Saturday, 17 April 2010

Weekly Geek – Poetry Month – Do you have a Special Poem


April is National Poetry Month in the US and Canada. It is "a celebration of poetry first introduced in 1996 by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry."
Now I'm not one for poetry but maybe I should learn more about this literary form. For this week's theme, I encourage participants to to help celebrate National Poetry Month by:

  • Posting a favorite poem, or
  • Reviewing a poem or book of poems, or
  • Discussing a favorite poet, or
  • Posting a vlog of yourself reading a poem or find a video of someone else reading one, or
  • Writing a poem yourself- any form
Or come up with something I haven't thought of to celebrate and post it on your blog. Let your imagination run wild.


My thing..

I love poetry and try to read some everyday – even if it’s just the stuff my kids write me. I am sharing one of my all time favourite poem – The Desiderata..





For those who would rather listen – Here you go

24 Speak To Me:

gautami tripathy on 17 April 2010 at 11:45 said...

I loved reading this. Thanks for posting. I posted one of my own poems.

saintly mind gets lubricated

Chrisbookarama on 17 April 2010 at 13:28 said...

There's some good advice in there. Very nice!

Unknown on 17 April 2010 at 14:46 said...

That's my favorite poem too (even though that's not what I posted)! I have loved it from the moment I first read it.

Chris on 17 April 2010 at 17:14 said...

Thanks for sharing, EH.

One of my favorites, by John Ashberry, is posted here.

Erotic Horizon on 17 April 2010 at 17:37 said...


Thank you - I know poetry is your first love..

Happy reading hon..


Erotic Horizon on 17 April 2010 at 17:38 said...


I agree - it has seen me through some very dark days..


Erotic Horizon on 17 April 2010 at 17:39 said...


I think it's a general fav with alot of people...

Happy week my dear..


Erotic Horizon on 17 April 2010 at 17:40 said...


How beautiful is that poem you sent me to...

I am off to check out more of his work...

Happy weekend hon..


Rikki on 17 April 2010 at 17:54 said...

Great poem, E.H. even though I am more for the shorter variety...:-). Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend.

Chris on 17 April 2010 at 17:56 said...

You're very welcome, EH. I love reading that poem every time I walk across that bridge.

Lily on 18 April 2010 at 16:02 said...

I loved your post, EH.

Here are my favorite poems.

Jenre on 18 April 2010 at 16:20 said...

I've done a post on my favourite poems here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so jealous I didn't think of posting the Desiderata. Love it, love it, love it.

wren boudreau on 18 April 2010 at 16:51 said...

I've loved the Desiderata since I was but an emo teen!

Great idea to share poetry - I put a couple on my blog!

Mem on 18 April 2010 at 17:37 said...

Hi, E.H.! Great post. Here's my favorite poem.

AM Riley on 18 April 2010 at 18:39 said...

Yeats was an interesting poet. He believed in inspiration and muses and claimed this poem came to him 'in a piece.'

If anyone ever wants to indulge in poetry, I try to post and babble about a poem a week on my blog. I know, I know, excellent reason to stay away from my blog..

I don't have a favorite poem (how could I?) but here's one I don't see around much. Um, how do I do that cut thingie?

The Black Swan

Black on flat water past the jonquil lawns
Riding, the black swan draws
A private chaos warbling in its wake,
Assuming like a fourth dimension, splendor
That calls the child with white ideas of swans
Nearer to that green lake
Where ever paradox means wonder.

Though the black swan's arched neck is like
A question-mark on the lake.
The swan outlaws all possible questioning;
A thing in itself, like love, like submarine
Disaster, or the first sound when we wake;
And the swan-song it sings
Is the huge silence of the swan.

Illusion: the black swan knows how to break
Through expectation, beak
Aimed now at its own breast, now at its image,
Amd move across our lives, if the lake is life,
And by the gentlest turning of its neck
Transform, in time, time's damage;
To less than a black plume, time's grief.

Enchanter: the black swan has learned to enter
Sorrow's lost secret center
Where like a maypole separate tragedies
Are wound about a tower of ribbons, and where
The central hollowness is that pure winter
That does not change but is
Always brilliant ice and air.

Always the black swan moves on the lake; always
The blond child stands to gaze
As the tall emblem pivots and rides out
To the opposite side, always. The child upon
The bank, hands full of difficult marvels, stays
Forever to cry aloud
In anguish: I love the black swan.

by James Merrill

Whom I will post on and blather about at length sometime this week.

Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:46 said...


I know you love the shorter verses - Sometimes it nice to let the longer ones take you away from it all..

You too hon..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:47 said...


I went and read that poem - How cool is that...

I think you have the best authors and best things in your state...

Lucky you..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:48 said...


Thank you Lily and I love you for taking me back to the classics..

Barrett Browning - Love her..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:49 said...


Your post was simply lovely...

Thank you for taking the time to put it together..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:50 said...


I know the feeling - I saw some on other blogs that I love but just never thought of...

I am pleased my post worked for you...


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 20:52 said...


Desiderata is a minor treasure for us all...

Thank you for your post - you definitely made me go hunting and revisit a few poets..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 22:24 said...


Thank you - THE SECOND COMING by William Butler Yeats

Is a must for all poetry lover..


Erotic Horizon on 18 April 2010 at 23:44 said...

Check out these other links..

K.Z Snow -