Thursday, 13 May 2010

Excerpt Day – Mine © Brenda Huber


He slithered through the shadows and
pulsing lights. Dark bass, driving drums, and
screeching electric guitar pulsed all around him,
vibrating the sticky floor beneath his boots.
Bodies writhed and gyrated with the tempo,
brushing against him, bumping into him. Alcohol
flowed with slick bartender smiles—rivers of
multi-hued liquid courage bearing imaginative
names like Cosmopolitan, Hurricane, Strip and
Go Naked, and Sex on the Beach—lowering
inhibitions, making already easy targets pitifully
Stupid Humans.
They didn’t have a clue. Death walked among
them, and they danced. A reaper stalked them,
and they drank. They celebrated. They partied.
And, if he had his way, they would all bleed. They
were food, and he was the ultimate predator—
perhaps the most dangerous on the planet—
because he could walk among them without
detection. He could mingle with them, talk to
them…lure them…and they were none the wiser.
Until it was too late.
Ignorant cattle.
Ah, there was his little pigeon now. She
fluttered through the writhing mass, a butterfly
among moths. Beautiful as she was, he would not
drink from her. She was unworthy, nothing more
than a means to an end, his emissary…a vessel
for communication. Her blood the same to him as
a fax or an email…a text message. He smirked at
that analogy. Humans may be ignorant when it
came to his kind, but they were clever morsels
when it came to technology. The advances they’d
made in the last fifty years alone were impressive.
Impressive…but irrelevant.
He sidled close. Moving with the music.
Swaying with the tangle of warm bodies. Closer.
His gaze locked on her neck, homing in on the
pulse hammering at the base of her throat.
Closer. Edging a shoulder between two dancers,
he slipped into the gap with practiced finesse.
One corner of his lips edged upward.
So easy.
His pigeon glanced up, smiling delayed
recognition, her eyes offering shy invitation.
A wide grin spread across his face. Would she
be so flirtatious if she caught a glimpse of the
monster lurking behind his smile? He held out a
hand to her, nodding toward the edge of the
dance floor. She hesitated, pushing her long
blonde hair over her shoulder, then placed her
hand in his, allowing him to lead her away.
Would she be so eager if she knew what waited
for her in the darkness on the other side of those
How many messengers would it take before
the rest of his kind finally understood?


2nd Excerpt

His hands were hard and strong—rough and impatient—as he crushed her to him.

Desire rode roughshod over him, raw and insatiable, pushing him to ravish, driving him to ravage. The deep, dark voice in the back of his mind urged him onward, urged him to take all she offered, and give her more in return than she’d bargained for.

That voice of midnight urged him to give her forever.

Cole wrestled with the very idea, torn for the first time in his long life by the one thing he’d never before considered doing to another living creature. He hadn’t been given a choice when he’d been turned. He’d never sired another Vampyre, and always swore he never would.

Yet right now, the very thought of spending the rest of eternity in this woman’s arms was enough to render his personal morals inconsequential…enough to render her own wishes on the matter—her very ability to make the choice for herself—insignificant.

Fated mate or Vampyre. Either way, he’d be able to keep her forever. His Bride.

His lips fastened on her throat. His fangs scraped her delicate skin. She moaned, the sound of his name on her lips drove all thought—what little of reason he’d managed to retain—from his mind. His fingers fisted in her hair, ruthlessly pulling her head back to expose the sweet flesh of her neck. His eyes glowed, dilated, focusing on the erratic throb of her pulse. His mouth opened wide in anticipation of the ambrosia he’d soon be savoring. His fangs stretched, long and lethal, demanding as they descended toward her flesh.


    Author: Brenda Huber

    Publisher: Wild Rose Press


Becoming the object of obsession can be deadly…

Brilliant songwriter, Alexandra Sinclair swore she’d never return to the predator-filled music industry. Yet her life takes an unexpected tailspin and Alex finds herself neck deep in the business once more. Unwittingly entangled in a world where mythological creatures of the night walk amongst unsuspecting humans, she becomes the target of a serial killer bent on exposing the darkest secret of the one man she can’t resist.

In a world where Vampyre hide in plain sight…

Ancient Vampyre, Cole Gunnerrson—lead singer for the mega-popular rock band, Stolen Innocence, and reluctant recruit for the Vampyre Task Force—must identify and neutralize a Rogue targeting the music industry. With single-minded determination, Cole decides Alex is the exact lyricist he needs to maintain his cover, and the only female he wants in his bed. When the elusive killer turns his focus on Alex, Cole must face the truth. He’s lost his Immortal heart to a Mortal female. Now Cole’s engaged in the deadliest battle of his life. Will he crack the killer’s bizarre message in time and save Alex before she becomes the next in a long line of innocent victims?

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