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Excerpt Day -Tony & Ryan © Michele L Montgomery


“Where ya at, Big Guy?” the sleepy voice whispered from under the blue feather comforter. Wide ocean-blue eyes peaked out from under the darkness of the covers blinking against the bright rays. A content moan escaped his lips when he located his Tony—his Big Guy—stood in all his glory, without a stitch of clothing on. He looked out the bay window in the hotel room, his eyes glued to the amazing deep orange sunrise over Napoli Italy, right over the ocean, and right outside their room. "'I’m here, Blue Eyes," the raspy voice said.

Ryan raked his slender fingers through his black wavy hair and sighed. "You" Never better, baby."

Ryan reached an arm from under the warm blanket, felt around for his discarded pillow, and smiled when his fingers made contact. Fluffing up the down pillow, he curled onto his side and watched his big man with a contended moan. He never tired of staring at the one person responsible for making him happy, for pointing out that love didn't always have to hurt. The absolute best part,— was that all six feet four, two hundred and seventy-five pounds of hot Italian man belonged to him!

Ryan smiled. He loved being in love he loved being loved and loved loving. Hell, he loved the love thing. Period. "Seeing something out there?"

"There's nothing in this world that can compare to a sunrise in Napoli—a blast of orange above that deep blue sea. I didn't want to miss seeing the colors dance across the waters. I began my days this way when I lived here. I was no more than a child then. "Nothing?" Ryan questioned, his full pink lips set in a pout.

Tony turned and smiled. "You're in a league of your own, babe."

"So you keep saying. Come tell me again." Ryan flipped the comforter back and allowed Tony a glimpse of what lay hidden beneath. He patted the empty space beside him. "'Your baby is lonely.

Tony's black eyes sparkled with lust. His smile grew, and Ryan’s heart swelled with love. "I think I know what'll chase the loneliness away."

Ryan knew the effect he had on his lover. He slowly licked his lips and purred when Tony’s eyes glazed over, his cock hard, dripping, and pointing its way to its destination. He could do no more than gasp when Tony leaned over him on the bed using his body to pin him down. It wasn’t as if he was a small guy himself. Nevertheless, Tony treated his six foot, hundred and eighty pound frame almost as if he were no more than a sack of potatoes. Ryan moaned at the touch of Tony’s fingers through his shoulder length

“So soft,” Tony murmured against Ryan’s lips. Tony’s tongue demanded entrance into his mouth and Ryan met his lover’s fervor in blinding passion with a low moan. As Tony’s fingers carried on with their journey, down the sides of Ryan’s body, stopping here and there to either tickle or caress, Ryan lost himself and trembled in pure need. “I love the way you shiver for me, baby,” Tony whispered. He gathered Ryan into his big arms and kissed the top of his head. “Is this better?”

He pressed himself closer to Tony’s body in response. Better didn’t quite explain what those hands did for him. "It's goin' away. Keep chasin'." Ryan squirmed and let out needy moan.

“Greedy, brat. I know what you need.”

“Yeah you always know,” Ryan panted. He wrapped his arms around his big guy’s upper body. “Please, I need you.”
Tony’s need shone bright in his black eyes. His lopsided grin caused Ryan to melt under the man he loved. Tony ran his big hands gently down his back. ““Listen to you.

The little noises of pure need escaping your lips makes me want to amuse us like this for hours. I want to drive you crazy with need until you beg me for release. Damn you’re so hard for me already.” Tony rubbed his hand against Ryan’s hard cock.

“Oh God! Please,” Ryan cried out in urgency.

All rights reserved © Michele L. Montgomery

Tony & Ryan

Author: Michele L Montgomery



Tony and Ryan are not your typical gay couple. Although they are American, they are trained government agents living in Italy, and they’re on the lam. They are fugitives who are hiding from the very agency that trained them. Tony is 30, a physical trainer with a linebacker’s build. He fears no one, and takes very seriously his responsibility of protecting his boy Ryan. Ryan is young, only 20, and a gentler soul. He’s far more soft-spoken than Tony, and he’s often overly trusting.

While vacationing in Napoli, Ryan is brutalized by a group of four thugs—gay bashers. They beat and stab vulnerable, young Ryan, and leave him for dead. When Tony returns to find his boy in this condition, it nearly crushes him.

Laden with guilt for not being there to protect Ryan, Tony begins the arduous task of helping his boy heal. Will he ever be able to get Ryan to forgive him for not being there? Will he ever be able to forgive himself? And will Ryan ever again be the loving, gentle soul that Tony once knew and loved?


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