Thursday, 15 July 2010

Excerpt Day – Lost Shifter 05: A Wicked Caress © Stephani Hecht


As he stepped into the training area and realized he wasn't alone, a huge grin spread out over Noah's face. Speaking of sex, there stood in front of him the poster boy for gonna-give-me- a-boner.


Noah let out a low purr of appreciation as he watched the Tiger go through a slow series of martial arts moves. Damn, Noah must have done something in a previous life to deserve a reward, too, because Seth also happened to be naked from the waist up.

His cock let out a loud, yippy skippy as he watched beads of sweat slowly travel down the man's muscular body. Muscles that Noah would give his left nut to lick. He would take his time, too, letting his tongue slowly learn every dip and ridge of the Seth's body. He'd give even more to be the reason the usually stalwart soldier's control slipped. Just one moan of passion—that' s all Noah asked for. Okay, maybe that and a little tug of the hair as he sucked the man off.

"Are you going to stand there staring at me all night?" Seth asked as he turned that ice-blue stare into Noah's direction.

Noah found himself momentarily paralyzed, shocked that Seth had known all along that he'd been there. Finally recovering, he shot off what he hoped was a cocky grin. "That depends. Are you planning on taking off any more clothes?"

When Seth continued to glare silently, Noah persisted, "Seriously, I would be willing to stand here for the rest of the night so long as you promised to drop your pants at some point."

Seth's gaze narrowed ever so slightly. "Are you usually this mouthy?"

"Only when I see something I want to wrap said mouth around," Noah shot back. Part of him realized he'd probably earn himself a beat-down for his smart ass attitude,but he couldn't stop himself. It felt so damn good to be doing some reckless flirting for once. It had been so long, he'd been afraid he'd lost his touch.

"I don't think you're big enough to take in anything I have to offer," Seth returned with a dismissive glance over Noah's scrawny body.

Despite the insult, Noah wanted to give the air a fist pump in celebration. All the other felines had walked away from him before they let him get this far. Not Seth, though. Even though he acted annoyed, the fact that he stayed and continued the conversation let Noah know the Tiger was having a little fun of his own. Noah made a big show of slowly running his tongue over his lips."You'd be surprised at what I can take. I've been told that I'm remarkably flexible."

Seth took a step forward as he cocked his head slightly to the side. "Really? And who exactly told you this?"

It was an obvious attempt to call Noah's bluff. While Noah could have given him a couple of names, instead, he made a dismissive wave of his hand. "People are always throwing compliments my way. It got to be so tiresome, that I put a poll up on Facebook so people could vote on my best attributes. My flexibility came in at a close second."

That finally earned him a hint of a smile. "Okay, even though I know I'm going to regret asking this, what came in first?"

Byway of answer, Noah turned around and wiggled his ass a couple of times. The last thing he expected to get was a snort of disbelief from Seth. "I wouldn't rank that higher than fifth. Hell, it may even be sixth."

Outraged,Noah turned around to shoot off a dirty look only to see that Seth was smiling at him. Not willing to be bested, he gave his moneymaker another shake. "Are you certain you don't want to come over here and feel it? You know, to be sure you've truly been able to size it up."

© Stephani Hecht

Lost Shifter 05:  A Wicked Caress

Author: Stephani Hecht

Genre: GLBT Paranormal

Publisher: eXtasy Books

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Noah endured a year of harsh captivity by the Ravens before finally being rescued by his fellow feline shifters. Scarred in more ways than one and traumatized, he's trying to settle into a new life with the family he never knew he had. Too many bad memories and fears are making the transition less than easy, however. Even though his siblings claim to care about him, Noah feels that because of his haunted past he's unworthy of their devotion.

Only one thing brings him any sense happiness, a tiger shifter named Seth. The problem is, Seth is the complete opposite of Noah. A soldier in every sense of the word, he's strong, sexy and honorable. Noah knows the other man is out of his league, so he vows to keep his feelings a secret.

Then one day Seth offers to help Noah learn how to defend himself. Even though Noah knows he should refuse, he agrees.  His driving need to not be weak anymore and his deep feelings for Seth make the temptation too much to resist. But in getting closer to Seth, will Noah be in danger of losing his heart?

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Chris on 15 July 2010 at 20:42 said...

I have this already and am looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this, too. I love Stephani's characters; plus, who wouldn't love an author who could work "yippy skippy" into a paragraph?

Lily on 16 July 2010 at 05:08 said...

I've really got to start this series soon. :)