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Excerpt Day – Damaged Cargo © Sandra Sookoo


Illumination from a few overhead light bulbs cast distorted, lengthening shadows on the metal grating of the floor. Emma’s boot heels echoed in the cavernous space. She didn’t try to disguise her approach; she wanted Tarik to know she was coming. Stacks of freight boxes rose around her like silent sentries.


And then she saw him.


He stood near one of the boxes she couldn’t open earlier with several empty plastic containers at his feet, obviously done with the job of watering the cargo. She mentally berated herself for feeling sorry from his tale of genetic selection just so he could hitch a ride. No more.


“You son of a bitch.” She strode over the floor. Tarik turned to face her as if he expected she’d rush to the cargo hold exactly like she’d done. Anger boiled in her veins and spilled out to cause her pulse to pound at her temples. “You brought the live cargo onto my ship.”


“Think again. I merely heard the knocking and had the know-how to open the lock.” His voice was mocking enough, but it was the smirk and barely lifted eyebrow that set Emma off. “No matter, Captain Gardine. They’ve been watered and should survive until someone checks on them tomorrow.”


“Bastard.” She threw herself into his personal space, pleased when he crashed into the freight container. “You endangered my crew and put my ship in jeopardy. As it is, we’re in a shitload of trouble.”


“Oh, you do care about someone else beside yourself.” Tarik shoved her away, sidestepping her next attack. “And here I thought you were ice all the way down to your core. You must not be since rumor has it you warm beds at every port you put into.”
“You’ll never know for sure.” Grabbing his arm, she planted her hip and flipped him over her body, much the same way she’d done in the Marketplace, except, this time, he didn’t go down like a sack of vegetables. He landed on his feet and slammed her against a shipping container on the other side of the aisle. The back of her head glanced off the metal. She briefly saw bright spots behind her eyes before blinking. “You’ll pay for that.” She raised a hand, determined to slap his hated face. He blocked her as if she were a child who threw a tantrum. “Damn it.” Taking a chance, she lifted her left hand. His free hand darted out and grasped hers.
“Too bad, sweetheart. Looks like you’re losing your edge.”


Emma stared at him in the dim light. Her chest heaved with ragged breaths from the exertion, and she struggled in his hold. It didn’t lessen; instead, Tarik pressed her arms against the cool metal of the container. He held her wrists firm in his fingers. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll release me at once.”


“That’s exactly the problem. I don’t know what’s good for me.” His own breathing was heavy. “If I did, I certainly wouldn’t be here.” Tarik pressed against her, effectively pinning her to the freight container and stopping her knee before it could find its mark between his legs.


The blueness of his eyes drew her in and the smug smile that curved his lips muffled the last of her sanity. Emma held his gaze, tested the strength of his hold, and when he still wouldn’t release her, she did the only thing she could think of that would shock him.


She thrust her head forward and pushed her mouth against his. At first, the hard set to his lips resisted the assault. Slowly, they softened with acceptance. All too soon, it was over and he pulled away. His gaze bore into hers for a few long seconds, then he returned the impromptu kiss.


© Sandra Sookoo


Damaged Cargo

Author: Sandra Sookoo

Publisher: Purple Sword Publication

Genre: Science Fiction/Erotic Romance

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When survival is of the utmost importance, it's best to shoot first and ask questions later, especially if you won't like the answers

The 22nd century is heinous. Finding a comfortable life in the Levinese Galaxy grows increasingly difficult.

Emma Gardine, one of a handful of female pirate captains in this throwback Victorian society, begs, borrows, steals and cheats her way through the planetary system on the hunt of a profit. An expert of guarding her heart and keeping people out, she never shows remorse and uses people until she gets what she wants, yet the hope for a normal life glimmers just beyond her reach. Then she meets Tarik Vartouth and her world splinters with new emotions and possibilities.

Tarik survived the murder of his sisters and the collapse of his laid-back existence. He's sick of the mandatory breeding programs for genetic supremacy on Nazulara that sends innocent people to death and desires to campaign for democracy for his species. When the opportunity to befriend Emma is presented, he takes it and makes a play for her ship in order to carry out his own plot for revenge against his father—the Premier and ruler of the planet. Stakes are raised when sparks between him and Emma fly. Now their future and Nazulara's, hangs in the balance.


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