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Excerpt Day - Until Now © Denise Skelton


“Oooh, lord,” Terry Meyers Wilkerson said, letting out a long slow moan. Sucking in a deep breath, she gingerly slid the pillow over her head, hoping to block the glare of the early morning sunlight shining through the bedroom window. “Oh crap,” she whispered, and cringed from the echo of what seemed to be an unbelievably loud and constant drip-drip of water that leaked from the showerhead in the adjacent bathroom.

Shifting slightly, she finally noticed the arm thrown across her left shoulder and the leg across her left hip. She groaned, pushing the arm and leg away as she rolled on to her back and pushed her hair from her face. Her head was pounding, her mouth was as dry as sand, and it tasted like she had licked something too revolting to be identified.

The margaritas, she thought, and groaned again, then tried to burrow her way into the mattress.

The shift of movement from the opposite side of the bed made her groan again. Terry had been sleeping alone for almost two years. Her husband had left her and their two sons. Well, more like abandoned them for his new woman, his new child, and his new life. Terry had grown accustomed to sleeping alone, and she wasn’t sure she wanted to share her bed with anyone; at least not for more than a few hours here and there. She especially didn’t want to wake to find that a testosterone-based mammal had spent the night in her bed.

“Hey.” She nudged the warm body beside her. “Hey. Wake up. What are you doing in here?”

“You said I could,” came a groggy reply.

Frowning, Terry let her mind trace the previous evening’s events. She had gone out for drinks and dancing at Jillian’s. She’d met someone. What was his name? Ethan, Elton, Erin? That was it, Erin. Erin was fine, with long lean legs and a killer smile. He’d spent most of the evening with Terry, listening attentively, laughing in all the right places, and gazing at her as if she had hung the stars. Until she mentioned her sons; at that point, Erin headed for the hills.

The prick.

He had told Terry that he was going to the men’s room. Twenty minutes later, Terry saw him whispering sweet nothings in another woman’s ear.

Terry had hoped to go out to dinner a few times with Erin, maybe get intimate. She wasn’t expecting a vow of love or even a promise ring. But, damn! After Erin found a new woman, Terry spent the remainder of the evening sucking down margaritas, hoping to drown her misery as she complained about how all men were the scum of the earth.

“God, I hate men,” she complained. “All of you. Pigs!”

“That’s pretty harsh,” Ben, Terry’s cousin, Dee’s husband, said as he raised his hand to get the waitress’s attention.

Terry glanced up at him, and gave a sharp nod of her head. “Harsh. But true.”

“Terry, I believe you just keep picking the wrong type of men,” Dee said. “Maybe you need to look deeper; look for substance instead of outward appearances.”

Terry looked around the padded booth at her family and friends. Ben was smiling lovingly at his wife. With her hair piled on her head and soft ringlets hanging around her neck, Dee looked much younger than her thirty-five years. Ben reached out, stroking his wife’s cheek with her flawless cocoa complexion, his emerald green eyes shining with love and admiration. On the opposite side of the booth, Terry and Dee’s best friend, Holly, sat with her back against Tyler, her fiancé’s, chest while his left arm draped across her left shoulder. Holly, a police detective, had the fiery red hair and green eyes of her Irish ancestors.

“David wasn’t the wrong kind of man,” Terry reminded Dee. “He had substance; he wanted to get married, have a family, and settle down. He wanted all the things that women think makes a good husband.

“Well,” Tyler said, after placing another drink order. “Call me crazy, but from where I’m sitting, there seems to be a bit of a problem. David may have wanted to settle down and have a family; he just wanted to do it with more than one woman.”

Terry glared at him. “Why, thank you, Sunshine. Thank you for reminding me that my ex- husband is a lowlife adulterer.” Tyler grinned apologetically, showing perfectly even, white teeth and deep dimples. His skin looked like smooth milk chocolate, and in the last few months he had started sporting a beard, which only added to his extraordinary good looks. Terry let out an unattractive snort. “Scum, all of you. That’s it,” she said, banging her fist on the tabletop, startling everyone. “That’s it, I’m through. No more men for me. I’m swearing off men. No dating, no sex, no nothing, for the next, one…uh, two... Uh, no, better make that one year.”

Holly picked up her drink, and grinned at Terry. “You, Terry Ann Meyers, with no man in your life for a year? I don’t see that happening.”

“David and I have been separated for nearly two years, and I haven’t been seeing anyone.”

Not for the lack of trying,” Holly reminded her. “Terry, you’ve gone out on a couple of dates over the last two years.”

“One date does not imply seeing someone. I went to dinner a few times.”

“What about that guy with the big head. What was his name? William?” Dee asked. “You went out with him a few times.”

“Three times, and only because he said he was a plumber and would fix the drain in the downstairs bath-room. Unfortunately, the only elbows that he knew about were his crusty-ass elbows. They hadn’t seen an ounce of lotion in the last ten years.”

“So, you used this guy so you could get free plumbing work done?” Tyler said in the midst of Dee and Holly’s laughter. “That ain’t even right.”

“Please, I got three free meals, and he got the pleasure of enjoying my company during those dinners. Through the entire evening, all he wanted to talk about was how nice his apartment was, and how large his big screen television was. Too bad his apartment was in his mama’s basement.” Terry grunted. “Hell, the way I see it, he owes me a whole new bathroom.”

Dee shook her head. “I agree with Holly; I don’t know if you can go that long without dating.”

“Well, you know what? I can, and I will. You just watch. No men for me.” Terry folded her arms and nodded like a child as she made her declaration.

“Hmm, how long did you say?” Dee asked.

“A month,” Holly injected, and Dee laughed.

“Nope, a year,” Terry said, pursing her lips, giving her head a quick nod and then she paused. “Um…okay one. One whole year; no relationships for me,” she declared again.

“Um hm,” Both Dee and Holly said, eyeing Terry.

“You'll see.”

After her pledge, Terry sat grudgingly and watched as Dee made goo-goo eyes at her man, and Holly made out with hers. After another hour of such unbearable torture, Terry conceded and caught a cab home.

© Denise Skelton

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Denise Skelton

First Chance Publishing


Terry Meyers’ life seems to be falling apart. Her husband left her and their 2 sons for a woman 10 years her junior, she has a mortgage that she can’t afford, a car that stays broken more than it works and a son who’s going through puberty and seems set to drive her crazy in the process. Add to that the desire to go into business with her cousin, who is adamant that that will never happen and Terry believes her life could not get much worse.

Wade Nelson has moved back to Chicago to work as the new English teacher at Jefferson high. His strained relationship with his father and has kept him away for many years. What his family doesn’t know is that Wade has another agenda for being back in Chicago.

As things seem to go from bad, to worse, Terry decides it’s time to take stock in her life. First on the list, handle her deadbeat future ex-husband. Second, find a new career. Third, swear off men, what’s the point, she always chooses the wrong one, always ends up being used or hurt… Until Now… 

When Wade meets feisty Terry Meyers, the last thing he’s think about being in a relationship with anyone, let alone a woman who has two children, but Terry has a way of finding herself in rather strange situations and he just happened to be the one there to bail her out. With a past that he has never put to rest, Wade, by no means, considered the idea of settling down. Until Now...

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