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Excerpt Day – CEO © Steve Bederman


“Can I ring it up here or are you doing more shopping?”

the clerk asked.

“Oh, if you can take my donuts…eh…no… no more

shopping. That’s it...gotta get to the office.” Reflecting on a

particular thought he brightly continued, “I’m a CEO, have to set

the standard”.

“Do you have insurance? This is expensive. Wow!”

“I didn’t bring my card. I guess we’ll…”

“Oh, I can look it up. Just give me a moment…”

“No, we’ll just send it in to the insurance. I’m really

running late” The pressure to leave …sweat quickly appeared on

his forehead but his face did not betray his impatience. He

needed to get out of there.

“So, cash?” she said “It’s $72.80, you sure I can’t look it

up…the insurance?

“No, that’s fine.” He handed her four twenties then

placed his hand on the counter, waiting, pressing his palm into

the cool surface. He could feel his hand shaking. “Could she

tell?” he thought. “Come on. Jeez, I have to go already.” And he

did, to work, to the people, to safety, to another day and until

tomorrow another store, another counter.

“Do you have a store card?” she asked.

“No. That’s all right. I’ve just got to get going.” He

sounded more patient than he felt; he hoped.

She handed him the change. “Sorry, I only have singles”

“No problem. I’ll spend it either way.”

He grabbed his package and turned, tripping over a cane

placed right behind, knocking an old man back…the old man fell

halfway to the ground…As he reached for him and stood him up

gently, he dropped his prescription. “You okay?”

“Oh? Yeah...I’m not as steady as I used to be. Thanks.”

The old man pushed the package towards him with his cane

looking at the label, “Don’t forget your prescription. That’s

pretty strong stuff. I take the generic brand. Can’t afford the

name brand. Be careful, don’t drive…” he advised.

“No, no it’s for my wife,” as he reached down, grabbed

the bag and turned to leave. “You sure you’re okay?” to the old

man. He nodded.

“Have a great day. It’s beautiful out!” he said to the


“Thanks Mr. Thompson. Don’t forget to send in your

receipt.” She called after him.

As he walked out the door, the cool breeze blew on his

face, his Armani sticking to his chest, still moist.

As he walked to his car he clicked his key and remotely

started the engine. He drove a BMW. Not too pretentious. Just

enough to say he was a success. Tan leather seats, white pearl

body, waxed. Always clean, vacuumed, leather treated.

As he got in, he reached for the bag and immediately

opened it. He was already feeling better as he unscrewed the cap.

He counted out ten of the thirty in the bottle. He put them in his

right palm, then into his mouth. They stayed on his tongue and

melted. The taste was disgusting to most, but calmed him. He

gently chewed and they broke apart. He let them sit for a minute

under his tongue as he reached around for the bottle of water that

was in the cup holder. Through the back window he saw a police

car sitting behind him.

Was it trying to park? Was it blocking him? He

swallowed the pills, his heart thumping through his chest, his

shirt instantly soaked again. He turned around and grabbed the

bag and the pill bottle; quickly shoving it under the driver seat.

“What do I do? Should I get out or just sit here? Oh shit! Damn!

This can’t happen now,” he thought.

This afternoon he had an interview with the Business

Journal. The story was “The fastest growing private company in

the city.” Wasn’t he a star?

He opened his door, not yet getting out, and in his side

view mirror noticed the police car pulling into the spot across the

lane. Pausing, he carefully shut his door. Reaching and turning

the key, he instantly heard the grind. His car was already

running. “Oh yeah, already running.” He sighed.

Backing out very slowly, he put the car into drive. He

nodded to the cops as they walked past his door. They nodded

back, slightly, and he carefully drove away. No stopping for

anyone, anywhere. He had survived and now he would succeed.

Everyone knew it, didn’t they? They’d all be proud of

each other and of him. They knew him as their leader. They had

never met anyone like him. He couldn’t wait to get to the office

and inspire them, tell them to “embrace the moment!” Nothing

was more important than that moment; building upon the next

and the next. His charge was to drive them; to implement his

new model, a new way to challenge the old standards and to

recognize him as the visionary, the CEO!

all rights reserved © Steve Bederman

All good portion of the book can be read HERE


Author: Steve Bederman

Publisher Soltice Publishings

Genre: Contemporary Thriller


“The CEO” is a fast paced corporate thriller of loves come and gone, innovation, resilience, corporate philanthropy, vision, and deception. Corporate business leaders are protected by their own small armies of private security whose power will surprise. The story takes the reader behind the scenes and into the back office meetings of both corporations and countries; travelling from Denver to New York to London to Bogota and to Paris.

As Mitch and his team of loyalists’ race against time they are faced with constant revelation of threats against the company and those involved; including the life of the woman that Mitch falls deeply in love with. The depth of the plot reveals a 200 year old secret between two of the world’s most powerful countries. If the secret is revealed it could destroy the balance of power in the world. Though, if the secret stays protected it could crush all that Mitch Jacobs desires.



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