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Review - The Root of All Evil © Mary Eason

Root of All Evil
Mary Eason

Publisher:  Cerridwen Press

Genre: Romance Suspense


Burdened with guilt and sorrow, fearing for her life…her sanity, Anna Sorenson walked away from everything to gain redemption. A year earlier, Anna buried her husband Aaron. A week later, she lost the child she’d longed for. Anna’s only thought was to put the tragedy of the past behind her and find a way to survive in a post-Aaron world. But the evil she escaped is hunting her down.

Agent John Delaney buried more than just his partner that rainy day one year earlier. He’d shoved aside his feelings, ignored the wrong he and Aaron did in the name of justice, and hoped the past would stay dead. It didn’t. With Aaron’s death and the arrest of his killer, the Bureau considered the case solved. No one had a clue the wrong man confessed to the killings. Until the real killer returned to claim his glory—and his next victim, Anna.

Now he’s after the woman John still loves and he must choose between keeping his partner’s secrets and losing Anna again. This time forever.

Because I loved Jezzie with all my heart, I forced aside the paralyzing fear that’d continued to challenge the small amount of confidence I’d managed to build over the past year.

It was all due to Bev’s disturbing call. It sent me back into the darkness I’d struggled to put behind me.

Since Aaron’s death, I’d worked hard to overcome the agoraphobia that my shrink told me was just a form of misdirected grief. Leaving D.C. and all the memories of Aaron’s tragic murder helped in the beginning.

I’d packed up everything that reminded me of the good things I loved about my husband and left the bad.

My first stop had been Manhattan. I’d wanted to be close to my big sister, with good cause. Bev had been more of a mother to me than our own. She’d fussed over me like a hen protecting her chick. So going home to the comfort of my second mother seemed as natural as breathing. I thought having family close would help me deal with the excruciating loneliness nothing could have prepared me for.

Watching Bev and Ed’s normal, day-to-day life only served as an agonizing reminder of all the things I’d never have again. Although both my marriage and my life with Aaron hadn’t been anything close to normal.

© Mary Eason



In my quest to catch up on my Romance Suspense reading I picked up THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL because I am a fan of  Ms Eason and this was certainly a good read for me.

The book starts out rather full on with a murder and it’s not the first it seems after looking at the body, Agent John Delaney is certain this is the work of a serial killer who is behind bars. The work of a man who killed his partner a year ago and a killer who it seems have some unfinished business left and its with the one person who John cannot allow a killer to harm, the woman he loves - Anna Sorenson.

Anna is/was a FBI profiler but now she is hiding from herself and licking her wounds from an injury that she is not sure she can rebound from. She is just about at the point where she is getting a handle on her day to day life and making it through each day without giving in to all the insecurities that has plagued her since her husband death a year ago -

John has not seen or had any contact with Anna during that year, but John and Anna has history, some of it good, really good and some of it not kosher at all. When things had gone wrong and deadly a year ago Anna turned tail and ran and John was left with alot of pieces, unanswered questions and a whole lot of secrets that he cannot share.  

This killer is a mystery to them all – off the grid for a year and now he is back more aggressive and more determined than ever. Despite that hanging over their heads Anna and John must come to some middle ground in regards to their emotions because it will take the both of them to bring down this killer.

THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL was my first suspense by this author and I am liking it alot, I enjoyed this journey of killer, stalker and hunted that Ms. Eason took me on.

Because I am used to more lighter works from Ms Eason it took me just a little bit to sink into this plot but sink into it I did. There were a few story lines running concurrently to each other here and some readers might find this sort of set up frustrating or even convoluted if truth be told, but I find that it worked for me.

Right from the first moment I like the path this book was taking, there was John’s story, Anna’s story and another storyline where they were both being introspective and trying to find out what went wrong with Aaron - Anna husband and John’s partner in the FBI who died a year ago.

Not only did the author give me all of that but ever so often she dragged me into the mind of the killer and his history with little scenes dropped in every now and them  – which I loved.

John was likable, I would have like to have a bit more of a back history on him, but what I got of him was solid, he was a hard worker, knew his priorities and was not ashamed to let me see his emotions – especially when things did not go his way. With a new partner by his side now John was literally in a race against  time to save Anna from some thing that he knew was coming while trying to save his job as well.

Anna was in my opinion the weakest character in the book, she give in and gave up too easily. She was after all a up and coming FBI profiler and almost at the top of her game when tragedy struck both her personal and professional life – and she gave up. Nothing about her ensuing performance showed a spine, she had to be prodded and pushed in order to get her onboard an investigation to save HER life.

I don't want to give spoilers away but readers who are strongly opposed to the more questionable elements of marriage – you may want to give this one a miss. This will definately appeal to people who like to wrap themselves into a chase, a hunt and it’s also for people who are not opposed to the killer that strikes swiftly and brutally.  

Some of the other positives of THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL are the support characters, they really made this book, they were assertive, supportive, belligerent and I even had a laugh with one or two of them despite the darker elements of this book. The stalker angle was played out to my satisfaction as well and while life’s were lost and some hard decision had to be made to tied up loss end I was at a good place when this book came to an end.

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Blodeuedd on 22 June 2010 at 13:47 said...

Gotta have some great support characters!
So long since I read anything suspense

Chris on 22 June 2010 at 13:55 said...

I need just a few more covers of that guy...

Anonymous said...

Great review, E.H.

Chris, you're insatiable in your quest for covers! You crack me up. :)

I am kind of curious about those questionable elements of marriage.

Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:32 said...


I do love secondaries that get involved in a book..

Suspense - I have to get my regular fix every now and then..


Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:33 said...


**shaking head in disbelieve**

I am so not helping you on this mission..


Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:34 said...


What you said to Chris - Ditto..

Questionable element - Infidelity for one..