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Review – Pieces © Shawn Lane


Author: Shawn Lane

Publisher: Amber Allure

Genre: GLBT

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Patrick Donovan has spent the last three anniversaries of his lover’s suicide getting drunk at Josh Stevens’ bar. It’s at the bar he feels closest to Andrew, the man he misses, as well as to the man he has truly loved since high school, Josh, his dead lover’s cousin.

Troubled by Patrick’s annual visits to the bar, Josh encourages the man to put the pieces of his broken life back together and move on from his grief. Though it’s clear to Josh that Patrick yearns to move on with him, he wants no part of it. He’s avoided long-term relationships and knows the last thing he should do is get involved with Patrick, especially when he believes the man’s shattered heart still belongs to Andrew.

But Josh changes his mind once Patrick takes his advice and begins dating other guys. Despite his fear of committment and becoming a substitute for Andrew, Josh can no longer ignore his growing feelings for Patrick. Will he be able to let the man go, or will he eventually surrender to the notion that Patrick is perfect for him after all?

“Why don’t you go over and talk to him?”

He turned to his brother, Eddie, the co-owner of the bar. “Not sure that’s a good idea. Not at the moment, anyway.”
Eddie, who was older than Josh’s twenty-eight by three years, reached up and grabbed a bottle of rum from the top shelf directly above Josh. “Someone’s going to have to give him a ride home, anyway. Might as well be now. “

Every year—well, for the last three—this particular patron came to their bar on this exact night. The bar, formerly known as Bill’s, had been the place they’d all hung out together at one time or another over the last several years. So much so that eventually Josh and Eddie had purchased the bar and renamed it, EJ’s. That was before Andrew’s death.

“Can I get some more peanuts?” a customer on a barstool called out.

“Sure.” Josh grabbed the empty bowl, filled it with cocktail peanuts and then set it in front of the man.
It was getting late, almost one o’clock, and the bar had mostly emptied out. Besides Peanut Man and the man in the dark corner, there was a couple cuddling in a booth just to the left of the bar.

Eddie poured rum and Coke into a glass and then nudged Josh. “Go on. Why don’t you take him? I can handle what’s left and close up. Unless, you’d rather we call him a cab?”

“No, I’ll get him home.” Josh tossed the towel down and walked around the corner of the bar, picking up used napkins and other trash as he went and discarding it along the way. As he approached the dark corner, the man didn’t even look up. He just continued to stare at the drink.

“Hi, Patrick.” Josh sat across from him.
Patrick Donovan’s gaze slowly rose to look at Josh. His blue-green eyes didn’t focus. In fact, he appeared to be looking over Josh’s shoulder.

© Shawn Lane

My thoughts

After the death of his partner bar owner Josh Stevens thought he had just about seen Patrick Donovan at his absolute lowest, but on the anniversary of the death years later, here it seems he is trying to sink into a bottle. Doing what any good business owner would do Josh reluctantly volunteers himself to drive Patrick home with the night ending not how  either of them expected.

Josh has known Patrick since forever and he has seen him through some good times and through some bad times, some really bad times if truth be told. Finding out that Patrick wants him does not sit well with him as he has no interest in a relationship and lets Patrick know as much – that is until Patrick tries to get on with his life.

Patricks clearly has his eyes on Josh but naturally  not one to make waves he goes for being friends if that all he can get and tries to move on with his life. When he tries to do his thing, things suddenly start looking up for him with Josh – but is this what he really wants.

PIECES is a funny book to sum up for me, why? because from the moment I saw the cover on this book  I was ready for it – it screamed angst, pain, issues and just DRAMA, unfortunately for me the cover didn't gel with the content of this book. Don’t get me wrong – it was a sweet read but I think I wanted more of a rush, more tension,  a little more of that drama that I expected.

The storyline is one we have all read before and personally I would have loved for this book to have been a little longer, as most of the issues I had with this book stemmed from the lack of pages.

The characters were just barely introduced to me, I would have likes more info on them, especially Josh as he was one of the main player in this set up  but other than some he-man bravado, I hardly knew anything about him. Patrick on the hand was better flesh-ed out and he carried this book if truth be told for me, he brought in the new characters that revolved around him, he created what little buzz there was and he added that little bit of spice to the smexing as well..

Over all PIECES felt like a tiny slice of life out of Patrick and Josh’s day, a slice where they were ready for each other but needed  a little nudge or some harsh truth as in Patrick’s case to get the ball rolling. As a fan of Ms. Lanes work this book filled my need to have something new of hers as often as I can get it, but on the whole it was just a sweet read for me..    

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Blodeuedd on 14 September 2010 at 21:31 said...

I have spent so much time here so the name Shawn Lane actually rang a bell :) So proud of myself, lol

Janna on 14 September 2010 at 22:51 said...

Hmm, I prefer a whole bread over just a slice too. ;) Too bad the lack of pages caused those issues for you. I have this book waiting for me. Maybe now that I'm prepared for less angst and drama it won't bother me that much...
Excellent review! :D

Chris on 15 September 2010 at 00:02 said...

I have this one on my reader - sooner or later!

Lily on 15 September 2010 at 03:10 said...

I enjoyed it but you're right... longer would have been so much better.

Erotic Horizon on 15 September 2010 at 15:33 said...


What can I say Blo' - when you know the name of what of one of my Favourite author..

My work is almost done - now to get you reading her books


Erotic Horizon on 15 September 2010 at 15:36 said...


My expectation based on the cover was my problem with this book..

A sweet read and Ms Lane is known for books that leaves a smile on my face, and this was is no different. Just wanted some angst and issues to tie in with the cover...

I know you will like it when you read it..


Erotic Horizon on 15 September 2010 at 15:36 said...

@Chris ..

Get to it woman.... read now


Erotic Horizon on 15 September 2010 at 15:37 said...


Probably Shawn will revisit them with a short story to see how they are getting on...

It was a sweet read..