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Excerpt Day – Ryan's Harbor © Viki Lyn


From his rear view mirror, he watched Martin pause, look up at the sky and then back down, before resuming his walk. He was surprised when Martin stopped suddenly and turned. He came around to Ryan's side of the car and tapped on the window.

Ryan rolled down the window and Martin peered in, his eyes glittering green and catlike in the dark. "I forgot. I need your input on the final details of the atrium. Let's meet in a couple of days at my office. There are some issues we need to consider."

Ryan couldn't help but stare into those feral eyes. They seemed to hypnotize him. "Ah, sure. The atrium, right."

"Are you okay?"

He forced a smile. "Yeah, just tired."

Martin tilted up Ryan's chin and stared down with all seriousness. "Christ, I'm a fool."

Without apology, Martin took Ryan’s mouth prisoner with a hot, earthy kiss full of fire. Ryan's heart drummed in his chest; he was too stunned to react. He let Martin's tongue explore freely, expertly drawing out their breaths. The moist tip of Martin’s tongue licked across his lip, his teeth nipping and sucking, teasing the seam of his mouth. Strong hands gripped his hair and held him steady as the crafty tongue invaded his mouth. Their tongues met and a bitter taste of beer hit the back of his throat.

Fuck, the man can kiss!

This brought up images of what else Martin was capable of doing with that experienced mouth. This is what he'd wanted since Martin had stepped foot into Fantasy Arts.

Ryan's world blurred around him. He circled his arms around the warm neck and kissed back. He reached for Martin’s firm shoulders but didn't push him away. Unable to reason why, he parted his mouth for more.

Ryan's cock swelled in his jeans. making it uncomfortable to stay still. What was Martin trying to do to him? All his senses were firing on red alert. His groin burned, his dick was rock hard. And then reality crashed over him. He was kissing a gay man who expected more.

Much more.

He pulled back and disengaged from those strong arms, straightened his shoulders and tried for a sense of decorum. He had no right to be angry, not when he'd fantasized about kissing Martin all night.
Martin stumbled back and held up his hands. ", won't happen again. Too much meant nothing...forget it."

Ryan stared back, not sure what to say or do. Forget it? He didn't think so. It meant something. Before he could answer, Martin jumped into his Jeep and peeled out of the parking lot. Trying to catch his breath, Ryan watched as the tail lights faded out.

Wound too tightly for any kind of logical thought, he remained in his Porsche and tried to unscramble his brain.

all rights reserved © Viki Lyn

 Ryan's Harbor

Author: Viki Lyn

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

Genre: GLBT


The boys of Woodland Village are back. This time it's Drew's brother, Ryan Adams, that's going through a crisis of doubt. He's always been the guy who breezed through relationships, never getting serious with the women he dates. He doesn't know why, but one-night stands and pretty women don't seem to give him that buzz that it once did.

Then one night, at his brother's barbecue, he encounters Drew's assistant, Martin Pierson. Martin is hired to design Ryan's new building for his gaming company - Fantasy Arts. As they spend time together in and out of the office, their working relationship grows into friendship. But can they cross the barrier into love?



The crates loomed like a bad omen. How could inert objects cause such a crazy flutter in his stomach? It felt like thousands wings were hitting the inside of his gut. Drew rubbed at the annoying throb at the back of his neck. Packed inside the crates were paintings by the exhibiting artist, Skye Taylor, that name invoked a foreboding gloom around his heart.
Skye was in town, which meant Drew would have to see him. How could he ignore the exhibiting artist when he had designed the gallery? The owner expected him to attend opening night.
Before he could think of any more reasons to get the hell out of town, the bell chimed announcing a customer. Drew jerked his head around and his heart skipped a two-step.
Too late.

Skye Taylor sauntered through the gallery door. Drew's lungs filled with an unexpected rush of air leaving him breathless. Breathless, as the ground shifted below his feet.
"I didn't expect to see you here." Skye remarked. "What a nice surprise."

Drew glanced at the half-finished counter wishing he had let his crew do the last minute touch-ups, but he missed working with his hands. Too much of his time was spent behind a computer.

"Ah, I don't usually get my hands dirty but..."

"You always did love making things." Skye's smile widened into a dazzling grin.

A bittersweet ache rushed through Drew at the sight of that familiar smile. He inwardly groaned, gripping the edge of the counter, thankful it created a barrier between them. Any feelings for Skye should have been dead and buried. Buried miles underground along with Drew's past.

all rights reserved © Viki Lyn

Although this is a follow up of a previous story, Ryan’s Harbor can be read alone; however, be warned as it will make you want to get the other book.


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Chris on 3 June 2010 at 14:55 said...

This one frustrated me a bit with its HFN ending that suggested more books in the future. *sigh*

Lily on 3 June 2010 at 15:07 said...

Sounds interesting although perhaps I'll wait and see if another book comes out, like Chris mentioned.

Chris on 3 June 2010 at 15:09 said...

Since this is already the 2nd book in the series...

Anonymous said...

Hum, I am heading over to check this bad boy out!!!


Erotic Horizon on 3 June 2010 at 15:45 said...


I just pop the other book on - as it was a short exceprt...

I really like the blurb on this one - I am planning to make them my weekend read..


Erotic Horizon on 3 June 2010 at 15:46 said...


As Chris said two books are already out - so that is OK for me to start off..

I dont mind the HFN - I did read that was how it was...


Erotic Horizon on 3 June 2010 at 15:47 said...

@Hey Brande..

Enjoy - I look forward to your thoughts...

Have agood day..