Monday, 10 May 2010

It’s another Monday – What have you read

A weekly event hosted by Sheila - Book Journey to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week.

Books I completed last week are:

Lynn Lorenz - Pinky Swear

TA Chase – Duncan’s World

S. Wales - and then, he Kissed me

Nicole Dennis - Dragonsgrace

Lisa Marie Rice - Woman on the Run

Kyle, Celia - Battered Not Broken

Twilight Graphic novel

Murder on the Orient Express – Graphic Novel

Gentle Cage – Yaoi Novel

This is the cover I fell in love with this week…

I am reading a whole lot of romance suspense recently – and ended up really liking this cover.. I am hoping I like this one.

Black Ribbon Affair

Author: Casey Clifford

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Genre: Romance/Suspense

Caitlin Donnelly's life is exactly how she wants it—except for the threatening notes. Deciphering who's after her, and why, isn't easy when the suspects include all her co-workers, along with a man from her past. Caitlin isn't sure who she can trust and danger escalates at a pace equaling her attraction to Mike.

Mike Rafferty's life is in a mess. When his personal life disintegrates, he grasps an opportunity: a challenging new job and relocation to a different state. Finally, he has something to look forward to. He discovers an unexpected benefit in his new co-worker, a woman who turned him down years ago. Mike welcomes this unexpected chance to pick up a relationship worth waiting for.

When Caitlin is kidnapped, Mike struggles to save the woman he loves while she learns to trust in his love to keep her alive

Books I am reading this week

I did really well last week with my reading -  I got through almost all the books I had earmarked and a few toss in that friends recommended.

This is going to be another week that I will be trying to catch up on reviews.

Lisa Marie Rice - Midnight 01 - Midnight Man

Mary Margret Daughtridge [SEAL 02] - Sealed with a Promise.

I also have some graphic novel to get through for my graphic novel challenge.


16 Speak To Me:

Chris on 10 May 2010 at 13:27 said...

That cover makes me chilly. :)

gautami tripathy on 10 May 2010 at 13:45 said...

What a cover!

Mailbox Mondays


Lily on 10 May 2010 at 15:48 said...

I also read Duncan's World this week and have Pinky Swear in my TBB.

Very nice cover although I'm a bit chilly now. :)

Sheila (Bookjourney) on 10 May 2010 at 16:06 said...

That is a great cover! Are you going to read this one?

You had such a good reading week - I need to have a week like that ;)

Blodeuedd on 10 May 2010 at 17:12 said...

Hi :D
Sounds like a nice week for you..oh and there I lost my train of thought. I keep staring at this book on the side, Shadows and Light...must goo check it out

Heidi V on 10 May 2010 at 19:36 said...

I had no idea Murder on the Orient Express had a graphic novel I'm going to have to hunt it down! I hope you enjoy Black Ribbon Affair.

Anonymous said...

You've had a very prolific reading week. The Chase book and the Kyle book are the only ones I've read. I'm going to have to look for that Murder on the Orient Express graphic novel. It might just trick the kids into reading.

Teddyree on 10 May 2010 at 22:56 said...

I want to be a reading fiend just for a week LOL. Have another awesome week and good luck on the review catch-up. Do you review absolutely everything you read?

Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 09:51 said...


Yup - I hope it is a good read for me..

Happy reading week to you hon - Missed you on Weekly Geeks this week..


Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 09:53 said...


Chase is an author that I know what I am getting, but I did have some issues with this one..

Lorenz - thanks to Tam that was a quick romp..


Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 09:54 said...


Yup hon I am so going to read that one - I love the cover too much..

Have a good reading week..


Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 10:15 said...


I am having a good reading week - I am slowing going through Anne Bishop trilogy...

and stalking Juliet Marillier for news of the Tor..


Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 10:17 said...


Yes Christie has a whole slew of books in graphi cNovel format - I am loving it alot..

It is really one of her better books..

Library is probably the best place to get it..


Erotic Horizon on 11 May 2010 at 10:19 said...


Kids on a whole love The Christie Graphic Novel - if my son is any indicator (one of the fav in the library that we use as well) .. this is the third one we are on now, so give it a shot..

Chase was so-so for me unfortuntely..


Janna on 11 May 2010 at 20:14 said...

Wow, great week! I almost bought the first two books you read. I look forward to your thoughts on them :)
And what a beautiful cover!

Erotic Horizon on 16 May 2010 at 10:15 said...


Thank hon.. Sometimes the readig genie works overtime..

I'll try to get some reviews done soon.