Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Sunday Salon – Sleep, Reading and Father’s Day

This is just a quick note to catch up and pass on some best wishes.

I have spend the past few days trying to catch up on my sleep after my dreaded few days of insomnia – I think I am there now and feeling well rested if truth be told.

The months have been flying so fast already I am barely keeping up with new releases and what not however I want to say thanks to all the blogger who consistently pimp all the new books out there. I am making headway into my TBR pile and I have found some gems among the pile which is always a good thing, but I like to keep abreast of what is new and happening in terms of new to read books.

I will also be doing some mini reviews this upcoming week as well – I have read some books good and so-so and bad that I really would like to jump up about and no better place than the blog.  


Other than reading up on loads of post and some eye-opening discussion I am also amused and in some ways and a little disappointed by how book bloggers treat Fathers day.

Amused by some of the adverts that I have seen outside of bookland and disappointed in how low a buzz there is about the day there is in book-land.

During Mother days we could not get the graphic’s out fast enough and put a strain on whatever servers we are using – not so for Father’s Day.

When is Fathers' Day 2010

In the UK, America and Canada, the date of Fathers' Day 2010 is:

Sunday 20 June

In Australia and New Zealand, the date of Father's Day 2010 is:

Sunday 5 September

This is one of the days I look forward to more than any other, probably because my dad is no longer with me, or for the trial, sacrifices, joy and pain that I went through rearing my brothers and sisters through their teenage years.

Or even more for the fact that I have the absolutely coolest stepdad now..

This is the day for me when the phone starts ringing early and as the day progresses my house is over—run with biological siblings as well as siblings of my hearts who have been through alot with us and feel like  paid up member of my family.


Dad universally - Happy Father’s Day to you.

For all the Dads in blogland – Happy Father’s Day to you.

For all the Mom’s who wear both hats in the family - Happy Father’s Day to you.

For all the older brothers/sisters out there who are wearing those boots - Happy Father’s Day to you.

Same for the younger/middle Siblings who are tossed into the deep end and shoulder the responsibilities - Happy Father’s Day to you.

Stepdad’s - Happy Father’s Day to you.

Lastly for those special men who just see the need and step up – Massive respect to you and Happy Father’s Day to you. 


What ever you are doing today pause for a while and appreciate those who are deserving of this special day.

Happy Fathers Day

Now that I have said all I have to say for today – I am off for a long day of laughter, hugs and I am sure an  accident or two at the dinner table. 

Enjoy the weeks peeps…

Until next week – cheers

From  site –
What is the Sunday Salon? Imagine some university library's vast reading room. It's filled with people--students and faculty and strangers who've wandered in. They're seated at great oaken desks, books piled all around them, and they're all feverishly reading and jotting notes in their leather-bound journals as they go. Later they'll mill around the open dictionaries and compare their thoughts on the afternoon's literary intake....
That's what happens at the Sunday Salon, except it's all virtual. Every Sunday the bloggers participating in that week's Salon get together--at their separate desks, in their own particular time zones--and read. And blog about their reading. And comment on one another's blogs. Think of it as an informal, weekly, mini read-a-thon, an excuse to put aside one's earthly responsibilities and fall into a good book

8 Speak To Me:

Rikki on 20 June 2010 at 13:07 said...

Our Father's Day has been already. I'm always surprised how different countries have different dates for the same events.
Happy Father's Day!

Erotic Horizon on 20 June 2010 at 13:35 said...

@Hey Rikki

I am with you on that one - it would be nice to have one universal day for these things..

Happy dad's day wishes to you and yours as well..


Tam on 20 June 2010 at 15:40 said...

Beautiful tribute. In our family neither father's day nor mother's day are big deals. My daughter bought her Dad some chocolate but we don't really "celebrate". Have a fun time with all your family though.

Chris on 20 June 2010 at 15:49 said...

I'm glad you're getting caught up on your sleep!

Hmm. I hadn't really thought about the difference in how Father's Day and Mother's Day are celebrated in blogland, but you're right...

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post, E.H.!

I hope you've had a great, restful weekend.

Erotic Horizon on 21 June 2010 at 21:50 said...


I did have fun - the boy child got me some chocolate which he promptly ate half...

but, what to do...


Erotic Horizon on 21 June 2010 at 21:51 said...


yup - I am up to date with the sleep now...

Blogland will forever remain a mystery to me.. this is just one of the quirks..


Erotic Horizon on 21 June 2010 at 21:52 said...


I did have a great weekend hon...