingling palm, his white flesh hot.


“God, you’re strong.” Brian shivered. “Stronger than I am.”


That yearning tone coiled like a live wire around Stu’s balls, sending a charge of pure lust up his spinal cord. He closed his hand over the back of Brian’s neck, pinning him to the car, and spanked him five more times. Brian arched into the blows, grunting with the impact.


“Make me…” Brian forced words out in jerky rhythm to the strokes. “Make me forget…forget everything.”


Stu shifted his feet, landing the last slap, and his toe sent something plastic skittering across the concrete. His garage door clicker. He must have dropped it. He hadn’t closed the door, and maybe his neighbors could hear them, but he didn’t care. Sweat soaked his shirt as he stood still, dizzy from forgetting to breathe.


“Stu.” Brian gave a low moan. He sounded drunk. “Want you so bad.”


He lay sprawled across the hood like an offering. He had given himself to Stu in complete trust and surrender, and they barely knew each other. Brian’s bare back heaved with his breathing, and his ass cheeks flushed deep red.


Stu rubbed his sweaty palm on his jeans, his heart thudding in his chest. He’d had men before who got off on the blue-collar-guy fantasy and liked him to pin them down, but he’d never taken it any farther than that. He let out a trembling breath. “Anything you want, Brian. Anything.”


“Fuck me,” Brian said, his voice harsh and eager.


Yeah, sure, no problem. Stu swallowed and smoothed his hand along Brian’s lean back, stopping short of his butt, which still looked flushed and hot. He groped for the Walgreens bag with the condoms and lube. Damn, his hands were shaking. His belt buckle swung loose, striking the car as he shoved his jeans down past his knees...


© Val Kovalin

Wicked Cool

Working Stifts Pax

Author: Val Kovalin

Publisher: Amber Allure

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Junk removal specialist Stu Van der Meer has been burned before in love affairs with corporate professionals who underestimate him as a blue-collar guy who's good with his hands. When he meets property manager Brian Hawthorne, Stu knows he shouldn't get involved with him, especially since he senses that Brian might be in serious trouble.

Stu, however, can't ignore their immediate sexual chemistry. He also can't deny his curiosity about Brian's secret past, specialized knowledge, and unusual accent. Brian has something to hide, and it tests the limits of each man's willingness to trust the other as Stu pursues the truth.

Is Brian a criminal? A victim? Is he only using Stu as a distraction from his fears? As their relationship deepens, Stu must decide what risks he will take to protect them when Brian faces a threat from the past...

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Mem on 14 October 2010 at 22:50 said...

Ooooh, E.H., what a pleasant surprise! Thank you very much for featuring this. :)

Chris on 15 October 2010 at 03:21 said...

I enjoyed this one!

Lily on 15 October 2010 at 06:11 said...

I really liked Wicked Cool. :)

Helen Hardt on 15 October 2010 at 16:41 said...

This one sounds great, EH!

Janna on 15 October 2010 at 17:06 said...

That's a delicious excerpt! I have this on my ereader and I'm so looking forward to reading it! :)