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Reviewette - Echoes of the Future - Rescue Me © Jude Mason

Echoes of the Future

Authors: A.B. Gayle, Aleksandr Voinov, Jude Mason, Kate Cotoner

Publisher: Noble Romance


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Rescue Me by Jude Mason

Assigned to guard Leetchi Ambassador Dar and his family, Lieutenant Thomas Patch finds himself inexplicably drawn to Jad, the diplomat’s son. The tall, slender Leetchi turns out to be as gay as Patch and steals his heart. When Jad is kidnapped, Patch goes undercover to find and rescue him. The rescue takes him to the underbelly of the space port city and a whore house where slaves are bought and sold at will. Finding Jad proves easier than he’d hoped, but the rescue takes an insane twist when their escape attempt is thwarted by the one person they knew was on their side.

Will Jad’s enslavement tear the lovers apart? Will Patch be torn from the love of his life? Find out, in Rescue Me.



Jude Mason is the only voice that I am used to from this anthology and as such I was looking for something different. Ms. Mason has this experimental style to her writing that she does not let out enough in my opinion and as such when I heard sci-fi, I jumped at the chance to read this book. Her style might not work for everyone but it tick all my boxes.

Coming in as the third story in the book, there is moment of pause – because where the first two story were all “tech” related, Jude’s story is alien, off world material and it begins under less than ideal circumstance…



Being dragged through the streets on a leash no less and unsure of what the next few minute or even the few hours will hold for him is where Lieutenant Thomas Patch finds himself.

Patch is in the land of the Leetchi looking for his last assignment, Jad, a diplomat’s son. The latest information that is known of his where’s about is within his sights. The whorehouse that Jad is being held in, is not the stuff of overstuffed chairs and seedy old men smoking cigars.

The slaves – because they are slave when they get put into the cells are used and abused and when things get too close for comfort they might just get sold on to some other Alien race needing a sex slave. Patch was in a race against time and he knows that every bit of info he can absorb will come in handy whenever he gets his chance to escape.

Patch does find Jad and a sort of reunion takes but what follows next surprised even me…. But one thing is sure Patch will get Jad out, because he cannot live without him.

Ms. Mason contribution is the only one that feels familiar to me – in that I am used to reading about difference races in romance, she however builds a whole little set up around the Leetchi, and the trade that they have build up.

Holding the best till last is one of the cool things about reading one of Ms. Mason’s books – and she did not  let me down. Not only was the ending surprising but it was coming from so far left field and I love it and wanted more.

What however I really love about this book is it’s edginess – Something's do remain the same in RESCUE ME, the need to protect and serve and of course follow through, but when alien with there own code of conduct and morals get stirred into the mix any game is to be expected and that is what Ms. Mason has put together with RESCUE ME.  Well done.


Q & A

Rescue Me ©Jude Mason

1. Can you divulge anything about the background behind the concept of this, and how long have you been wanting to write this story?

-Years ago, and I'm not saying how many, I read a book by Robert Heilein called Citizen of the Galaxy.The story took place in the future and began in a spaceport. The feel of that book has always been with me and I've wanted to explore how I'd create it myself. The citizenry and story line of Rescue Me, were in no way similar to Heilein's book, other than how any port or surroundings would be harsher than the more civilized area of a port city.
How long have I wanted to write this story?  Possibly since I read Citizen of the Galaxy. That's a very long time. I think I'd like to explore the feel of this one some more yet.

2. Can you give me a bit more detailed physical description of what the leetchi are like?

-The Leetchi are nearly human in many respects. They have two arms, two legs, mouth, nose, two eyes and five fingers and toes. They're just slightly altered. Very long slender fingers and toes. Their sex organs are extremely similar, they'd have to be or they couldn't have sex with humans. *G* The normal adult Leetchi is taller than a human, two to three feet taller. They come from a world that has a thinner atmosphere so their chests are larger.

3. The ending was a huge surprise for me and does take some wrapping my head around - that said there are traits of  JACOB'S PONY in RESCUE ME with not only the hierarchical structure but the need to be saved - Is this a plotline you are comfortable writing or is this how a possible scenario of the future works for you and why?

-Interesting question and it made me really think. Jacob's pony is an alternate future, men enslaving men. Rescue Me, similar in that men are enslaved. I see Rescue me taking place in a future where Humanity is no longer the ruler, but the upstart world that will have to prove itself to more advanced aliens. The Leetchi are one race and they treat Humanity as not quite civilized. The enslaving of their own young is part of their growth, something they must do to learn how to rule the enslaved perhaps.
Patch's need to save Jad, is the need to save a lover. He couldn't bear to have Jad in danger.
Do I see myself writing more of this style of book? Yes. I like the slightly noirish feel of this. Slightly dark, a little scary, with some hot sex and hopefully a story line that keeps a reader interested all sounds good to me.

4. The main protags were barely introduced to me before the book was over - would you or will you revisit them in the future?

-The length or lack of comes from submission guidelines. When a publisher or editor is looking for a story to go into an anthology, we'll have a word count we have to adhere to. So, trying to build a world and introduce more than two or three people and have you get to know them well is incredibly difficult. At least it is for me.

  • If yes - Where do you see them going from where you left them?

-Yes, I like the relationship Jad and Patch's have. Where next? They have  a lot of exploring to do, both as a couple and as slaves. That slavery isn't going to be forever, Jad's future as the ambassador's son could be very interesting and Patch's will need a job, security comes to mind. Also, there's the alien/human dynamics to think about. Will the relationship they have cause issues between the races? I mean, it's not just a master taking pleasure with a lowly Human, these two are in love.


5. What do you hope the readers of this anthology will feel or experience  from reading RESCUE ME?

-I think I'd like the readers to get that we're not necessarily at the top of the food chain. Learning to live with other people/animals is pretty damned important to our future. Maybe even, being polite goes a long way.



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Jude Mason on 18 March 2010 at 17:30 said...

Oh, doing lil happy dance here. Awesome review, thank you E.H. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. The techie side of sci-fi can get the best of me, but you want people, or aliens, to interact and I'm your man...err...woman. LOL

Thank you so much for reviewing this one.


Nichelle Gregory on 18 March 2010 at 18:11 said...

Congrats on the great review, Jude! I've read all the reviews so far and each story sounds very intriguing and I can't wait to read the book. And I agree that we are not at the top of food chain and if everyone was polite and respected all life around us it would be a huge step for mankind. :)

Jude Mason on 18 March 2010 at 19:12 said...

Hi Nichelle,

Yes, you got it in one. Man is just one part of the whole. Without all the parts, the rest won't find living much fun. When man, as a species, learns that, we'll all be better off.

End of lesson. LOL

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.


Chris on 18 March 2010 at 19:50 said...

You sold me on this days ago!! Ack. ;P

Blodeuedd on 18 March 2010 at 21:16 said...

I do like the future, I need to read more books set there

Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:47 said...


You are welcome - I really enjoyed the world and the protags that you created in this one...

I definatey want more..


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:48 said...


I have to share the love hon - and it's all good to the last drop...

So one more still to come..


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:49 said...


I have been away from it for too long myself...

Might be time for me to make a return ...