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Excerpt Day – Trey #3 © Bryl R. Tyne


He slid long and shoved hard, each thrust pounding me into the mattress—just the way I liked it. And I liked Drew, in spite of his beach-boy looks and his way laidback style for twenty-five. Too easy-going in my opinion, but damn, the man could fuck.

"You're mine, Trey . . . every sweet—oh hell!"

"That's it. Take me. Do it, baby."

"Trey—fuck . . . ." Drew's sweat-slicked chest smacked against my back as he fell over top of me, plowing my ass like a freaking Energizer Rabbit.

I stiff-armed the bed, held my position on all fours, and tried to keep up. My dick, so hard it ached, bounced in the air, slapping me in the belly with each hip-slamming drive. His grip dug painfully into my shoulders, and, with one final shout of salvation, he blew his wad.

He jerked, filling me a little more with each of my coaxing words. "Yeah . . . ride it; feel it."

He melted, still atop me, his exhales erratic, his inhales long and deep. Sweat, his or mine or both of ours, drizzled down my sides as his heartbeat caught up to his breathing.

"I think I'm in love." He panted out each word.

In my dreams. Drew said those three words every time I let him have his way. They held little weight, but I didn't care. When he slid out, I shied from underneath him and let him fall to the mattress. "My turn, bitch."

He tugged the soiled rubber off and flung it toward the trashcan as he rolled onto his back.

"You ready?" But before I'd finished rolling on a condom, Drew had drawn his knees to his shoulders and was spread like a champion begging me to ride him. I leaned over him, kissed his forehead through the damp strands of hair. "So fucking sexy."

I braced the back of his thighs and plunged inside; he threw his head back with a groan. This was his moment to voice any complaints. He wouldn't; he never had.

"You want me, don't you, baby?" I licked his neck from his throat to his upheld whiskered chin, pausing to let him relax.

"Don't toy around. Damn you, Trey." He repositioned his grip on the inside of his knees, lifted one hip, and held himself at an angle. "You know what I like. Do it, goddamn it."

Versatility . . . Drew's greatest asset. One of the many things I liked about the guy was his ability to adjust to any situation, and quickly. I brought my knees forward as far as they could go, pushed upright, and began fucking that inviting hole with all I had to give. "Fuck, yeah—take me, baby. Take it all."

He clenched around me as he lifted his ass to open for me, pulling his knees higher still. A game, that's what this was—one we both enjoyed playing. I smacked one of his upturned thighs, relishing in the pink-tinged skin. His jaw tightened and I smiled, watching him swallow. Hard. With an open hand, I smacked his leg again—the same place as before—and delighted in the cherry red handprint left behind as he groaned.

"You like that, bitch?"

"Yes . . . ." A hoarse cry left his lips as I slapped his thigh one last time before plowing his tight hole in a series of quick thrusts. His dick hardened as I continued to drill him. If only I could hang on just a little—


"Yes . . . . Trey." My name from Drew's lips sent me over the edge.

No sense fighting it, I was gone. Every muscle in my stomach knotted tight; my balls ached as I filled that beautiful ass, again and again . . . . "Sweet fucking Christ . . . I'm-com-ing."

My head dropped forward as I finished, gasping for breath, my heart pounding. "Jesus, Drew." I wiped the sweat from my eyes. "It's better every time."

His gaze swept to his twitching boner then back to me. Wearing a smile, he cocked one brow. No words were needed. I pulled out and backed away so he could lower his legs on the bed. He began stroking his meat. "Trey?"

"Coming," I said, flipping the condom onto the floor and scrambling to his side. On my knees, I leaned over him, taking that beautiful dick inside my mouth. He moaned as I knocked his hand away to take him deeper.

I fondled his balls and then squeezed, reaching my other hand to his neck, as I took his length into my throat.

"Yes." His hips arched from the bed and he fisted the sheets.

I sucked to the tip, grazed my teeth just under the head. His chest moved in and out as he gasped for air, his back arching farther from the bed. I tightened my lips around his dick and my grip on the sides of his neck. At once, he released the sheets and his hands tightened over the hand at his throat. He clawed and gasped, in a futile effort. I released his balls and sucked him hard to the tip, then easier as I took him to the base. He bottomed out, and with a sharp jerk of his hips, he came, coating my throat in one huge burst.

Instantly, his body went limp and his hands fell away from his neck, smacking the bed as they hit. I relaxed my grip on his neck, massaged his balls as I licked him clean, kissed my way from his belly to his chest . . . .

"Drew?" With my tongue, I teased one of his nipples. "You with me, man?"

His chest heaved as his lungs filled with air. He scrunched the sheets in his hands, then reached for my head and held me close as he caught his breath. "Fucking-A, Trey, I love that." His voice cracked.

"Need a drink, baby?"

"Yeah," he whispered.

On my way to get him a glass of water, I eyed the clock—two-thirty, already? Fuck. I needed to get ready for work.

© Bryl R. Tyne

Trey #3

Author: Bryl R. Tyne

Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing

Genre:  GLBT m/m/m

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Trey wants his job.

Drew wants Trey.

Travon wants them both, but must avoid the law.

When boyfriend Drew and twice a month fuck buddy Travon decide to go in together on a local Las Cruces pawnshop heist, neither expects to find Trey working behind the counter. Funny, both Drew and Travon figured the accountant-degree-holding Trey to be a safe bet. Both are fiercely protective. None expected to meet.

With the loot bagged, the ironic love triangle exposed, and the cops on the way, what's there to do but drag Trey along for the ride?

Trey discovers sometimes choosing between the lesser of two evils is all but impossible.

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Chris on 12 August 2010 at 03:27 said...

Is the #3 in the title referring to the love triangle, or are there books 1 and 2?

Bryl R. Tyne on 12 August 2010 at 10:41 said...

Thanks for putting this up, EH. :)

The #3 in the title refers to the love triangle. More specifically, it refers to a significant prop from the pawnshop Trey works at, "tray number three" as well as to the way Trey feels about the triangle as a third man out, though to explain beyond that would give away the ending.

Chris on 12 August 2010 at 12:44 said...

Thanks for the info, Bryl!

Bryl R. Tyne on 12 August 2010 at 13:28 said...

Sure thing, Chris, anytime.

Lily on 12 August 2010 at 17:48 said...

Sounds good, I've read a couple of other stories by Bryl and enjoyed them. Another one for my TBB.