Thursday, 8 April 2010

Excerpt Day - Still The One © Shawn Lane


...The front door opened about an hour later. Dusty had just wiped off the treadmill and briefly wondered if Malcolm would be mad.

“Dust? You there?” Malcolm called from the living room.

“In here.”

Malcolm appeared seconds later, smiling. “Hey, honey. I got your text. What happened to you? One minute you were there and then gone. Too tired?”

“Sorry about that. I just felt a little left out, I guess.”

“No problem. I’m sure all that acting talk can get boring for you. I just wanted them to meet my man.” Malcolm wrinkled his nose. “My smelly man.”

Dusty laughed. “Sorry, I was just going to go take a shower.”

“Well, I’ve already had one, but I don’t see why I’m not up for another.” Malcolm reached for his hand and led him down the hall toward their bedroom. He went straight into the bathroom, opened the glass shower doors, and turned on the knobs. “I was only going to stay until midnight but we got to talking. I’m sorry. You aren’t too tired?”

“Not too tired for some shower sex,” Dustin assured him.

“Ah, I see.” Malcolm grinned and peeled Dustin’s sweaty workout shirt from his body, then threw it toward the clothes hamper. He added his own navy T-shirt. “Drop the sweatpants and get into the shower.”

Dustin kicked off his shoes, yanked off his sweats, and got under the shower spray.

Malcolm entered the shower after him. He threw his arms around Dusty’s neck and kissed him. “Mmm. I missed you all day.”

“I missed you, too.” He pulled his lover against him, his hand slipping between their bodies to close around Malcolm’s erection. “What’s your schedule tomorrow?”

Malcolm closed his eyes and leaned into Dusty. “Um, I’m having breakfast with some of the others from the play, but not until ten. And then, I’m coming home to write for the rest of the day. The play’s dark tomorrow night. How about you?”

“Day off tomorrow. Have the whole day and night to veg.”

“Oh, that’s fucking fabulous.” He turned around to present his ass to Dusty, who squeezed the perfect globes.

Though they no longer had the need for condoms, they had a few of those soap dispensers in the shower and one they had filled with lube. Dusty squirted some into his palm and liberally spread it over his hard cock. Lifting Malcolm’s silky sable hair, he sucked on the back of his lover’s pale neck.

Malcolm leaned his head back, exposing more of his throat to Dusty’s lips. There were some really cool things about being together for several years. Knowing just what turned on your partner was definitely one of them.

Dusty reached back and squirted more lube into his hand, this time inserting his index finger between Malcolm’s rounded butt cheeks. He swirled around the hole for a moment, teasing him.

“Mmm,” Malcolm moaned as the finger slipped inside. He pushed back against it until it was in up to the knuckle. After a few heartbeats, Dusty added two more fingers, working them into prepare his lover.

Another thing he knew Malcolm liked was his nipples played with. It was actually something they shared. He slid his other hand along to the front of Malcolm’s torso, and up to his slightly defined chest. Malcolm shuddered and gasped as his thumb stroked across first one and then the other bud.

“Dusty, please.”

He quickly replaced his fingers with his hard cock, pushing in slowly to savor the way Malcolm’s ass clenched around him. Dusty growled low in his throat, prolonging it still, just adding an inch every few moments.

“Damn, you’re a tease,” Malcolm protested with a laugh.

“Hmm, I’ve just begun to tease.” His hand fluttered down from Malcolm’s nipples to his lower abdomen. He caressed there with a few light strokes, even as he finally pushed all the way inside Malcolm’s ass.

“Are you…are you going to move?” Malcolm demanded, pushing back again, trying to get him to thrust.

His mouth grazed his lover’s ear. “In a moment...”


Still The One
Author: Shawn Lane
Publisher: Amber Allure


The sequel to the Amber Allure best-seller The Best Gift...

Best friends, Malcolm and Dusty, have been together as a happy couple for five years. But now Malcolm’s budding career as a stage actor has taken an exciting turn, sending him across the country to Broadway just as Dustin’s dream of being named Head Chef at the restaurant where he works is coming true.

As the distance tests their relationship, can their love and friendship survive? Can Malcolm find a way to prove to Dusty he’s still the one?

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Chris on 8 April 2010 at 13:18 said...

Oh no! Excerpt Day! Danger!!!!


Tam on 8 April 2010 at 14:44 said...

Steamy. I was thinking "why do those names sound familiar" and then I saw it was a sequel. I KNEW I'd read them somewhere before. Very nice.

Lily on 8 April 2010 at 16:21 said...

Sounds good!

Erotic Horizon on 9 April 2010 at 20:31 said...


It's Thursday - what did you expect..


Erotic Horizon on 9 April 2010 at 20:32 said...


YUP - it's one of Shawn Lane set of four books - I am looking forward to this a lot..


Erotic Horizon on 9 April 2010 at 20:32 said...


It sure does Lil..