Thursday, 6 May 2010

It’s a Blog Crawl – In Celebration Of Authors

After some heavy plotting, negotiating the time zones and alot of to’ing and fro’ing - Kassa from Kassa–rvws livejournal and other review sites has send out the call to bloggers to join forces and lift our voices in support of authors.
As book bloggers we share our loves and our likes about books, but if truth be told we mostly share our gripes. Beginning tomorrow the 06th of May and for the next few weeks a bunch of bloggers will be shouting out to the world about why we love the authors we do, why we keep going back for more with every book they release and why some of us have become stalkers overnight.
Kris from Kris and Good Book kicked off the events in her own indomitable style
I think readers – myself included – are painfully demanding, especially with regard to the romance genre.
We want a story to be real enough that we can relate to. Yet, we want to be entertained or lose ourselves in the romantic fantasy of it all.
Sounds too much like a bloody hard balancing act to me.
© Kris
I have attached the current crawl list (in no particular order) as it currently stands and the crawl badge at the top of the post. If you do bump the badge  on your sidebar either link back to this post, or you can lift the entire content with my permission and link it to your own site.
I look forward to each and every participants post and am most eager to see which authors will  be blushing over their cereal when they read that post.
Each post will be in the manner of a very informal letter to the author of the bloggers choosing. I am hoping there will be some creative and hilarious adventures along the way as bloggers tells us about their experiences with the authors work.
6th May - - Jordan Castillo Price, JD Robb
7th May - - Lynn Lorenz
8th May - ttp://  - Susan May Warren
9th May -  - Charlie Cochrane
10th May - – Josh Lanyon
11th May - - Sandy Hingston
12th May - – Jet Mykles
13th May - - Mary Balogh
14th May - – Beth Kery
15th May - – Stephanie Meyer
16th May - – A.M Riley
17th May - –Tamora Pierce
18th May - – Megan Hart, Joey W. Hill, Lissa Matthews
19th May - – Megan Hart
20th May - - Paullina Simons
20th May - – Megan Hart
21st May - - Lisa Kleypas
22nd May - – K.Z.Snow
23rd May - – Shiloh Walker
24th May - - Keri Arthur
25th May - - Victoria Holt, Anne Gracie,Karen Marie Moning
26th May - – Chris Owen
27th May - – Moira Rogers
28th May - – Linda Howard
29th May -  - Charles de Lint
30th May - – Terry Pratchett
31th May - – LaVyrle Spencer, Jourdan Lane
01st June - - Shayla Kersten
03rd June - Lisa Kleypas, Lucy Monroe & JB McDonald
Kassa kicks off the love fest tomorrow - 06th, so make sure you visit her as she will also be tagging the next person in line.

P.S. If you have a fan letter on your blog and would like it to be added to this list please email me at erotichorizon (at)