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Excerpt Day - A Bride for Two Billionaires © Lola Newmar



It didn’t seem like he could unbutton her blouse fast enough. The hitched sound of her breathing urged him to get to her tits faster. Jay breathed a heavy sigh of satisfaction when he finally felt a mound of warm, womanly flesh weigh heavy in his left hand.


The soft purr that escaped from Taylor’s lips compelled him to lean down and take her sweet, pebbled beads in his mouth. He then removed his shirt and knelt between her open legs. He wanted to feel her warm cunt against his skin. He lightly sucked each nipple in turn while Taylor brushed her tiny fingers through his hair. Her moans had him looking up to view her beautifully flushed face. His erection grew painfully hard as he watched her bite her lower lip, her eyes closed as if she were straining to hold back her sounds.


Jay could feel the heat of her mound pressed against his chest while he rested snuggly between her thighs. The material of her panties grew damp against his skin, and he instinctively pressed his body closer to hers as the desire to make her scream morphed into a need. Taylor’s body immediately reacted, and she bucked her hips against his hard pecs as if seeking further stimulation.


“Brody, come help me. Let’s show our princess what it’s like to be finger-fucked by two men at once.” Taylor looked down to meet his gaze, her eyes widened in shock. Her gaze kept darting above their heads, obviously concerned with the driver knowing what dirty things they were doing in the backseat. But she didn’t protest when Brody scooted over to them and joined Jay in massaging her inner thighs.


Her tits looked so damn delectable as they heaved with each breath she took, her need obviously growing as their hands inched closer to her waiting cunt. Taylor stared at their moving hands as they met at the v between her shivering thighs.



“Oh, baby, I can smell your sweet desire. You are dripping wet for us.” Brody’s impatience had him taking over as he pulled her lavender lace panties down past her knees and off her feet.


Jay spread her knees farther apart and looked down at Taylor’s shaven pussy, licking his lips as he stared at his breakfast. “It’s glistening with your juices, baby.” Brody continued to stare transfixed on her naked bottom half.


“Fuck, I can see her pussy hole contracting with need already. It’s begging to be stuffed with a long, giant dick, isn’t it, princess?” Jay twirled a single index finger around her sopping entrance. He smiled as Taylor bucked her hips. He knew she hoped his finger would somehow slide straight into her oiled cunt.


* * * *


Taylor watched hungrily as Brody placed a single finger in his mouth and then let it join Jay’s as it wedged between her engorged pussy lips.



“Lift your skirt up higher.” Taylor didn’t hesitate to follow Jay’s insistent command. She lifted the ruffles of her skirt until the hem rested on her lower stomach, completely exposing herself in the sunrays that shone through the sun roof. Their eyes widened farther, encouraging Taylor to spread her pussy apart with her fingers to release her erect clit from its protective hood.


“Yeah, baby, you like playing with your pussy, don’t you?” Brody’s voice was seductive, but his smile remained gentle. “Did you finger-fuck yourself last night?”


“No,” Taylor answered between heavy breaths. “I just pinched my clit over and over in front of my bedroom mirror until I came.”


Both men growled at her description, and Taylor gasped loudly at the sudden intrusion of two fingers from two different hands in her cunt. Taylor’s cries of arousal and the wet sound of her juices filled the limo as the two men wiggled their fingers all along her pussy walls, hitting every sweet spot inside of her. Her body heat rose, and her breaths became shorter and more erratic.


“Get completely naked, Taylor. Brody and I have something special for that puffy little nub down there just aching for attention.”


Sounds good to me! Taylor quickly pulled off all her clothes and placed them in a messy pile on the seat next to her.


She watched as they both pulled down their pants and began to jerk off while they still had the index fingers of their left hands inside her pussy. Their beautiful cocks grew darker and longer with each tug. Their moans of passion pulled all the blood in her body straight down to her engorged pussy. She held her breath in anticipation for what they had planned for her.


“Harder, please,” Taylor begged. Brody began to lightly circle her heated clit with a thumb, and Jay continued to pump his finger in and out of her.


“Spread yourself open really wide, then we’ll give you your next surprise,” Jay promised between heavy panting.


Taylor reached down with one hand and used her fingers to spread her lips open, but she needed so much more. “More, please! Please, Jay, I want my surprise!” Taylor pouted and cried out as she began to firmly pinch her own nipples with her free hand until she felt a dull pain send jolts of cream dripping from her folds and down the crack of her ass.  


Just when Taylor felt the first sparks of an oncoming orgasm, Jay told Brody, “Now!”


Both men quickly moved in closer between her wide-open thighs, and each man placed their large, throbbing cocks firmly against either side of her desperate clit, using two rods of rock-hard steel to pinch the pink nub tightly. Both men cried out together as they completed their final jerks, and the violent pulses of their orgasms radiated through to Taylor’s exposed clit.


Taylor could hardly believe her eyes. Both cocks throbbed against her exploding clit while two streams of hot, pearly white seed landed perfectly in the middle of her glistening abdomen. Taylor screamed her climax, yet she never took her eyes off the vibrating cocks that pressed down on her grateful hooded clit.


© Lola Newmar


A Bride for Two Billionaires
The Male Order, Texas Collection

Author: Lola Newmar

Publisher: Siren Publishing

Genre: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage a Trois/Quatre

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Taylor Ewing was living the fabulous life as Dallas’s most admired, blogged-about pageant queen—a life of designer clothes, VIP access, a rock-star boyfriend, and a fierce social circle to be envied.

But city-girl Taylor craves the old life—the life before her father died from heart disease years ago. Her life had quickly gone from ghetto to glitz when her mother remarried a prestigious realtor soon after. But after catching her boyfriend having a threesome with her long-time friend, Taylor waves the white flag of love and escapes to Male Order to visit her aunt.

Jay Stephens and Brody Bartlett are social-networking billionaires who visit their hometown every summer. But Taylor swore off young playboys. Despite her best, although useless, efforts, her heart can’t resist their sweet-tea southern charm, and her body can’t resist their corn-fed muscles and theandric smiles.

But when an enemy from the past comes to take revenge on Taylor, will she be forced to surrender her gentlemen?


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