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Review –Seeking Shelter © Rebecca J. Vickery


Title:  Seeking Shelter

Author: Rebecca J. Vickery

Publisher: Smashwords

Main Characters: Brigham Montgomery & Kat

Brigham Montgomery buys a rogue stallion and a world of trouble. Being the boss of a working ranch isn't easy either. Loss and fear sends Kat to South Dakota searching for the one friend she has left in the world - a special horse - a horse someone wants dead. A stable fire, gunshots, and two greedy men bring Brig and Kat together in a way neither would ever imagine.


Another month’s payroll, the feed bill’s due, a tractor’s broke down, and the books don’t balance. What else, Lord?

One thing, more than all the rest, gnawed at him. He knew he wouldn’t have any peace until he talked it over with the Lord. Here, on top of his grandfather’s special hill, was his favorite place for talking to his maker.

“Sir, I know you’re pretty busy with the mess the world’s in so I’ll try to keep it short. Thanks for your blessings and all the things you do for us round here everyday.” He swept the overlong hair back out of his eyes as he shifted his gaze to watch the play of sunlight across the tops of the ridges bordering his home.

From this vantage point, with brush blocking the view of the homestead, the land looked wild enough for a wagon train or a band of renegade Indians to appear at any moment. No one would suspect a modern city with an international airport existed a few hundred miles away if not for the occasional jet passing overhead or the roar of a tractor at work. His grandpa often told him the land didn't keep time as man did, so only the changes of the seasons mattered. He could believe it when he saw the land like this.

“This ranch and the people on it seem an awful lot of responsibility for a man like me, God. But since you saw fit to give it to me, I’ll do the best I can to live up to your expectations. One special favor I do need, Lord—if you could see your way clear.” He played with the reins dangling across his thigh and swallowed hard. “It would sure be nice to have someone to share my home with, someone to talk to, to snuggle with—well—dang it, Lord, you know what I mean. A man gets awful tired of coming home late to a dark house and climbing into an empty bed.” He stopped fidgeting with the reins as the horse began to respond by shuffling his hooves.

“Those trips to town I used to make—well, to see the ladies...” He cleared his throat and stared at one white cloud slowly drifting across the horizon. “They somehow just don’t feel right anymore. I know you understand or you would never have made girls in the first place.”

SEEKING SHELTER © Rebecca J. Vickery



SEEKING SHELTER was an odd read for me, for one reason really, I found the wonderful Rebecca Vickery last year and every single book she has produced, she has hit it out of the park – from her protags, her story line to what I now call the Vickery trademark style of dragging little bits of oddities and making a work of art with them.

So straight off the bat SEEKING SHELTER  in my eyes had to compete with all the winners that Ms. Vickery had out already.

The story starts with Brigham Montgomery  in a right pickle, about his ranch, his workers, his animals and mostly his life in general. He never asks for much and he is as stable as they come, so when some strangeness starts happening in his barn with the most evil tempered horse of his herd – he is concerned to get to the bottom of it.

Getting to the bottom of it comes sooner that he expects, but along with the mystery solved, he ends up with damages and loses to his property. Brigham has no time to cry into spilt milk because in the early dawn he finds himself with a young lady who not only can handle the horse that no-one else on the ranch seems to be able to but she also looks to be the one who has caused the immense damage to his property.

Kat is a scared young lady who has made it her mission for the past few years to find the horse that she has a connection and a secret with. Finding him was not easy and now that she has – the matter only gets more complicated, because someone still has unfinished business with her and the horse and she has taken it right to Brigham Montgomery’s front door.

SEEKING SHELTER is overall about the harsh realties of ranch life, the loneliness and the game of chance that as owner and grandson to the original ranch holder Brigham Montgomery  faces every day, every season. Toss Kat into the mix, with her own set of problems and issues and a lose cannon running around the hillside with a rifle and this was a full on read.

There is not a singular plotline to this book and by midway  I was caught up in them all and started wondering if Ms. Vickery would be able to get the pieces all together for the finish line.

The people I met in this book are what I would imagine hard working ranch folks to be like – love and concern for the land, big on family, loyal to a fault and set every thing by the movement of the sun and the moon. Ms. Vickery trademark of attention to details is carried over into this book and as much as I knew who was doing what – the tension and the anticipation that she brought to the process was really good – I actually thought that was really one of the highlights of the book.

SEEKING SHELTER was not all perfection, I had a few niggle which when summed up makes this book while a good read, not my favourite Vickery book. Bingham is a class act to accept, for people living in ranching communities I can imagine you would relate to Bingham more than me. Bingham is all old school attitude and values, from his love of the land to choosing his mate by her breeding quality.  That was really annoying to say the least-( I at one point expected him to start accessing her teeth), as he does it to not only one woman but to all the parings that Ms. Vickery makes for him.. I really felt like slapping him.

The connection between Kat and Bingham wasn’t there for me – on their own I could not ask for two better protags, Kat with her spunk and her determination to do the right thing despite the harshness of her past, Bingham who just wanted to protect all who falls under his wings and this is where the problem lies for me as Bingham treated Kat as too much of a child for most of the book and then he wanted to marry her – I didn’t get it. 


Bottom Line

While I am not jumping up and down about this book – I will say Kudos to Ms. Vickery for once again going just a little further with her writing. Her style is clean, easy to understand and easy to see the other side of the coin. So while I had issues with Bingham I could see the logic behind his style and this was all down to the flow and the language that Ms. Vickery uses to draw out the best of the man.

All the cast were well developed and suitably placed. From the wise sheriff who could see more than what was in front of him to the sinister character whose single aim was getting away with it.

Fans of Ms. Vickery’s work like myself, this is a must read – for new readers, this is one author you must add to your list to try. 

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Smokinhotbooks on 1 March 2010 at 19:39 said...

I hate when I can't connect with the characters just happened with the last book I read. Torture for me to finish.

Erotic Horizon on 1 March 2010 at 19:54 said...


I actually connected with the protags - Just the romance was not there... But as individual I loved their attitude and a few scenes were like a batle of wills...

Kat and Bingham were pure country folks..


Rebecca J Vickery on 1 March 2010 at 20:38 said...

Hi EH and readers,
Thanks for the great review. I totally understand the niggles with the interaction between Brig and Kat as I felt them myself. This book was written at the request of my pre-teen grandson and is dedicated to him. In trying to keep it suitable for a younger audience, the usual sensuality is lacking. I definitely know YA is not my forte. LOL
Thanks so much for sharing the things you did like about it and your kind words about my writing style.

Blodeuedd on 1 March 2010 at 20:52 said...

Aha interesting to know about the more YA angle this one had in a way

I keep coming across cowboys here, are you trying to tell me something EH? ;)
I must read about them

Anonymous said...

Very interesting review. Very good insight into the characters and the chemistry between book and reader.

Chris on 1 March 2010 at 23:48 said...

Oh, that's always hard when the h/h don't seem to fit together.

Erotic Horizon on 1 March 2010 at 23:59 said...


I know what you mean - and The fact that I like these two - but no chemistry....



Erotic Horizon on 2 March 2010 at 00:01 said...

Welcome to my little space and Thank you - Rebecca's work is never a hardshp to read and she does the details so well - that I have to shout out ..


Erotic Horizon on 2 March 2010 at 00:02 said...


I am lovin me my cowboys.... I know you will check into them when you are ready....


Erotic Horizon on 2 March 2010 at 07:14 said...


This book was written at the request of my pre-teen grandson and is dedicated to him.

I can see where you were going with this now then - and can get the lack of passion as you said..

There's a full bag of adventure for YA...

Congrats on the release my dear...