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Review – The Rules Of Work © Richard Templar


The Rules Of Work

Author: Richard Templar

Publisher: Prentice hall

Genre: Career & Self-Development

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My Thoughts..

I read this book because I like this area of study. The working world and the aptitude and attitude that each individual takes into it is always a mystery to me.

I know there is no magic answer to having the perfect employee or even the perfect training plan, but with a good basic system in place even the most difficult of worker can get through their day without having to resort to the F’ word.

THE RULES OF WORK was such an easy book to read, it was really all common sense info, but it’s the info that you assume, take for granted, think it’s not your responsibility or just too damn lazy to do or follow through on.

When I finished this book – I really was impressed, Templar style is literally ABC, no sugar coating but it was not rocket science either and He laid the ground work by dividing the books into bite size sections that fits so well together. If you are new to the business place or a old hand at it there is something within these pages for everyone.

One of the reasons I decide to mention it on the blog is for the fact that the table of content could also relate to me as a blogger and how I manage my blog, it’s contents and myself within the blogosphere.

Ninety percent of bloggers will say – I am in this for fun, I am doing this in my spare time or I am networking. What ever the reasons, blogging eventually becomes slotted into our daily life and sometimes takes over normal scheduling if we are not careful. Blogging also takes alot of creativity and patience…. Does that sound like work…  because it is, only it is work we enjoy and don't mind dropping everything for to make it happen for us.  

The table of content is quite long and I wont go into how each point relates to blogging – I think that is self explanatory once you read each point.

If you can get your hand on this book – it is keeper shelf material – I always have my oldest boy reading this.

Rules Of Work 

Table of Content 


Rule 1  - Walk your talk

  1. Get your work noticed
  2. Never stand still
  3. Volunteer carefully
  4. Carve out a niche for yourself
  5. Under promise and over deliver
  6. Know something others don’t
  7. Be 100% committed
  8. Enjoy what you are doing
  9. Develop the right attitude
  10. Never let anyone know how hard you work
Rule 2 - Know that you’re being judged at all times
  1. Dress well
  2. Cultivate a smile
  3. No limp fish – develop the perfect handshake
  4. Exude confidence and energy
  5. Develop a style that gets you noticed
  6. Pay attention to personal grooming
  7. Be attractive
  8. Be cool
  9. Speak well
  10. Write well

Rule 3 - Have a plan

  1. Know what you want long term
  2. Know what you want short term
  3. Study the promotion system
  4. Develop a game plan
  5. Set objectives
  6. Know your role
  7. Know yourself – strengths and weaknesses
  8. Identify key times and events
  9. Anticipate threats
  10. Look for opportunities

Rule 4 - If you can’t say anything nice, shut up

  1. Don’t gossip
  2. Don’t bitch
  3. Stand up for others
  4. Compliment people sincerely
  5. Be cheerful and positive
  6. Ask questions
  7. Use “please” and “thank you”
  8. Don’t swear
  9. Be a good listener
  10. Only speak sense

Rule 5 -  Look after yourself

  1. Know the ethics of your industry
  2. Know the legalities of your industry
  3. Set personal standards
  4. Never lie
  5. Never cover up for anyone
  6. Keep records
  7. Know the difference between the truth and the whole truth
  8. Cultivate your support/contacts/friends
  9. Understand others’ motives
  10. Assume everyone else is playing by different rules

Rule 6 - Blend in

  1. Know the corporate culture
  2. Speak the language
  3. Dress up or down accordingly
  4. Be adaptable in your dealings with different people
  5. Know where to hang out, and when
  6. Understand the social protocols
  7. Know the rules about authority
  8. Know the rules about the office hierarchy
  9. Never disapprove of others
  10. Understand the herd mentality

Rule 7 - Act one step ahead

  1. Dress one step ahead
  2. Talk one step ahead
  3. Act one step ahead
  4. Think one step ahead
  5. Address corporate issues and problems
  6. Talk of “we” rather than “I”
  7. Walk the walk
  8. Spend more time with senior staff
  9. Get people to assume you have already made the step
  10. Prepare for the step after next

Rule 8  - Cultivate diplomacy

  1. Ask questions in times of conflict
  2. Don’t take sides
  3. Known when to keep your opinions to yourself
  4. Be conciliatory
  5. Never lose your temper
  6. Never get personal
  7. Know how to handle other people’s anger
  8. Stand your ground
  9. Be objective about the situation
  10. Put things in perspective

Rule 9 - Know the system – and milk it

  1. Know all the unspoken rules of office life
  2. Know what to call everyone
  3. Know when to stay late and when to go early
  4. Know the theft or perk rule
  5. Identify the people who count
  6. Be on the right side of the people who count
  7. Be well up on new management techniques
  8. Know the undercurrents and hidden agendas
  9. Know the favorites and cultivate them
  10. Know the mission statement and understand it

Rule 10 - Handle the opposition

  1. Identify the opposition
  2. Study them closely
  3. Don’t back-stab
  4. Know the psychology of promotion
  5. Don’t give too much away
  6. Keep your ear to the ground
  7. Make the opposition seem irreplaceable
  8. Don’t damn the opposition with faint praise
  9. Capitalize on the career enhancing moments
  10. Cultivate the friendship and approval of your colleagues



While some of the listing is definitely gears for the business place and upward mobility – most of it is relevant to the world of blogging and how we do what we do.

Do you see anything of what you are doing in there – or anything to make what you are doing better.

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Leontine on 17 September 2010 at 16:32 said...

I see so many tips/rules here that I think are good to follow.

The complete first rule section is pretty much great tips. Know what you want long and short term. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Speak the language...a very important thing in romancelandia IMO, perhaps a dictionary would be nice when one steps into romancelandia for the first time LOL I sure would've apreciated it!

Understand herd mentality -> ROFLMFAO

Ash questions in time of conflict never get personal and don't back-stab - good ones too IMO.

I agree EH, there's probably loys of info here you can apply to more then just your RL job :)

Erotic Horizon on 17 September 2010 at 17:21 said...


I see so many tips/rules here that I think are good to follow.

Totally agree - and pity there isn't a 'How To' manually for blogland..

Some of the basic would be so much easier - but then probably we wouldn't have venture forward and learn stuff like the dreaded HTML if everything was handed to us...

I love this book...


Blodeuedd on 17 September 2010 at 21:21 said...

Hope you're having a good weekend, well it started now :)

Some good advice, there, hm, cultivate a smile, can do

Erotic Horizon on 17 September 2010 at 22:35 said...


I am good and looking forward to a restful weekend...

Cultivate a smile - That's one of the better tips..

You have a good few days yourself...


Vegetarian Cannibal on 18 September 2010 at 00:58 said...

Sounds like a good book. Common sense. I don't know if I could do most of the rules though as I'm too self-righteous and brash, hehe.

If I'm in a bad mood, I'm not going to smile. It's that simple, LOL!

Chris on 18 September 2010 at 03:45 said...

Oh, interesting to think about applying the principles to blogging...

Dr J on 20 September 2010 at 03:13 said...

GOOD STUFF!! And so many people just seem to miss the basics. So much of this is just good common sense which, I am afraid, is not real common anymore. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog recently. We did have a great trip to Maui -- the weather and scenery are not to be believed -- just another crappy day in Paradise, eh?

Erotic Horizon on 20 September 2010 at 08:44 said...


It really was a good book...

I think you would be surprised how much of it you are actually doing now....

If I'm in a bad mood, I'm not going to smile.

why does that sound like me....


Erotic Horizon on 20 September 2010 at 08:46 said...


Funnily I only picked upon that after I read the whole book - after all, blogging in much respect is like a office...

We need to manage it properly for it grow....


Erotic Horizon on 20 September 2010 at 08:47 said...

Hey Dr J...

So pleased you enjoy the time away and at least got some rest in and a little reading I hope...

As for the books... Common sense really is no longer common... Couldn't agree with you more...


Unknown on 23 July 2012 at 04:18 said...
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Unknown on 23 July 2012 at 04:20 said...

rule 3 converge your scope into vision and to be very honest, plan didn`t work until or unless you have result oriented team. like i successfully achieve my sales goal for commercial hvac new jersey project