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Excerpt Day - Sinfully Decadent © Aurora Rose Lynn


The airplane was about to land, bringing Kane Solovich closer to home and nearer to forbidden territory. If only he could get his mind off his housekeeper, he would be able to stop his torment. And maybe that’s why he was getting home two days earlier than he’d planned.

The Please Fasten Your Seatbelts sign flashed on and the people around him fastened their seatbelts, lifted up the trays and closed their briefcases. If only it were so easy to put a stop to all those erotic thoughts about Erin Manta, who he’d hired right on the spot, an act for which he’d never forgive himself. He had tried to ignore those almond-shaped eyes and luscious heart-shaped lips, to focus on her resume, which clearly stated she had no experience as a cook and live-in housekeeper. After a quick assessment of her shy nature and her innocence, he’d immediately hired her. Then she’d had the temerity to throw her arms around his neck and tell him he’d never regret his decision. The body to body contact had thrown him off his game, and he’d wanted to hold onto her longer.

He buckled his seatbelt, hearing the satisfying sound of metal snapping together. As the Boeing 727 started its descent, he closed his laptop and set back the desk on which it had been sitting. The weeklong trip to France had been an especially long one, but he’d managed to negotiate for a specific beachfront property for one of his luxury condominium projects. A satisfied sigh escaped his lips. Now, it was time to get home and relax as much as a workaholic CEO and billionaire could.

His mouth watered thinking about the treat Erin would have waiting for him. She cooked and baked extremely well. She could have been a chef at a five-star restaurant. Delicious filet mignon, rare as he liked, with mashed potatoes that were creamy and laced with parsley, and of course her fantastic apple pie, which was out of this world. The apples, Kane had learned, were grated, not sliced, and her crusts were never soggy. What was her secret? If he was ever hungry for a snack, Erin kept the fridge well stocked with cold shrimp and made-from-scratch cocktail sauce, her own homemade bread for sandwiches, and a variety of other tantalising temptations.

The plane made a smooth landing, but Kane hardly noticed since he was so intent on analysing Erin. She wore a black housekeeper’s uniform, which was a couple of sizes too large for her, creating a tent-like appearance. He couldn’t tell if she was slender or not underneath. Her hair, a lustreless light brown, was always done up in a knot on the top of her head, and her eyes were a fawn brown. Her whole appearance leant itself to the notion that she always kept her place. But first impressions could be wrong, as he’d learned a few times.

The terminal wasn’t busy at three in the afternoon so he went through customs and grabbed his luggage, a large suitcase, in record time. His limousine waited on the kerb outside as per his orders. Rafe, his chauffeur, greeted him enthusiastically with a huge, welcoming smile, unlike Erin who rarely did. He wondered uneasily if she ever cracked a grin.

He settled against the limousine’s leather cushion. The big car accelerated slowly and smoothly, heading towards the freeway’s onramp. Kane made a quick decision. He wanted to know more about his housekeeper, in an intimate manner. Every woman had her beguiling secrets under the façade of who she pretended to be. He planned to wine and dine Erin Mantra tonight, right into his bed.

His cell phone rang as he opened his laptop. A quick glance at the small screen told him the caller was Wayne Jenkins, the mayor of Della Ria.

“Wayne, I’ve been wanting to talk to you,” Kane exclaimed into the phone.

© Aurora Rose Lynn

Sinfully Decadent

Author: Aurora Rose Lynn

Publisher: Total E-Bound

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Book one in the Fugitive Series.
A billionaire loses his self-control over a housekeeper accused of stealing a painting worth millions of dollars.
Beautiful fugitive, Erin Manta, reinvents herself as a billionaire's housekeeper but didn't count on handsome Kane Solovich losing control and wanting her in his bed. Erin's past is quickly catching up with her.
In her former life as a nursing home aide, she was accused of stealing a valuable Holbein painting but in her current life, with burglaries becoming rampant in the neighbourhood, will Kane believe in her innocence?
Will the sex end and will she go to jail if he declares her guilty?

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