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Review - Necessary Madness © Lisabet Sarai

Necessary Madness

Author: Lisabet Sarai

Publisher: Total Ebound

Main Characters: Kyle McLaughlin & Rob Murphy

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Power and love can both lead to madness.
Nineteen-year-old Kyle sees visions of disasters, visions that tear his world apart. Everyone assumes he is schizophrenic, but Rob, the cop who picks him up off the street, knows better. Rob's own experience has taught him that psychic powers are real, and potentially devastating. Since his telepathic sister's brutal murder, Rob wants nothing to do with 'gifted' individuals like Kyle. Yet he can't deny his attraction to the beautiful, tortured young man - an attraction that appears to be mutual.
When a brilliant, sadistic practitioner of the black arts lures Kyle into his clutches, Rob faces the possibility that once again he may lose the person he loves most to the forces of darkness.


My Thought

I saw this book a few months ago on a blog and was quite intrigued by the blurb. I am a sucker for the clinical aspect of human nature and am always intrigued to see what an author with do with whatever concept they decide to go with and how they follow through on it.

NECESSARY MADNESS puts Kyle McLaughlin and Rob Murphy together after first meeting in a less than ideal situation. Kyle has psychic issues and I suppose in life it is who you meet and the help you get with your particular situation that makes or break you, and this is the case for Kyle who is just about at his breaking point when he meets Rob.

Assumed to be schizophrenic, Kyle has been bouncing around on the streets for a while and is genuinely surprised when an older man and a cop takes an interest in him and wants to do everything to make sure he is safe and comfortable. Kyle come across as sweet and easily accepting of alot of things – and I liked him alot.

Rob on the other hand had issues, he has family baggage carting around as well as being a gay “boy in blue” he is somewhat bitter about his lot on the force.  He quickly susses out what might be wrong with Kyle, but he has made every effort to stay away from gifted people for a long time and now does not want to go down that path with this young man who he suspect is more than just a young man strung out on drugs…

Some things are too deeply ingrained in Rob and  irrespective of the attraction that he feels for Kyle, as a human being he knows he has to help him in what ever why he can.

Joining forces to get help for Kyle sets them off on a journey that not only deepen their attraction, but put them in the path of a killer who wants what Kyle has and knows more about Rob than even Rob himself realises.   

One of the things that attracted me to this book was the fact that an older model graced the cover – I know it’s a fickle reason but that’s my thing. In some respects this book was quite pedestrian and froth with predictables, but I didn’t care.

I am always on the lookout for books with psychic possibilities, and this has a nice bit. While it didn’t go far enough to satisfy me – I did like the mix bag of good and evil that Ms. Sarai placed in front of Kyle and Rob. There was the power hunger ogre, the eager sidekick and of course the oracle (my phrase) who would be the one to guide Kyle through this most confusing and important time in his life. 

In some respect I can see more stories coming out of this concept, I thought the evil was well done and the tension and suspense was a nice touch and helped the whole atmosphere of the book.

Where I had the most issues with this book is probably the relationship between Kyle and Rob, While I liked them as individuals, I just wasn’t really invested in them “together”. Kyle is sweet, desperate to get help and be normal or as normal as he can he be, while enjoying the eager touches of Rob and revelling in the fact that he has someone, I felt he conceded or compromised the most of the two.

Rob, is a nice guy, a good cop and a man who has lost too much and is dealing with it as best as he can. That said I was impressed with him taking on the challenge of Kyle and his problems given the fact that he had issues with it all  himself. Some of my problem with Rob lies more with work ethics more than anything else – A mature cop, meeting a down and out lad with issues kinda makes me expect a bit more from him than him ending up in bed with said young man on his first day home from the hospital – that didn’t go over well with me.

As a couple, they need time to get to know each other and smooth out some of the rough edges that has to do with Rob’s quick and intense anger issues and Kyle’s insecurities..

This is my second book by this author and despite the little niggles I have with the relationship between Kyle and Rob, her style is easy, it flowed well and it‘s really fast. There was quite a bit of content packed into the 136 pages of this book and literally before I knew it, it was over. I would love for Ms. Sarai to revisit this couple just to see what has become of these two men and their quest to make a life together.  


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Smokinhotbooks on 20 April 2010 at 17:12 said...

*whistles* wow the blurb really pulls me in. Despite your niggles is this still a good one to pick up? I'm like you I need to buy the romance between the main characters if I don't I loose interest.

Blodeuedd on 20 April 2010 at 18:12 said...

Wow, that guy looks so, well normal, very refreshing :)

Chris on 21 April 2010 at 00:03 said...

Hmm. I'll mark it down as a maybe. :)

Erotic Horizon on 22 April 2010 at 17:27 said...


I agree - that one of the reason I would love for the author to revisit the couple as Kyle is young and I would love to see how a few years and a more confident Kyle would be with Rob..


Erotic Horizon on 22 April 2010 at 17:32 said...


I agree - It is a surprising and refreshing change from all the books covers with Twinks..


Erotic Horizon on 22 April 2010 at 17:34 said...


I followed up on this bacause of that post on Kris blog about mental issues...

Not a bad read - the little paranormal element made it's mark..


Lisabet Sarai on 23 April 2010 at 23:09 said...

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a detailed and thoughtful review of NECESSARY MADNESS. I do hope to write another book featuring Kyle and Rob, though I hadn't really planned on having more than about six months pass since the end of NM. Your comments about Kyle's youth have got me thinking, though.

Once more, thanks!


Erotic Horizon on 24 April 2010 at 19:39 said...


Thank you for coming by - I have had this book for awhile and recently read it...

Love the tension and the psychic element you used to pull the book together and to how I saw the relationship between the two... I look forward to what you do with the two in another book..