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Review - Reilly’s Promise © Christyne Butler

Reilly’s Promise

Author: Christyne Butler

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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She stands for everything he despises. Only, the minute they meet, she becomes everything he desires.

Former US Marine turned private investigator, Reilly Murdock is no stranger to high society. Thanks to his malevolent millionaire stepfather, he turned his back on that elite world years ago. But when a friend calls in a favor he’s honor bound to repay, Reilly finds himself stuck as glorified babysitter to a spoiled heiress with secrets of her own.

Since her father’s sudden death six months ago, Cassandra Van Winter has been trying to conceal her family’s millions of dollars of debt. She can’t afford to let anyone near enough to discover the charade she’s maintaining. At first, the discovery of a multi-million-dollar necklace seemed like the answer to her prayers, but that was before the “accidents” started.

Now, she takes one look at the six feet of muscle her mother’s hired to protect her, and curses her body for coming back to life. As the “accidents” increase and danger comes closer, Reilly gets closer too. Before long it’s not just her life in danger, but her heart.

Irked, Cassandra planted her hands on her hips. “What exactly is it you do, Mr. Murdock? For a living, I mean? Is ‘bodyguard’ your official title?”

“I served in the Marine Corps, Force Recon. At the moment, I hire out my services—”

“Just what I need, an over-aged Boy Scout.”

His gaze drilled into her and he took another step toward her. “Listen, lady—”

“No, Mr. Murdock, you listen.” Breaking free from those mesmerizing pools of darkness, Cassandra dropped her head and started to massage away the beginnings of a headache. “I’m not in need of a bodyguard, baby sitter or your protective services. If you don’t mind, I’d like to get out of this dress now. You found your way back here, I’m sure you can find your way out again.”

© Christyne Butler

My Thoughts

Cassandra Van Winter has been hiding the family shame since the death of her father – the large debt that he died leaving his daughter and his wife holding. Trying to keep them afloat until a better solution can be found Cassandra works tirelessly in her small antiques shop. As luck would have it she’s found a piece of jewellery that will not only save her business, but also change her family circumstances.

When a spate of seemingly innocent accidents has her mother fearing for her life and calls in re-enforcement, Cassandra ends up with Reilly Murdock.

Reilly Murdock, former US Marine turned private investigator, agrees to a job when his mentor and good friend calls him to help a lady friend of his daughter. When he sees Cassandra the first time, he is so caught up in the beauty of her that he immediately knows his heart is in trouble.

As the accidents increase and Reilly and Cassandra spend more and more time together, the attraction between them become a delicious tension that is very hard to resist – but with more secrets between them, a stalker that seems to be everywhere – can they make ago of trusting each other long enough to have it all?

REILLY’S PROMISE is a classic tale of the damsel in distress and dashing hero to the rescue storyline.

Reilly is a typical male – take charge, his way all the way, and wants to know and be in on every conversation that Cassandra has. After his initial reluctance at accepting the job is banished – a new emotion takes over and it’s all out lust for the woman he is hired to protect.

Cassandra is a feisty young woman who refuses to let a stalker curtail her lifestyle. She is not pleased by her mother’s highhanded decision to hire a bodyguard. However when her accidents are taken into consideration she quickly realize that having Reilly around is a blessing in disguise for more than one reason.

Ms. Butler’s REILLY’S PROMISE is everything you would want in a book, a hero who actually believes in chivalry; a heroine who never listens and is more often than not in the wrong place and a plot that you can sink your teeth into and enjoy to the very end.

A brilliant outing by Ms. Butler, I’m definitely looking forward to more of her work.

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