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Reviewette - Echoes of the Future – Reversal © A.B. Gayle,

Echoes of the Future

Authors: A.B. Gayle, Aleksandr Voinov, Jude Mason, Kate Cotoner

Publisher: Noble Romance


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Reversal - A. B. Gayle

Sebastian is bored. He has another five years of lone duty supervising his family's robots on their space station. The last thing he wants to do is the housework. For Christmas, his mother sends him a Domestic Darling cyborg. True to form, she purchases a factory second and sends one that doesn't quite fit the bill. Instead of being a pert blond with big tits and a cute ass like in the advertisement, this one is six foot tall and built like a Greek god, a very virile Greek God. In an attempt to improve its functioning, Sebastian uses some of his brilliant programming skills. The resulting changes ensure Sebastian will never be bored again.


I don't read alot of Anthologies but when I do – I go straight for the authors that I know or I am directed to a specific author to read. However when a book is 116 pages long I have no excuse not to read all the stories.

The last story in ECHOES OF THE FUTURE is A.B. Gayle’s REVERSAL and not only was she a new to me author, so a fresh voice and a new style but after two techy story and then an alien /off world story I was now wondering what could she have to offer…

Let me just say that as much as I liked all the other stories in the anthology – this one was like WOW.


REVERSAL starts with Sebastian, the latest son to take up his position on the space station that his family has own since forever into his first year of a six years stay and he is bored... As bored as he is however housework is not his forte and as such his mother decides to send him a Domestic Darling cyborg, to do the cleaning up around the station.

From the moment he spoke to his mother about this gift he had reservation and opening the pack only re-enforce that more, because instead of a cute little woman what Sebastian got is a well built, very developed male cyborg with all the right bits attached…

Sebastian is not too put out however because he has never been into the whole little woman scene anyway, so looking at a well built guy is not too much of a hardship, even if he was a cyborg.

Sebastian is not satisfied with the original programming of the cyborg and as such he sets about to stamp a personality on Cedric, yes – Darling has been rechristened Cedric. Not only has Sebastian given Cedric a new chipboard – but Sebastian and Cedric has more in common that Sebastian mamma even knows.

I really love this story – not that it was a better concept than the other stories – it was just the ickness of it, the braveness of this concept and more over the fact that Ms. Gayle sold me this set up – Cedric took on a life of his own and Sebastian was such an enthusiastic player who within these few pages went through a dramatic change that really made this a story worth reading.    

The simplicity of REVERSAL is another positive of this story for me -  it wasn’t a dramatic tale, there was no bells nor whistles, no hoop to jump through-  it just was and it worked.


Q & A

A.B. Gayle

1. Can you divulge anything about the background behind the concept of this, and how long have you been wanting to write this book?

I've wanted to do a book about cyborgs ever since a discussion came up on Galaxy Express almost a year ago about how science fiction romance can gain the same sort of acceptance to the romance reading public that Paranormal and Regency novels do. In those, the typical hero, the vampire, werewolf or rake have strong alpha male qualities that appeal. I commented on the blogged then and I still maintain that cyborgs can fulfil the same role in science fiction.

Interestingly, the current blogs are on just this theme:

My favorite scifi romance author, Linnea Sinclair created a wonderful cyborg hero in Kel-Paten in "Games of Command". Her book is mentioned in this current blog and she has posted some interesting comments to contribute to the debate.

I am firmly in the camp that scifi needs more cyborgs. The variety, skills, abilities and nature are boundless.

2. What kind of research did you do for this book?

Not a lot, other than reading other books which feature cyborgs and information I have gleaned over the years about programming and robots in general. As they don't currently exist, we can, to a certain extent, create what we want. Linnea's Kel-Paten is actually a modified man. Cedric is built from the ground up.

To me, the notion that you would have to program in emotion, logic and memory gives the story an interesting feel.

A lot of cyborgs are purely fighting machines. I thought it would be an interesting twist to make him a sexual being. His function/role will change over time depending on who his "owner" is.

This concept of ownership (because he was designed to be a slave) itself with carry some interesting plot threads.

3. In REVERSAL your protags are not the norm - While Sebastian was easy enough to identify with, Cedric takes some getting uses to - Why did you decide to go with "Darlene/Cedric the Domestic Darling " as a partner for Sebastian.

Cedric is very much in his infancy in "Reversal". That's why he may take some getting used to. He is and always will be very much Sebastian's creation.

Sebastian, I deliberately made young as in that way, the two almost grow up together.

4. The main protags were barely introduced to me before the book was over - would you or will you revisit them in the future...

  • If yes - Where do you see them going from where you left them

From the get go, I had the concept of a number of short stories making up "The Adventures of Cedric the Sex Slave Cyborg."

In a way, Reversal is the prologue. The next short story called "Initiation" will be coming out in May in another Noble Romance anthology. Anyone interested can learn more about this from my website:

I have an over-arching plot structure for Cedric, and have already started what I saw as being the last in the series called "Extinction." However, when I wrote that one's synopsis, I realized it should be left open ended so even after this, there may be more.

There could even be another story slotted in between "Reversal" and "Initiation" as a number of years have passed between the two.

Along the way Cedric will learn from each master/mistress and they in turn will gain from meeting him.

I think there is a lot of avenues to explore and due to the nature of the character, lots of variety in the interactions.

I will even be interested in gaining feedback from readers as to possible adventures he may have and may use that feedback to write more. Possibly some may not be long enough to publish, so may only appear as vignettes on my website or as free downloads.

The possibilities are endless.

5. What do you hope the readers of this anthology will feel or experience  from reading REVERSAL?

I hope for a start they get some enjoyment from the story and love the characters as much as I did when writing them. I also hope the story stimulates their imagination as to me that's what reading should be all about. Last but not least, I hope the reader leaves with a desire to know what comes next.

One final point you may be interested in. "Reversal" is my first published story and only the second one I've ever written. So it will always hold a special place in my heart as will its characters.


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Life has taken a dramatic turn for Cedric.
Jen was different. She was bred to be different: taller, stronger and faster than the majority of her clan. She accepted those differences because without them she could not fulfil her role as warrior and protector. What she found difficult to accept was her inability to form a loving relationship. Her fellow bounty hunters managed to build meaningful, loving relationships. Why couldn't she?
Cedric was also different, but he was constructed to be different. One of a kind. On a desperate mission to learn from the best - the feared warriors of the Anasazi clan - his decision to join their all female space-faring crew as combat cyborg should mean the secret of his unusual past would be safe. Wouldn't it?



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Jude Mason on 19 March 2010 at 17:07 said...


Excellent review! And the woman told me she was nervous. Ha! Congratulations A.B., and thanks so much for these reviews, E.H.


Unknown on 19 March 2010 at 18:06 said...

Thank you, EH, for all of your reviews and questions for 'Echoes of the Future' - it's been so interesting reading it all!

Lily on 19 March 2010 at 18:07 said...

I like the sound of this story. Actually the whole anthology sounds good.

Chris on 19 March 2010 at 19:08 said...

Yes, yes, I will go buy it. Happy? ;)

Jude Mason on 19 March 2010 at 20:02 said...


Yes! Now that we've brow beat you into this one, would you like to go for... ROFL!

If you do buy it, I'm sure you'll be glad you did. Thanks so much.


A.B.Gayle on 19 March 2010 at 20:42 said...

Hi E.H.

You can't imagine how thrilled I am by your lovely review. As I said in the Q & A , Reversal is my first story published and as such will always hold a dear place in my heart and as you're my first ever review, you will be there too.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I've come to the writing game after being a voracious reader. I envy writers who can string luscious words together into beautiful sentences. I can't do that, but what I will always try to do is write stories that are different.

Over time I've read so many that are similar. That's one of the reasons I enjoyed being part of the anthology. It wasn't just more of the same old/same old.

The big thing lately is to be "fresh" in your writing with interesting twists of phrases and words. That's fair enough, but a bigger goal to me is to be "fresh" in the story/plot and character line. That's what I will be striving for.

Keep up the good work on your blog and if you ever want to make the switch to the dark side (ie writing) contact me for some leads on how to go about it.


Erotic Horizon on 19 March 2010 at 20:45 said...


I really love this offering from Ms. Gayle...

I will be following up on the adventures of Cedric in the coming months...

Thank you again my dear..


Erotic Horizon on 19 March 2010 at 20:47 said...


You are welcome - I had a great time reading this - right length and just the right pitch...

I did find the Q&A interesting as well... nice to know the mindset behind the concept..


Erotic Horizon on 19 March 2010 at 20:48 said...


It was a treat - I enjoyed it alot..


Erotic Horizon on 19 March 2010 at 20:49 said...


Hey - After service here hon... its' the complete package..


Erotic Horizon on 19 March 2010 at 20:52 said...


I really like this one - it was simple, but it hit the spot..

I quite agree with you - fresh is something this genre needs - I am glad you braved the music and along with the other three authors put together this package....

It's really worth the read...

Thank you...


Janna on 21 March 2010 at 22:22 said...

I really enjoyed reading this review and Q & A! Interesting!

Erotic Horizon on 21 March 2010 at 22:35 said...


It was a fun book to read - very fresh ideas in there...

Please do check out the other books in the anthology...


Janna on 21 March 2010 at 23:35 said...

Okay, I better add the anthology to my to-buy list right away ;)