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Review – Heart of Submission © Claire Thompson (NSFW)


Heart of Submission

Author: Claire Thompson

Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing

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When Kate attends a BDSM weekend in the city, she falls too far, too fast, into an erotic submission that threatens to blow her safe little world apart. When the possibility of a loving exchange of power presents itself, will Kate find her way to the heart of submission?

He had eyes the color of clear dark tea, sunny blond hair spilling carelessly over a high forehead, a half smile hovering on full, sensuous lips. His red tag read Master John, though she didn’t need color coding or titles to ascertain his orientation. He exuded power.

Kate could feel it like fingers moving over her skin. She realized she
was staring at him. Swallowing, she turned away, hoping the heat in her face hadn’t translated to a blush.

She felt his hand on her shoulder, gently but forcibly turning her back toward him. His smile was warm enough to melt butter. “I bet you’re a wild one, in serious need of taming.”

Kate realized her nipples had shot to attention without permission. Silently she cursed the flimsy fabric of her cream-colored silk tank top. As if reading her mind, Master John’s eyes moved slowly downward from her face, sweeping over her breasts.

She tossed her hair. “I might be wild, but I’ve yet to meet the man who can tame me,” she said with as much bravado as she could muster.

Shit! Where had that come from?

Master John laughed. “Is that a challenge, little girl?”

Returning to her senses, Kate stammered, “Uh, no. No, I’m just here to learn. To take it all in.”

“Are you now,” he replied, eyebrows arched.

© Claire Thompson

My thoughts

I gave this one a go the other day after having it in my inbox for a little while now. I read the book for two reasons I do like Ms. Thompson's brand of BDSM and I was in the mood for a little rope and suspension play.

Kate is an author and as research for a book that she has in the works she decides to take part in a BDSM Power play weekend in the city. As much as the weekend was for her book, Kate herself is drawn to this world – always have been. Her first foray into this world did not meet with the reaction that she would have liked and Kate had since brushed that part of her nature under the carpet for a long time now, with the weekend open to anything she is willing to make the most of it to see how far she can stretch herself.

Not having gone to one of these things before Kate was a little apprehensive but open to having fun and just being one of the numbers, things does not go as planned for a few reasons. Kate is gorgeous and as such the beautiful people gravitated towards her - one in particular, Master John, then there is Kate's sensuality and utter grace in her naivety, people see this immediately and wants to take her in hand and introduce her to the pleasures of being a submissive – one in particularly, Chase Summers.  

When the weekend goes horrible wrong through the ruthlessness of one of these men – it is left up to the other to make it right, but only if Kate can see that being submissive can be a thing of beauty. 

What worked for me

The entire first section of this book is set in the BDSM weekend setting ( a converted hotel conference room laid out specifically for the event), I thought Ms Thompson gave a true description of the cross section of people and events that you would see and meet at these places.

I really liked the perseverance of  Chase. His mannerism and his dedication to a way of live is evident by how much care he takes to follow up with Kate when she needed a helping hand.

I appreciated the characters even if I ended up not liking one or two of them. The more repugnant ones were a necessary evil to firstly move the storyline along and secondly to give a balance view of the type of people that end up at these BDSM conference. 

The authors love and investment in rope bondage and rope making can be seen and I really connected with  Chase – through his love for what he does.

The fact that most of the rope play was centred around Shibari and Japanese Rope Bondage style was a plus for me – This is my favourite style of rope bondage.

As a couple I never really connected with Kate and Chase, however I was liking the Dom and Sub situation they had going. It was not the rigid restrictive form of BDSM, but more a give and take and a meeting of the minds so to speak.

What didn’t work for me

As I mentioned before  I just didn’t get the romantic connect between Kate and Chase. There was no passion there for me, they connected because of their love for the lifestyle and the fact that they were there for each other when it mattered the most, but other than that it just never felt just right to me.

This book is not a ménage but at one point this book felt like there were three people in the relationship that was trying to be formed between Kate and  Chase.

I have to make some assumptions about how some of the earlier unsavoury events in the books would be resolved , however I would have loved to see how this played out myself.

Bottom Line

HEART OF SUBMISSION was an easy read for me, I was not expecting to connect with Kate and Chase on the level that I did, but I did and it was good. There was no little spark of magic which I am used to from Ms. Thompson in this one for me, but what I got instead was a nice balanced view into the world of Dom and Subs, I meet some people who were as sweet as they were outlandish and I got to meet two people who were willing to recognize a friend when they came calling.


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Chris on 22 June 2010 at 23:24 said...

Nope. I canNOT read m/f bdsm.

Sophia (FV) on 22 June 2010 at 23:59 said...

I'm pretty picky about BDSM, I really need the emotional connection. Nice review EH.

Lea on 23 June 2010 at 00:16 said...

Wow, that woman in the bottom picture looks like the circulation is cut off in her legs. I've never read this type of bondage before EH..

I liked "Handyman" but I'm not too sure about this one, excellent review.


Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:35 said...


Yes Chris Yes - Some of us do read this stuff....


Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:36 said...


I do want the emotional connection as well - but with BDSM, the love of the lifestyle does make up for alot of things...

It's a way of life that is only suited to the few..


Erotic Horizon on 24 June 2010 at 22:38 said...


That's one of my favourite pic - It does look quite restrictive but she is comfortable..

HANDYMAN - yes please..