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Excerpt Day - Twice In A Lifetime © Shawn Lane


...The doorbell rang and Jude let out a nervous breath. This was a little too much like a date. He had random sex sometimes…sure…but not really dates. He’d tried once with Danny and that had been a disaster for both of them. He straightened and went to the door.


His heart pounded as though he’d ran a marathon as he turned the knob to greet Rex. “Hello.”


Rex stood on his doorstep, wearing tight jeans, a plaid button-down shirt, a black cowboy hat, and a smile. “Hello, yourself.”


Jude stepped aside to let Rex inside his apartment. He went to move away, but Rex pushed him against the nearest wall and threaded his fingers through Jude’s hair. Rex angled his head so his hat wouldn’t hit Jude in the face just before his lips covered Jude’s. The kiss was hard, demanding, thoroughly possessive. It took him by surprise and sent jolts of lust from his toes all the way up his body to his ever-hardening cock.


Rex’s tongue parted his lips, plunging in, running along Jude’s teeth. With a groan, Jude’s arms encircled Rex’s neck and pressed against him as much as being pushed against the wall allowed. His dick now fully hard, Jude whimpered.


The kiss broke, and both of them panted heavily. Rex’s eyes were dark with lust. He stared into Jude’s eyes for just a moment before lowering his lips to Jude’s neck and sucking at the pulse there. Jude almost crawled up the wall. His fingers crept to the buttons on Rex’s shirt, sliding out the first couple.


“Can dinner wait?” Rex asked, his lips moving across Jude’s throat.


“Yes. God, yes.” When he reached the third button, he couldn’t budge it from the buttonhole. Groaning in frustration, Jude yanked. Buttons popped, flying in all directions. “Damn, sorry.”


“It’s just a shirt. You can rip my clothes off anytime,” Rex said just before his lips met Jude’s once more. He ground their erections together, sending Jude’s eyes rolling to the back of his head.


Jude jumped up just a bit until his legs were around Rex’s waist. The man carried him away from the wall and toward the bedroom, their lips fused together.


He broke the kiss, leaned back, pulled off his shirt, and threw it to the floor. Rex tossed him on the mattress and crushed him underneath the weight of his muscular body. Hardly able to breathe as Rex’s mouth devoured his, Jude slid his hands over Rex’s tight abs. Who knew a vet could have such a hot bod?


Rex rose up off the mattress long enough to get rid of his shoes, cowboy boots, Jude noticed as he watched, and then his jeans and briefs. Jude swallowed, his gaze glued to the sight of Rex’s long and thick cock pointed his way. A drop of pre-cum glistened from the fat head. Jude’s ass twitched just imagining it thrusting between his cheeks.


Rex’s eyebrow arched up and he indicated his hat. “On?”


Licking his lips, Jude nodded, not trusting himself to speak coherently. His own cock was so hard he thought it would push right through his jeans. Without bothering to undo them, Jude shimmied out of his pants and black boxer briefs, not caring what happened to them when Rex pulled them out of his grasp. Rex’s eyes looked as hot as molten lava as his gaze raked over Jude’s body. In response to the naked need in the other man’s eyes, Jude’s hand closed over his shaft, sliding down the length with aching slowness.


“Fuck. Where are the lube and condoms?”


For a second, Jude’s mind went blank. He hadn’t had sex in his apartment since moving to Sutter’s Bay. All of his sexual encounters had been casual and most of them had been barely outside the premises of the bar he’d gone to for hookups. Not that he was a slut, but—


Rex slapped his foot. “Jude.”


He nodded. “Lube is under the sink in my bathroom.”


“And the condoms?”


He had some in his wallet, but he was pretty sure he had a mostly empty box under the sink as well. He’d have to remember to get some more at the drug store. “Right. There, too.”


While Rex was gone for the few seconds it took to get the goods, Jude scooted up on the bed, closer to the headboard. The sheets and blankets were a shambles, really, for he was never one to make his bed each morning he got up.


Rex pounced on him, holding Jude’s arms above his head. His cowboy hat had gone a bit crooked, but that, together with his sexy smile sent a jolt of lust so powerful through Jude he gasped. “You only have one.”


Jude frowned. “One?”


Rex nipped his earlobe, his hot breath tingling over Jude’s ear. “Condom. We’d better make this last...”

©Shawn Lane


Twice In A Lifetime

Author: Shawn Lane

Publisher: Amber Allure

Genre: GLBT

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Five years ago, British transplant, Jude, left San Francisco after the tragic murder of his lover, Martin. Heartbroken, he settled in Sutter's Bay and opened a small flower shop, hoping that surrounding himself with bright colors and pretty things—living things—would somehow lessen the anguish he felt over his loss.

Jude never expects to find a love like he shared with Martin ever again. Certainly a love like theirs won't come along twice in a lifetime. But then Jude meets sexy Rex Warner, the new veterinarian in Sutter's Bay, and he can't help but wonder if his luck has changed.

Will Rex be able to stop Jude from dwelling on the painful past and look toward a promising future instead?

NOTE: This story is part of the Sutter's Bay series.


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Tam on 9 September 2010 at 19:55 said...

Oh my. *fans self*

What kind of respectable gay man only has one condom. Sheesh. :-)

Chris on 9 September 2010 at 21:57 said...

I didn't read the excerpt because I just started reading the book. :)

Erotic Horizon on 9 September 2010 at 23:06 said...


What kind of respectable gay man only has one condom.

I know - he should hang his head in shame...


Erotic Horizon on 9 September 2010 at 23:06 said...


Happy reading hon...

I look forward to hear what you think of it...


Lily on 12 September 2010 at 15:39 said...

I've got this one on my eReader. Looking forward to it!