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Excerpt Day - Happy Birthday to Me © Megan Rose


Clementine Holloway, known to her friends as Tina, stared hard at the half-naked cowboy who stood in front of her. In fact, she’d been staring for a good ten minutes, which, she conceded, was very rude. Nevertheless, a body such as his deserved—no, demanded—a woman to lust over it.

His blue eyes sparkled, hinting he could perhaps be a little bit naughty with her. She liked such a trait in a man. It wasn’t as though she was kinky, but it was nice to know that if she wanted to be, she could. His brown hair held flecks of sunlight, suggesting he spent time outdoors.

Hmm, back to those kinky thoughts. His shoulders looked firm and his arms strong. Without a doubt, he could hold her weight. She grinned. Moving her gaze lower, she noted how smooth his bare chest looked. The urge to run her hand down his luscious abs was far too strong to resist. And as for his ass… Well.

She crossed her legs.

His smile was appealing, yet held in check. She sensed something lurking beneath his surface, apart from the obvious, she thought, casting her gaze in the direction of his crotch. There was something in the line of his jaw that suggested he could be firm. Yes, very firm. And in all the right places, too. She squeezed her thighs together.

Sexy Cowboy And Girl Out Riding, was a game Tina thought about frequently. She would be out riding one day when her horse became spooked by a car backfiring. He would be out in the fields, half-naked since the day would be so warm, sweat glistening over his muscular body. He would hear her scream of distress and come running. With great skill, he would take the reins of the horse and calm the animal. Then, while she gasped for breath, he would pull her down from the horse and hold her in his arms. He would smell of hay, sunshine, and raw desire. Before she knew it, they’d be on the grass together, tugging at clothing and frantic with lust.

Just by looking at the cowboy before her, she knew the sex would be incredible. This man possessed a body built for pleasure. Her pleasure. Already, she could imagine him kissing her, his lips and tongue working at the tender spot below her ear. She shivered. What a fantastic birthday present he would make. She could imagine herself unwrapping him in two week’s time. She knew he would be the kind of lover to pay her body full attention, and she let her mind wander to thoughts of him kissing other parts of her body too. She could almost feel his mouth working at her pussy. He would stay there until she had come, and she instinctively knew he would make her come again.

It was amazing what a woman could tell from simply looking at someone. She could well imagine that he was a demanding lover, impatient to see her naked under his azure gaze. His hands would be a little rough, and the thought fueled her anticipation. How would it feel to have him undo the buttons on her silk shirt? To have his warm skin against her own soft flesh? Her nipples hardened, and she squirmed in her seat.

Her own sexy cowboy leaning against a white picket fence, with those deep blue denims highlighting each firm leg muscle he possessed. And every other muscle too. Her gaze fell again to his groin. There was something so mesmerizing about the bulge that he had nestled there, it seemed almost impossible for her to keep her eyes averted. Oh yes, he would be an outstanding lover. He was heaven. He was a dream. Strike that. He was a fantasy come true. Moreover, he was standing right in her line of vision. Well, to be precise, she was at her desk and he was on the front cover of her Men of the Outdoors monthly. She couldn’t wait to turn to page twenty-seven where “Round-’em-up Joe” could be found in all his morning glory.

She sucked softly on her pen, drawing it in and out of her mouth, an action that was not lost on her friend and business partner, Annie Jackson, who cried, “What in the name of good god are you doing to that pen?”

Removing the pen and her face warming, Tina turned her attention to the set of negatives on her desk, her hair falling over her face to hide her growing embarrassment. “Er…just looking over these shots for the calendar,” she lied, covering the magazine with a set of prints.

Annie perched herself on the edge Tina’s the desk. “I know it’s that time of the month again. You can’t hide it from me. Don’t you ever get tired of drooling at them?”

Tina grinned. “No chance. I’m getting my fill before I turn to page twenty-seven. Sometimes the anticipation is the best part.”

“You know that’s not true. You can’t wait to get inside…the pages.” Annie giggled.

“Perhaps that’s right on most occasions. But this one is different. There’s something about him that just wants me to keep on dreaming about our fantasy encounter in the great outdoors. He may still have his denims on, but for me, that’s the best part. He isn’t naked, but he’s still available. He’s teasing me. He’s ready, but he wants me to wait. He’s there for me, but...”

“Okay, okay. I get it. You’ve got the hots for him. But please wait until after you’ve finished the Garvin presentation before you turn to page twenty-seven. I’d love you to be focused on your work rather than drooling all over it. There are some things in life that our clients just don’t appreciate.”

Tina took a playful swipe at her. “Get off my desk if you don’t have any constructive remarks to make.” She lifted the set of prints and turned her attention to the magazine cover. “I’ll finish the presentation. Don’t worry about that. Joe will wait. He’s devoted to me.”

“Sure he is, Tina. You know, I bet a million dollars that the guy isn’t even a real cowboy. He’s just a model that they got to pose on the front.”

“If he is just a model, then I’m in the wrong job. Photographer I may be, but fruit and vegetables just aren’t my thing anymore. I need to move on to more delicious items, such as Joe here.

“We take photographs of food, and we do it well. In the three years we’ve been working, Gourmet Visions has fast become the successful business we wanted. Cookery magazines and restaurants are banging our doors down. Be satisfied with the job you have right here in New York. Cowboys are a fantasy and should stay right out in the Old West and at the back of your mind, not on the top of your desk.”

“Ooh, on top of my desk. Now you’re talking. I hadn’t given that scenario much thought before now.” Tina chuckled, briefly allowing herself to view the mental image.

“Please focus,” cried her friend in exasperation.

“With Joe half naked in front of me here, that’s kind of hard to do.”

Annie swiped the magazine away.

“Hey! Give me back my cowboy.”

“Not until you’ve finished that presentation. Then you can go home and get ready for your blind date. Cindy says James is perfect. He’s a fellow photographer, divorced, no kids, and a second home in Colorado. Now don’t you feel even a little bit temped?” Annie paused, and Tina sensed her friend expected some sort of enthusiasm.

“Yea for divorced men,” she declared, reaching for some nearby Post-it notes and waving them like yellow pom-poms.

“There’s no cause for sarcasm, Tina. I’ve known Cindy for five years. She has excellent taste in men, and if she has vouched for James, I know you’ll have fun tonight. Please give him a chance. He may not be a cowboy, but you have similar interests, and that’s always a good base for any kind of relationship.”

Tina smiled. She didn’t have the heart to tell Annie she didn’t want a relationship. She wanted dirty sex with a gorgeous man of the outdoors. Was that asking for too much?

Annie checked her watch and jumped off the desk. “I’m late for lunch. Now, call me tonight and let me know how the date went. Unless, of course, you’ll be too busy with James to call. In which case, I can wait till tomorrow for all the juicy details.”

Tina watched as Annie grabbed her purse and left through the glass office doors. Deep down, she knew her friend was right. However, she also knew there was no stopping her fantasy. Photographers, lawyers, bankers—she had experienced more than her share of well-educated, good-looking boyfriends. But when push came to shove, she wanted to get down and dirty with a man who had a Stetson on his head and some good strong rope in his hands. The sexy cowboy on the magazine cover had been the final straw. She had an itch, and it needed to be scratched.

She smiled, feeling very smug with herself. Hmm, back to those kinky thoughts again. She knew she needed to find a way to satisfy her cowboy fantasy. Maybe her date for tonight possessed a fantasy or two of his own. Perhaps he too wasn’t the relationship type. Tina smiled and placed her pen back in between her lips. Yes, maybe tonight’s blind date wouldn’t be such a waste of time after all.

©Megan Rose

Happy Birthday to Me

Author: Megan Rose

Publisher: Cobblestone Press

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Photographer, Clementine Holloway has a sexy cowboy fantasy that she is desperate to bring to life. With her birthday fast approaching, she is determined to combine business with lots of pleasure. On a trip to California, Tina hires an escort and pays for the birthday present of a lifetime.
Cowboy Sam Farlowe thinks he has life figured out. With no strings to tie him down and a successful business, he has it all. When a beautiful stranger comes looking to spend all afternoon with him, Sam can't resist. Can passion and mistaken identity make for a wonderful birthday surprise?

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