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Review - Let’s Cook Vegetarian & The 500 greatest-ever Vegetarian Recipes

Every now and then I normally do a review of a cook book or two that really stands out of the crowd for me. My family and friends are a mix of either vegetarian or vegan and as such we sometimes have to be really creative to get delicious dishes that looks appealing as well…


After discussing the fact that I had more or less exhausted the multitude of cookbooks that I have my friend send me these two books and they were perfect.



Let’s Cook Vegetarian


Author: Jenny Stacey

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A Step-by-Step Collection of Delicious Vegetarian Dishes.

Gone are the days vegetarian food consisted solely of lentils and nut cutlets! Designed to appeal to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, this inspirational cookbook contains a selection of exciting recipes that will show you just how versatile, colourful and flavoursome a vegetarian diet can be. Whether you are entertaining or just want to rustle up a quick supper, there is something in this book to suit all palates and occasions.


Recipes include Vegetable Jambalaya, Kidney Bean Kiev, Stuffed Mushrooms, Cashew Paella - and many more. Includes step-by-step recipe instructions and a full-page colour photograph of each dish.


A quick round up.

This is a fairly  small book offering just about 18 recipes. I love a book where the editor and the photographer takes the time to present the dishes well and this book had some fantastic pictures of the dishes – even if after reading the recipes I was a bit reluctant – the pictures alone would have sold me on the dishes. 


Not only were the dishes easy to recreate but the ingredients were not something you had to order in from the other side of the world.


One of the major plus of the book for me was the fact that it was easy to change up the ingredients without loosing what the original creator hoped to achieve with the dishes..


One of my fav

Cantonese Garden Vegetable stir-fry, the ingredient called for Leek and I find that where there is more than one or two piece of leek in a dish the leeks just comes right through for me.. So I swapped the leek out for pumpkin on one occasion and another time I tried it with swede… Delicious..

The boy’s fav..

Kidney Bean Kiev




The  500 greatest-ever Vegetarian Recipes

Author: Various

A Cook's Guide To The Sensational World Of Vegetarian Cooking.

Edited by Valerie Ferguson

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- 500 inspirational recipes for all occasions, from simple soups, dips and salads to elegant dinner-party dishes.

- Professional advice and guidance on techniques tells you everything you need to know about preparing vegetables and pulses.

- Includes a full-colour guide to the inspiring range of fresh and healthy ingredients that make vegetarian food so appetizing.

- Prepare delicious meals in minutes using seasonal produce or store-cupboard stand-bys.
- Enjoy classics dishes, such as Wild Mushroom Soup, Falafel, Potato Gnocchi and Vegetable Crumble, as well as stylish, contemporary creations including Courgette, Mushroom & Pesto Panino and Summer Herb Ricotta Flan.


A quick round up.

Have you ever found a book that you think EVERYONE should have a copy of this, The 500 Greatest-Ever Vegetarian Recipes is that book. Whether you are a meat eater or not, this book would fit right in with your personal collection.


When my friend told me it’s a 500 recipe book, I admit I was MEH  about receiving a big old chunky book to weed through.. I could not be more wrong. The book while on the large size at about A4 was a delight.


Immediately  I could see that a lot of thought went into putting together this book – the first dozen pages or so takes the time to deal with Vegetarian Ingredients, Techniques and Basic Recipes. With a start like that I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.


I have had the book about two weeks now and I can honestly say I have tries something from it every single day. There’s snacks, starters, desserts, hot and spicy stuff and even stuff to make you go Whoa – at least it did us…


Highly recommended…


Here’s a picture of one of the dishes that made us go ahhhh…


Puff Pastry Boxes filled with Spring Vegetables in Pernod Sauce, In fairness to the editors it was listed under special occasion, but I love all things puff pastry so I had a go at this one.. The Pernod gave this thing a hell of a kick… Whoa… 

12 Speak To Me:

Rikki on 20 August 2010 at 21:46 said...

Hm, these sound like books for us. The Kidney Bean Kiev looks delicious. I need to have a look around for them.

Erotic Horizon on 20 August 2010 at 21:53 said...


I can honestly say even if we did not have such weird eating habits in our house - I would be thrilled to have them on my shelf...

Loads of stuff to get creative with...


Anonymous said...

I wish I had the willpower to be a vegetarian. *sigh*

Cecile Smutty Hussy on 21 August 2010 at 01:17 said...

Not the best thing to read or look at... when one is hungry and does not feel like fixing anything... or moving off the couch, lmbo!!

But I love your style honey!
And I hope you and family have a great weekend!

firepages on 21 August 2010 at 01:59 said...

One of my good friends is a vegan. I will totally tell her about this cookbook. I, on the other hand, can use this cookbook too... just with a serving of fish on top!

Vegetarian Cannibal on 21 August 2010 at 05:02 said...

Finding a good vegetarian book is tough tough tough! More so when you're a college student with a strained budget (some of these books call for out-there ingredients I can't find unless I got to specialty stores!) A down-to-earth cookbook for vegetarians is pure gold! Trust me!

So thanks for posting this up. I might be able to convert my boyfriend yet! Hehehe! At least I got him on "vegetarian bacon"! He actually prefers that to real bacon! I'm always finding recipes he'll enjoy as a meat-eater.


Erotic Horizon on 21 August 2010 at 11:50 said...


As long as you have some veg - dont stress about the small stuff...

Happy weekend hon..


Erotic Horizon on 21 August 2010 at 11:51 said...


I know exactly what you mean about being hungry and looking at cook books...


Take care hon..


Erotic Horizon on 21 August 2010 at 11:52 said...


Please do - it is a great book to have on the shelf...

just with a serving of fish on top!

Sounds yummmm


Erotic Horizon on 21 August 2010 at 12:00 said...


The Vegan lifestyle is defiantely not for the faint of heart or the struggling student or artist...

Thats' one of the things I like about these books - all the ingredients were your everyday stuff - they were really creative and I was surprise that they actually tasted so well...

Over here - the general supermarkets have ailses and ailses of vegan and vegetarian food items, so I am not using speciality stores so much now - thank god - very expensive..

The men folks are not easy converts to the lifestyle... my brother said to me years ago - "we are hunter gatherer, why must we not eat what we have hunt"

have a good hon..


Chris on 21 August 2010 at 16:26 said...

My veg days are long behind me, but one of my favorite cookbooks was a simple spiralbound, put together by a co-op. Practical, easy recipes.

Unknown on 6 September 2010 at 14:17 said...

Okay, the cookbooks sound interesting. Veggies when cooked right are delicious. Not that I know how to cook one. LOL They're always either soggy or um, not yet cooked. LOL I may experiment when I've the time. I'll note down the names of the cookbooks and look them up in my library first.

Thanks, E.H! This post came at the right time!

And oh yes, I love cookbooks with colored pictures! When I see a cookbook with no picture or in black and white, I always put it back down. I mean, it doesn't even look appetizing! How would I want to cook it??? *puzzled*

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