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Excerpt Day - Tempting Alibi up © Savannah Stuart


Chapter One

Michaela Miller froze with her glass of wine halfway to her mouth. Her eyes widened as she watched her sexy-as-sin neighbor Scott O’Callaghan step through his back door and strip out of his t-shirt. He glanced around, once in her direction, then toward the house on the other side of his own before stripping his pants off.


Underneath he wore shorts that should be illegal. She knew he’d been in the Marine Corps before settling back in Hudson Creek and those were his…silkies or softies—or some other ridiculous name. Whatever the damn things were called, they barely covered his crotch and they put all sorts of bad thoughts in her mind. The man obviously wore them to drive her insane. Every morning he was up at dawn and jogging around the lake they lived on and showing off all sorts of taut, lean muscles and tattoos. And she’d only discovered that by accident. She’d gotten up early one morning six months ago and had seen him run by her place at the ungodly hour. Now mornings were her favorite time of the day.


Seemed she was getting a double show today though. Apparently his morning workout wasn’t enough and he was getting in some extra time tonight. Something told her he had no clue she was watching. The light bulb on her back porch had blown a week ago and she’d been too lazy to replace it. Usually the moonlight and stars reflecting off the lake gave her enough light anyway, but the sky was overcast tonight and she was sitting in relative darkness.


Her hand tightened around her glass as he reached up and grabbed on to the metal bar he’d installed recently. It was attached to some sort of pole thing and now she realized why he’d mounted it. Michaela’s stomach fluttered as he started doing pull-ups.


Up and down, up and down. Those big arms clenched and tightened each time he pulled up. It was beyond embarrassing, but her panties dampened as she watched him move. For such a bulky guy, he moved with a fluid grace that made her wonder what he’d be like beneath the sheets.


He was male perfection. Dark hair, dark, piercing eyes and not an inch of fat on that hard body. Unfortunately he was quiet as hell and no doubt thought she was an idiot. Scott was from the area, but he’d been gone for years and had moved back only seven months ago. She’d brought him cookies to welcome him to the neighborhood. Everyone who lived on Hudson Lake knew everyone and she’d wanted to do something nice. When she’d shown up with her plate, he’d grunted something inaudible, then just stared at her as she rambled on for a full two minutes about—God, what was it? She couldn’t even remember now but since he’d barely responded to her neighborly gesture, she’d steered clear of the sexy man. Didn’t mean she couldn’t admire what was placed in front of her.


After the pull-ups, he started on the sit-ups. When he switched to push-ups, she shook her head and slipped through her back door. Nearly an hour had passed and if she wasn’t careful, she’d combust from watching him.

She had to get up early to teach a yoga class anyway. Thursdays were her early days and her patrons paid good money for her to do her job right. She wasn’t going to come in late and tired because she’d been horny and spying on her neighbor.


* * * * *

“Hey, boss, would you sign off on this?”

Scott glanced up from filling out the payroll as Daniel walked into his office holding a clipboard. “What is it?”


“I just finished with Mr. Wilkinson’s BMW. I’m gonna call and let him know if that’s all right.”

“Sounds good.” Scott quickly scribbled his signature without reading the paperwork. Daniel had been with him since he’d opened O’Callaghan’s Auto Body Shop. He was the most trustworthy employee he had.


Daniel cleared his throat. “Thanks. By the way, I just saw Michaela Miller drive up. Thought you’d like to take that one personally.”

That got Scott’s attention. “Get the hell out of here,” he muttered.


Chuckling to himself, Daniel quickly left the office.


Scott wiped his dirty palms on his work pants. His mouth filled with cotton at the mere mention of her name. Anytime the sexy woman got near him, he lost the ability to think, let alone speak. He’d lived through boot camp, SERE school, and about a dozen other brutal training programs during his eight years in the Marine Corps. Not to mention he’d lived in a warzone for six of those years. But for some reason he couldn’t talk to his petite, redheaded neighbor for longer than a couple minutes without breaking into a nervous sweat. It was fucking embarrassing.


The sound of the bell jingling on the front door pushed him into action. He turned off his computer screen and exited his office.


Michaela stood behind the counter with her car keys in hand. She smiled when she saw him. “Hi, I think my car needs to see a doctor.”


His gut clenched as her face lit up. Talk, he ordered his mouth.

© Savannah Stuart

Tempting Alibi up

Author; Savannah Stuart

Publisher: Jasmine Jade (Ellora’s Cave)

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Scott got into a fair amount of trouble as a teenager, but now he’s grown and runs a respectable auto body shop. Unfortunately, the sheriff of his town has it out for him, no matter how much he’s cleaned up his act.

When he’s accused of a crime he didn’t commit, no one is more surprised than he is when straitlaced Michaela Miller provides him with an alibi. An alibi that’s a complete lie. Determined to find out why his sexy next-door neighbor helped him out, he puts himself in danger of losing something he’d never considered. His heart.

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