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Excerpt Day – Forever Mine & Ask For It © Jude Mason


Jason Black looked up and down the litter-strewn alley. In the dim light from a distant street lamp, he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. But still, he was careful when he squatted and leaned over the crumpled body sprawled face down on the pavement.

He whispered, “Hey, mister,” urgently and reached for the side of the man’s neck. Two fingers pressed against the carotid artery felt for a pulse, and he wasn’t terribly surprised when he couldn’t find one. Again, he peered around, searching for clues or a weapon, anything that would tell him what had happened. When he pulled his hand away, his fingers were sticky as if he’d dipped them in honey.

Holding his hand up to the sparse light, he saw it wasn’t honey. Much too dark for that. “Damn,” he mumbled, realising it was blood.

He reached for the body again, laying his palm flat against the man’s cold, clammy forehead. Please, don’t leave me hanging, not this time. I need to know what happened.

The world around him faded, and he saw…two men fighting. They were here, in the alley. One towered over the other, slim and agile. His long, flowing, black hair looked so familiar it took his breath. The calf-length leather coat swirled around the man’s legs as he tossed his adversary around as if he were a ragdoll. The other man, the man he’d just found dead, wasn’t nearly as agile or muscular as the first and couldn’t break free. Twice, Jason saw the taller man slam the victim into the rough, brick wall with bone-jarring force. A gun appeared in the smaller man’s hand, and he aimed and fired the snub-nosed pistol. The slim man grunted; a pained expression filled his beautiful eyes as he looked right at Jason. That twinge of recognition flared.

No, not again. You’re not real.

Jason jerked back, shocked by what he’d seen and apprehensive of what further visions would bring. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, again reaching to touch the cool corpse.

Copyright © Jude Mason, 2010

Forever Mine
By Jude Mason
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Genre: m/m, vampires, contemporary


Jason Black has dreams. He's had them all his life. The only trouble with his dreams are they came during the day, while he was awake, and they came true.
Oh, and another thing, he sees a vampire, often. He'd seen the vampire bent over the body in an alley, and that's when his life really took a hard left.
You think Jason is crazy?
Most people do. He's not. But, he is in trouble and the only one who can save him is Ayden Devlin, the vampire. Together, they have to stop a drug lord and his henchmen from going on a killing spree.
Can the two men work together? Will Ayden's blood lust prove too big a problem to surmount? Will their feelings get in the way?


"Uh, Jess, I can't find your suitcase. I must have left it behind," Roy said in a soft voice. He knew he'd messed up big time when his wife of three years turned and faced him. She was lovely, long dark hair parted in the middle cascading over her shoulders, the tips curling around the plump roundness of each breast. Her abundant curves never failed to arouse him and he couldn't think of a better place to be than between her legs, his face buried in her muff.

"You forgot my bag?" Jess stared, her beautiful blue eyes wide and an annoyed expression on her face. She'd just flipped his case open and it lay across their king-sized bed, his clothing untouched.

Roy stood, shame-faced, just inside the bedroom door and hoped he hadn't ruined their weekend. "Sweetie, I'm sorry." He didn't raise his eyes to look at her—he didn't dare. "I was sure I picked them both up when we were leaving." He glanced up and for an instant met her gaze, but quickly lowered his.

"You were sure, were you?" She leaned against one of the six-foot wooden posts set at each corner of their bed and crossed her arms under her chest.

"Yes," he said, then after another quick glance, replied, "No, obviously not. I'm really sorry, Jess. I could—"
"You can do what I tell you." She interrupted; catching him by complete surprise. "You only think you're sorry. By the time I'm done with you, I'm sure you'll know it deep down."

"Huh?" He looked up, confused—but only for a moment. His shock turned to excitement, lust. It'd been so long since they'd had time for each other. With both of them working crazy hours, they often saw each other for breakfast and not again until the following day. He waited expectantly for her to go on.

"Go and lock up the SUV," she instructed. Leaning over the bed, she tucked Roy's clothes into the cavity of the suitcase and closed it. "Take this with you." She snapped the catches closed.

His eyes went to the suitcase, and then up to meet hers. Her tone of voice told him all he needed to know. His heart raced, desire clutched at him and he had to take a deep calming breath before he replied, "Yes, ma'am."

He hurried to the bed and reached for the bag. It turned out she hadn't finished, and stopped him with a light slap to his hand.


Copyright © Jude Mason,

Ask For  It
By Jude Mason
Publisher: Coming Together
Genre: Femdom

Married only 3 short years, Roy adored Jess, but he also had the habit of 'screwing up' occasionally. This time, it was a little more serious. Away for the weekend, he'd forgotten to pick up her suitcase, leaving her absolutely nothing to wear, for real. Or had he? Leaving the safety of the house, his excitement grows. Being ordered naked outside, where anyone could see him, sent a chill down his spine. Was it a chill of terror or sexual thrill? And, what else could Jess possibly have in store for him?

Coming Together's Hors d'Ouvres are single story treats taken from the anthologies and sold exclusively at ARe as appetizers. Finger food, if you will, for the libido. Sales proceeds benefit the same charity as the anthology from which they originate.
Jude Mason's "Ask for It" comes from Coming Together: Al Fresco which benefits Conservation International.

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