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Review – Fearless & Lawless (Fearless 2)© Sarah Black

I recently read IDAHO PRIDE by Sarah  Black and was so impressed with the book – mostly the characters to be honest but so much so that I knew I wanted to spend some time with this authors work.

I decided to just dip my toes into a novella by her that is in the FEARLESS Anthology and before I knew it, I was two books deep and I was loving it.


Fearless (Anthology)

Author: Sarah Black

Publisher: MLR Press

Genre: GLBT

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Lt. Colton Wheeler understands the law and the people of the Arizona-Mexico borderlands and his lover, Dr. Diego Del Rio. But a shocking act of violence leaves a battered dead body in their home and Diego charged with murder.

Suddenly everything Colton thought he knew turns out to be wrong. What can he still believe in? Who can he trust? He believes in his lover, but Diego is on the run.

My Thoughts

This is just a slice of the going on into the life of  Lt. Colton Wheeler and  Dr. Diego Del Rio. They are lovers, they are in love and they are prepared to be everything and do anything for each other.

The book opens with them in the cliché position – and they are sweet if truth be told. Colton makes time for Diego because as a trainee doctor he has limited time for things like lunch and time for himself – so Colton goes to him more often than not.  Colton however is like a character from the wild west, and he acts it as well – and just like the people of that time he has some good, some gentle and some rather bad weeds in his family – and they are literally the stuff of legends for people who cross’ the Mexican Borders .

Diego is the boy made good on his own terms but things can’t ever be easy and this is how Diego finds himself back in Mexico hiding and scarred, as well as worried about his lover and how the future will pan out..

The book moves fast and could do with some added details no doubt but what worked like characters, sexual tension and just keeping me the reader interested enough to move on to the next book – worked well. 

This book actually feels like a taster and if I had just read this book without the follow up I would be left seriously wanting – as FEARLESS although choke full of all the stuff I like, great characters, a nasty mystery, even more eerie stuff on the horizon it ultimately is a book where only the bit and pieces of scenes and conversation is used and ultimately not the greatest introduction to this authors work. 

P.S. The blurb does give alot of this book away.




Lawless (Fearless 2)

Author: Sarah Black

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Genre: GLBT

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Lt. Colton Wheeler is the law in a lawless land. A year after his lover, Dr. Diego Del Rio, lost his eye in a vicious hate crime, trouble from across the border threatens to shatter the life they’re building together.

An old lover stakes a claim, and Colton suspects he wants more than Diego. Colton’s family comes under attack, a missing Apache boy is accused of cattle rustling, and bloody tribal masks from the old rituals are being worn by someone carrying a whip, bent on terrifying the people of the borderlands.

Colton only knows one way to protect his people. By walking into trouble, by drawing fire, by putting himself between the people he loves and those who mean them harm.

My Thoughts

One of the pleasures of checking out an authors back catalogue is that sometimes like in this case an author can go back and tighten up or extend on a novella or just for whatever reason he or she decides to revisit their characters - they do.

LAWLESS is a longer book on the life and times of Colton and Diego. The book picks up a little while later after the novella and Colton is now in charge of his own office, he is also a much respected officer by not only his co-worker as but the very people who he is trying to protect. Colton has also redefined his life and his now living with Diego and has come to certain decision regarding his ranch.

Diego is really just living – his career is assured but it’s not the thing he really really wants to do – that dream has been scrapped more due to Diego pig-headedness that his visual disability. He is all about Colton and is every moment is taken up with thinking about making life easier or just enjoying the moments they have together…

Things are however not well with them as a couple, as Diego has an old lover who refuses to go away. While he is prepared to ignore it for the most part – Colton knows that this needs to be nipped in the bud and right now. The truth of that does not come home to Diego until Colton is threatened, he is willing to put up with alot but Colton’s life being threatened places a whole different light on the situation.

Even with that situation happening in their personal life, on the work front there seems to be little fires happening that Colton needs to address and after just a little investigation – he realises he might be onto more than he even thought was possible.

They need to call in help, they need to act smart and they need to not let emotions rule the day. All of this is difficult for Colton – but he has people around who are willing and strong enough to sit him down and put some home truth to him. Diego on the other hand – while concern for what is happening finds himself suck into life on the ranch and other little things that just seem to be popping up.

The two are having to spread themselves thin to get it all done and at times it feels as if they have nothing left in the tank to carry on – but they have too much to lose if they give up.

LAWLESS is definately more than I expected but also less than I expected as well. As I mentioned before I was just so chuffed to find that Ms. Black carried on with Colton’s and Diego’s story as in the novellas so much was alluded to, so much of the finer details were missing and although there was a pretty intense mystery – the novella wasn’t long enough for it to developed properly..

That said I love that although I missed out on those things in the first book Black uses other things to tie this second book together – the old lover angle – it worked for me. Not that I was left in limbo with the old story line – that was cleared up – but  I for one was glad it was put to bed as Colton and Diego had other wars to fight.

Characters that I didn’t get the chance to see come into their own – she brought them back and gave them life. Even the bad guys were just something to behold. I really can’t say enough about how much I love Black’s characters – they grew on me, they made me see them and they were un-repented in whatever they did and for that I loved them all.

I liked that the story moved around – from the US side of the border right over into the Mexican region. From city to ranch setting… I really saw these people come into their own and it did make a difference to my reading pleasure.  

I like Black’s style – it might not work for everyone and I can see where readers of heavier reading  material will have problems with it – as Black does have a way of breaking the scenes at rather intense times to fill in emotional scenes or just jump around to some of the sub plots in the book… Me - I loved it.

I also liked that she didn’t gloss over the harsher areas of the book – this was a hard area of the US Mexico Border region – anything can happen and it did for the most part. The bad guys were nasty and they played the game and lived the life and as such good guys got hurt but even better men died.

This might be petty on my part – but I love when due justice is played out – I hate an easy finish, a quick death. Give me torture and hurt and a few busted knee caps along the way – I was totally satisfied by how the bad  guy got his, justice was was definately served.

Bottom Line

It is not often that I have had to visit two different publisher in order to find follow up books – but I did in this case and it was so worth it.

I met some wonderful people through the pen of Sarah Black, people I wont or want to be forgetting anytime soon. While I accepted FEARLESS as a quick insight in the life of Colton and Diego I was please Black came back with LAWLESS – a longer book, a book that address alot of the unknown, the assumed and tied up a whole of the  loose ends.

Black’s style works for me, I loved her characters as they more or less carried this book. While some stood out of the pack as heroes none gave less than a hundred percent to the part they played. The little touches of sarcastic humour was not bad and  I was so in tune with these people that it felt like I could reach in and touch them at any given moment…


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Great reviews..but that he a pirate doctor? lol

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These are both on my ereader...

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I read the first one when it came out but the second is still on my TBR. Great reviews!

Erotic Horizon on 28 July 2010 at 16:11 said...


I will admit the cover of that book is one of the major drawback of it...

I am glad I got passed it...


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When will you find the time hon...

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If you get the chance please give it a go - I met some rather good characters in this one...