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Excerpt Day - A Visit from the Truth Faerie - Katica Locke


Simon glanced around for something to put on, finding nothing besides the towel in his hand and his bloodstained boxers on the floor. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he hesitantly opened the door and stepped out.


"Yes?" Julian's voice came from within the bedroom.

"I-- I need some clothes..." He trailed off as Julian appeared in the doorway, his jeans undone to reveal a pair of black boxers with red hearts on them stretched tight over Julian's arousal. Simon swallowed hard. "Where's my robe?"

"I asked Raven to wash it," Julian said, taking a slow, fluid step toward him. "It'll be dry in about an hour...if she doesn't forget about it, of course."

"Maybe I'll just go remind her," Simon said, trying to slip sideways out of the short hall, but Julian grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "Julian, please don't do this," Simon said, bracing a hand against the vampire's chest. "I don't want to hurt you."

Julian laughed, a surprised sound.

"You really think you could?" he asked.

Simon shook his head.

"I meant, if I give in, if we...I can't get past what you are, Julian, and if we have sex, that's all it will be--meaningless sex, and I know you want more than that, but I can't--I just--I don't want you to be hurt." He couldn't believe he was saying it, and even more surprising was that he meant it. Julian was a nice guy, even if he was a monster, and Simon didn't want to hurt him. He glanced up to find Julian smiling at him, one of those warm, soft smiles that made his knees weak.

"You're sweet, Simon," he murmured, "but you've apparently forgotten the assholes who are watching my house, and the assassin that's coming tonight to kill me. Getting my feelings hurt is the least of my worries right now. Are you really going to make me spend the last few remaining hours of my life alone?"

Simon knew a line when he heard one; he knew when someone would say anything to get into his pants--or rather, into his towel, as the case happened to be--but Julian was also right. They were probably all going to die in less than twelve hours...and it was all Simon's fault.

"No, I won't," he said, reaching down and untucking the end of his towel, a shiver running up his spine as the damp terrycloth slid down his legs to pool around his ankles. Julian looked surprised, his gaze creeping down Simon's body and a dark hunger filling his eyes.

"If I had known it would work that well, I'd have tried that line months ago," he said, stepping backward into the bedroom and motioning for Simon to follow. As Simon entered the room, he glanced around, at a dark painting hanging above the dresser that hadn't been there the last time, at the rumpled, burgundy colored satin sheets on the bed, and at the heavy, wrought iron head and foot boards. He'd had dreams about this room, lurid, vivid fantasies. Nothing like this. This was...anticlimactic.

© Katica Locke

A Visit from the Truth Faerie
Author Name: Katica Locke
Genre: Suburban Fantasy
Publisher: Shadowfire Press
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Simon learns that it isn't smart to lie to a truth faerie.

Simon still hasn't gotten used to living next door to a vampire, and even though Julian is not the monster Simon expected, Simon can't see past the fangs. When a sadistic faerie turns up on Simon's doorstep looking for Julian and tortures Simon for the information, Simon has no choice but to seek refuge with his vampire neighbor. Putting his life in the hands of the last person he ever thought he could trust, Simon discovers a few things about vampires and a little about himself, too.

Julian, never short on charm, wastes no time in coaxing Simon into his bed one last time before they all die. Except that Simon isn't in danger. Julian is the only one they want. Feeling used and betrayed, Simon leaves Julian to face the threat alone, a decision that may prove fatal.

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