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Excerpt Day - The Wolf In The Woods © Marisa Chenery


Chapter One

Now she’d gone and done it. Red Stanwood knew without a doubt that she’d gotten herself lost. She cursed under her breath as she turned in a circle. All the trees looked the same. Just great. Her grandmother was going to kill her, if she didn’t worry herself to death first.

Red looked up at the sky high above the tops of the trees. The sun had already started its downward descent. How could she have screwed up so badly on the first day of her camping trip with her grandmother?

As she started to walk once more, Red muttered under her breath, “What do you expect? You’re not exactly an outdoorsy girl, now are you?” Busy talking to herself, she didn’t pay attention to where she stepped. Red hissed as she turned her ankle. “Terrific. Why don’t I break an ankle while I’m at it?”

She called herself every bad name in the book as she shook out her ankle and then continued on. A week camping at Algonquin Park, during the Canada Day weekend, had sounded like a great idea at the time when her grandmother had invited her to go. Red thought of it as a chance to get away from her mundane job as a librarian, to experience the great outdoors. The park was three and a half hours away from Toronto, where she lived, and offered her a chance to really get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now Red wished she’d told her grandmother no.

Red stopped walking as she spotted a boulder that looked suspiciously like one she’d just past not too long before. Great. She’d started to walk in circles. She turned around to try the other direction, but came to a standstill when she saw the large wolf that stood a few feet away. The thing was huge. It had to be a male. She leaned to one side and took a look between its back legs. Yup, the wolf was most definitely a male. His ice blue eyes locked with hers as he cocked his head in her direction. Red’s heart skipped a beat as the wolf took a step closer. She had no idea what to do. The wolf didn’t look as if he were ready to go on the attack. None of his light brown almost blond fur stood up on end around his neck. And so far he hadn’t snarled at her, but that could change very quickly.

Starting to panic, Red did what had to be the dumbest move for a person in her situation to do--she turned her back on the wolf and took off at a run. She could hear the wolf keeping pace behind her as she ran blindly through the trees. Branches slapped across her face and pulled at her long hair. Red took a quick glance behind her, which turned out to be her undoing because her foot caught on an exposed root. With a grunt, she landed on her stomach on the forest floor.

The feel of a cold nose pressed against the bare skin of her thigh just below the hem of her shorts had Red up and crawling to the large tree in front of her. She scrambled onto her feet and pressed her back against the trunk. The wolf stood less than a foot away.

With her heart in her throat, Red did the first thing that came to mind--she took up what she hoped looked like a karate stance. Her hands held in front of her with the side of her palms toward the wolf, she said, “You better watch it. I’m an expert at karate. I’ll kick your butt to next Tuesday if you’re not careful.” That was all she could come up with? She was so full of shit Red had to wonder if her green eyes had suddenly turned brown. As if karate would do anything to stop a full grown wolf from attacking her. And she sure as hell wasn’t a karate expert.

Red stiffened as the wolf lifted his head and sniffed the air around them. Her hands slowly dropped as the wolf’s body started to shimmer and blur. She blinked in disbelief as the wolf’s body changed from that of a wolf’s to a man’s. And not just any man. The man that had taken the wolf’s place could only be described as drop-dead gorgeous. He had the kind of face that would put a male model to shame. The kind of face that made a woman want to thread her fingers through his longish light blond hair, yank his lips down to hers and then fuck him until neither one of them could move. By no means a prude, Red felt her face heat as her body went up in flames. Running her gaze down his clothed large, muscular body, she couldn’t help but notice the impressive hard-on he had in his snug-fitting blue jeans. She felt her pussy start to ache with arousal as she dragged her gaze up his hard abs, well muscled chest and broad shoulders to his face. The tight black t-shirt he wore showcased his upper body to perfection.

He closed the distance between them as his ice blue eyes, which seemed to glow, locked with hers. Red felt wetness pool between her legs at the appreciative way he ran his gaze over her breasts. Her nipples grew taut beneath her t-shirt. They tightened even more when he reached out and circled one of her nipples with his finger. She gasped as he wrapped his other hand around the back of her neck and pulled her lips to his.

Even though she should be screaming with fear, she felt the world fall away until only the two of them existed as he moved his mouth over hers. Had he cast some sort of spell over her? Red groaned when his tongue pushed past her lips. He tasted like pure sin. Her body burned hotter as he shoved his hand up her t-shirt and pushed her sports bra out of the way. He plucked at her nipple with his thumb and index finger, sending shockwaves of pleasure all the way down to her pussy.

More turned on than she had ever been just from being kissed, and unable to find the strength or willpower to push him away, Red arched her back against the trunk of the tree as she pushed her breast closer. Lost in a sexual haze that he’d created, she sucked on his tongue and kissed him back passionately. He cupped her breast as he pulled away and stared down at her. Red panted as she craned her neck to look him in his strangely glowing eyes. He dwarfed her five foot six. He had to be at least six foot seven. She had a weakness for tall men.

Running her hands up his chest, she placed them on his shoulders. The man didn’t have an inch of fat on him anywhere that she could feel. She took her bottom lip between her teeth as she looked up at him beneath her lashes. With a real wolf-like growl, he bent and took her lips once again. Red dug her fingers into his shoulders as he pressed forward to grind his hard cock against her pussy. Wetness leaked down the inside of her thighs as she thought of how good that big cock of his would feel deep inside her.

He pulled away from her mouth. As he licked and kissed a path along her jaw to the side of her neck, he said in a deep, rough voice, “The smell of your arousal is driving me crazy.”

Unable to speak past the pounding need that thrummed through her body, Red could only moan as she rocked her hips against his erection. She soon gasped as he lifted her shirt out of the way and bent his head to circle his tongue around her nipple before he sucked it deep inside his mouth. Red felt her pussy contract as more of her wetness leaked out to soak her panties.

He moved to her other breast and gave it the same attention until Red felt her legs go weak. He put his hands on her hips as he slowly made his way down her body until he was on his knees in front of her. Her stomach quivered as he dragged his tongue across it and down to the top of her shorts. He undid the drawstring and pulled her shorts down past her hips so they pooled at her feet. Using his teeth, he yanked her panties down so they too ended up around her ankles. He ran his hand down one of her calves, then urged her to step out of her panties and shorts, leaving them pooled around her other leg.

The sharp bark of the tree dug into her bare backside as he spread her legs apart. Red soon didn’t notice the discomfort when with a growl/moan he spread the lips of her sex and licked her from bottom to top. She dug her fingers into the bark of the tree as he laved her pussy with the flat of his tongue. He continued to growl deep in his throat as he ate her out. His wicked tongue swirled around her clit before he sucked it between his lips. Red cried out as an intense wave of pleasure shot through her body. Her hips bucked against his mouth as the need to come built inside her pussy.

As if he sensed that she was very near to falling over the edge into ecstasy, he pushed two fingers inside her core as he continued to lick and suck her clit. Red’s head fell back against the tree at her back with a loud moan. With his fingers plunging in and out of her sex while his mouth sucked on the center of her pleasure, it was enough to send her flying over the edge. A keening moan left her lips as her inner walls spasmed around his fingers. Her orgasm seemed to go on forever.

When the last wave receded, Red looked down at the man who had given her the best oral sex of her life to find he had gone very still. He had his head cocked as if he were listening to something. Red couldn’t hear a thing except for the sound of her racing heartbeat.

He quickly stood up. Red tried to reach for him, to cup the large bulge in his pants, but he took hold of her wrists in each of his hands and held them above her head. He then bent his head and took her mouth in a hard kiss before he walked away. Red watched him shape shift back into a wolf and disappear through the trees.

Lost in a daze, she had to wonder if he had been real. Could a man who could shape shift into a wolf be real, or had her overactive imagination made him up? But the way her body still thrummed with pleasure, Red felt as if it had been real. And if it had been real, why hadn’t she run screaming from him instead of letting him have his way with her? God, she couldn’t be that hard up.

At first she didn’t hear the voices calling her name. A cool breeze brushed her lower body. She suddenly realized she stood with her shorts and panties around one ankle with her t-shirt and sports bra shoved up to her chin. The calls were definitely coming closer. With a yelp, Red quickly pulled her panties and shorts back up, then shoved her boobs into her sports bra before she pulled her t-shirt back down.

Now properly dressed, she called, “I’m over here.”

A group of four park rangers stepped into view as she came around to stand on the other side of the tree. One spoke into a radio as they closed in on her. Red looked behind her in the direction the man, wolf, shape shifter, or whatever he was had disappeared. She couldn’t see a trace of him anywhere. She told herself not to be disappointed. Yes, he had given her an intense orgasm, but that didn’t mean anything. Instead of being worried as to what he was, Red couldn’t stop thinking of how good it had felt to be in his arms, to have his mouth on her body. She must have totally lost her mind, because that couldn’t be considered a normal reaction by any standards. As the first park ranger reached her and asked her if she was all right, she glanced behind her once again. She had a feeling the hunky wolf-man would not stray too far from her thoughts no matter how hard she tried to forget what had happened between them.

© Marisa Chenery

The Wolf In The Woods
Author: Marisa Chenery

Publisher: Liquid Silver Bok

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Lost in the woods when on a Canada Day camping trip with her grandmother at Algonquin Park, Red finds herself chased by a large male wolf. Shocked when the wolf shape-shifts into a gorgeous man, she is unable to tell him no when he takes her into his arms and kisses her senseless.

Rutgar knew Red was his mate from the first whiff of her scent. Out on his daily evening run through the woods in his wolf form, he can't resist the pull she has over him. The mating urge rides him to claim her as his mate.

Not pleased to find herself bound to Rutgar without her consent, Red soon learns another werewolf forms a greater danger than an unexpected mating ever could


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