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Excerpt Day - Desire of Three ©Jade James


Alex watched Lucian, his gut twisting. “The Covenant sent you to work with me on this? I thought my request for a new partner had been approved.” The last thing he wanted to do was spend more time with Lucian than necessary. At least until he worked through this thing building inside him. He pushed that thought away. He wasn’t going to think about Lucian in that way. Not ever again, if he could help it, though he knew those words were 100 percent bullshit. That night in Fantasy House would forever remain in his memories.

Lucian closed Alex’s office door and sat down. His piercing black eyes settled on Alex as Lucian’s lips tilted into a smirk. “I know of your request to Van for a new partner in this case. I should be insulted. But I’m not since I could guess as to the reason why you asked to work with someone different. But Van wants us in this together. And I’m inclined to agree with him. All signs point to the murderer being a vampire. And as we all know, it takes a vamp to catch a vamp.”

Alex restrained his need to curse by a thread. “Van should’ve sent someone else from the Covenant.”

“I don’t take kindly to your insinuation that someone else could do a better job. Or is there more behind your words and actions? Are you frightened, Alex?”

Alex clenched his hands. He would give anything to wipe that smile off Lucian’s face. “I have nothing to be afraid of.” He spit the words out with ease, even though by the look on Lucian’s face, the vampire thought it a lie.

“Then what is it? I have no time to play games with you. I’m here to solve this murder as quickly as possible. But it appears we need to get something out of the way first. Is this about the knife I held at your throat? Like I mentioned to your sister, I won’t apologize for protecting Van and Roman.”

Alex shrugged and tried like hell to be indifferent. “I can forgive the blade. As Sierra put it, it was all a misunderstanding.”

Lucian’s eyes narrowed. “You know I never figured you for a coward.”

“What the fuck do you want me to say?”

“The truth. You aren’t comfortable with me because you are unsure of how to deal with this attraction between us.”

His tone was soft, smooth, and oddly enough, it had the same effect as if Lucian were yelling at him. He could tell it didn’t bother Lucian one bit to say the words. But Alex wouldn’t acknowledge them, even though his heart gave a jolt. “There is no attraction between us. Not that I owe you any explanation, but I’m involved with Haley and happen to love her very much. There is no you and me, and there never will be. Let’s stick to this case. After we find the killer, we won’t have any reason to see each other.”

“Haley is a very beautiful woman, and you’re a very lucky man. But denying or ignoring the attraction between us won’t make it go away. I for one am comfortable admitting that I have a hard-on because I remember the way your ass felt against my cock. But if you can’t work with me because you refuse to deal with this sexual attraction between us, then I shall ask Miguel to assign me someone else.”

A rush of heat enveloped Alex, hardening his cock, making him uncomfortable. He jumped to his feet, rushing for the window in his office. He pushed it open, grateful for the cool breeze that blew in. He counted to twenty, trying to control the emotions that threatened to overwhelm him, before turning to face Lucian.

And the devil that Lucian was, it appeared that his words had no effect on him. But Alex wasn’t going to vouch for that by dropping his gaze and seeing if Lucian’s dick was just as hard as his.

“There is nothing to acknowledge between us. But I have too much time invested in this case. My parents’ murderer will be captured. So it would seem we are working together after all.”

* * * * *

Haley Foster opened her eyes as she felt the bed dip behind her. She rolled over, shifting her gaze to Alex’s naked length. His cock was rigid, his balls drawn up tight, and just the sight of his arousal urged her hunger to the surface. She pushed her body closer to his, leaving no room between them. She breathed him in, loving his masculine scent and the way it awakened her.

She never tired of looking at his lean, muscular physique. She lifted her hand and ran her fingers through his cropped blond hair. He was more of a ruggedly handsome man than a clean-cut one. But she had always been a sucker for a man with rough edges. His bottom lip was slightly larger than the top. His nose had been broken twice, and he had a scar that ran from the edge of his hairline to his eyebrow from his short stint as a bounty hunter.

She pushed her hand down, then wrapped it around his cock. She stroked the length and ran her thumb against the vein that throbbed on the underside.

He narrowed his blue-eyed gaze as he parted his lips, a groan erupting from him. “I’ve missed you. Did I wake you?”

She rubbed his cock, her finger brushing the clear liquid that rose to the surface of his slit. She licked her lips, suddenly hungry for the taste of him. “No. I was waiting up for you. Your day must’ve been a hard one.”

He arched his hips closer, moving his shaft in an up-and-down motion. She brought her other hand farther down to palm his heavy balls. The sac was pressed tight against the base of his dick, and it seemed he was a few strokes away from coming.

Alex grabbed her leg and placed it on top of his, spreading her open for his cock. “It was.” He thrust one more time against her hand before rising to his knees and settling between her legs. He lifted her arms toward the headboard, holding her captive with one hand while placing his other hand against her pussy, swirling the tip of his finger around her clit.

“You’re already wet. I love that.”

She’d been in a constant state of arousal ever since she had first met him. “Yes,” she hissed, spreading her legs wider. His masculine, clean scent filled the room, and she found herself inching closer to him to feel his heat.

His eyes darkened, and he clenched his teeth. There was an urgency to him tonight. She felt it in the way his muscles remained rigid, in the way he watched her with a dark look. His hand moved to her hip, and his fingers dug into her flesh. The bite of pain was enticing. He looked hungry, as if foreplay was the last thing on his mind and fucking her was the first. But before she could wonder or ask what was wrong, he thrust his cock inside her in one heated lunge.

She closed her eyes, hitched her breath at the pleasure that burned inside her, savoring the hard way he pushed into her. It was a rare moment. He was a master of foreplay and always spent time heightening her arousal to the point where she’d beg him to fuck her. But this time she felt the rush of need inside him.

He moved his mouth to her neck and took her flesh between his lips, sucking hard. She’d have a mark there tomorrow, but she couldn’t find the will to stop him.

“In a brutal mood tonight?” Her words came out breathlessly. His cock filled her to the point of pleasure and pain. And just as he needed to take her aggressively tonight, she desired this moment.

She loved his cock, long and thick, the way it filled her perfectly. It was as if he had been made for her.

He stopped sucking, lifted his head, and pinned her with his gaze. “Am I hurting you?” He clenched his jaw, waiting for her answer.

She trusted him completely. He would never hurt her. If he needed to be forceful in his desire, then so be it. And though their loving was sometimes slow and sweet, it turned her on to see the side of him that wanted to dominate. “No.”

It seemed that was the word he was waiting for. She whimpered as he gave her no time to adjust, fucking her hard and deep. His hand tightened around her wrists as he bent his head, taking her mouth in a hot, wet kiss, pushing his tongue inside. She wrapped her legs around his waist, meeting his lunges, the head of his cock hitting her womb. Her clit rubbed against his groin, forcing her ecstasy higher. Sweat coated their bodies, and the desire to come heated the pit of her stomach. He broke the kiss and bent his head, capturing her nipple between his lips. He raked the tip with his teeth before sucking it. That pinch escalated her need, and before she realized she wasn’t going to last any longer, she exploded.


Her heart thudded as her flesh became hotter. She screamed out his name again, her pussy clamping around his cock, drawing him deeper into her body. Her cream spilled, and the aroma of their sex filled their bedroom. This was what she needed -- all of him, surrounding her, inside her, and with her for always.

“Oh, babe, this is what I’ll want forever.” He groaned loud as she felt his cock throb once before shooting his cum inside. She felt the heat of his seed filling her.

She was on the pill, and it was a decision they’d both made. But she couldn’t help but wonder what would it be like to be pregnant with his child, a little boy with his eyes. The future held promise, and that mattered to her more than anything.

© Jade James

Desire of Three

Author:Jade James's

Genre:Vampire Paranormal Menage

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Series:Previous Book: Kidnapped

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Alex loves Haley with all of his heart. She's everything he could ask for, but when he's partnered with a vampire named Lucian, visions of lust threaten to take over his common sense. To catch a killer, all three must work together, but with each passing day it becomes harder to deny his attraction to Lucian. Losing Haley isn't an option, but can Alex make a threesome work forever?

Haley finally knows why Alex has been uptight. But she doesn't quite know what to do when Alex tells her his feelings for Lucian. She's even more unsure when Lucian approaches her about a threesome. She doesn't intend to lose Alex, but could she ever love Lucian enough to make it work?

Lucian wants Alex, and it's not long before he re realizes he wants Haley just as much. A few nights of sating his lust is what he thinks he needs, but unexpectedly Lucian begins to have feelings for both. Alex is stubborn about his feelings, but with the help of Haley, maybe together they can satisfy the Desire of Three.

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