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Review: The Cowboy and the Cougar & Loving Eve © Helen Hardt

The Cowboy and the Cougar

Author: Helen Hardt

Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press

A hot time with a gorgeous young cowboy is just what the doctor ordered for forty-year-old Holly Taylor.  But after a night of amazing passion, she leaves discreetly.  Life has other plans for her at the moment.

After the best sex of his life, single father Jack Sherwood isn’t ready to give up his mystery woman.  When he runs into her several months later, he’s relentless in his pursuit, and he doesn’t care a whit about their eleven year age difference.

Holly’s life has taken a new course since her first meeting with Jack, and she’s convinced she’s not what he and his adorable son need.  Can her new friends at The Cougar Club persuade her to stop running? Or will she lose the best thing to ever happen to her?



When forty years old Holly Taylor spends the night with a hot “young” cowboy in what would amount to one the best night of her life – she slinks away with regret and thoughts of age difference the next morning.

Luck was on the side of Jack Sherwood the young cowboy, because a few month later he happened upon the woman who rocked his night and left him with a yearning that only she can answer.

Their re-meeting was not the stuff of kisses and candy cane, Jack was mad and he intend to make sure Holly does not leave his side this time.

What follows is Holly having some of the best sex of her life, added to that, getting to know Jack and his son was like a breath of fresh air for her. Jack is also happy and is only looking to see how far they can go with this relationship.

Holly has her own secrets and that was just something that she knew would affect any relationship that Jack was thinking of. Taking matter’s into her own hands she does what she do best – RUN…

THE COWBOY AND THE COUGAR is a sweet read. I love a book with a great start and when within the first few pages both the hero and the heroine throws caution to the wind and made a meal of each other -  I was not expecting a smooth ride.

Holly and Jack did not disappoint me, Holly is a great gal but with  bad news and trying to put her live in order – her ideas of long term relationship is not the same as Jack, because there is little doubt that Jack has given his all to Holly.

I really liked Holly and Jack, mix in a precocious little boy and ranching along with some sarcastic humour – I was good. The younger man older woman plot is never an easy mix at the best of time, but I thought Ms. Hardt delve beyond the great sex that they were having.

She showed the worry, the need to conform and of course what happens when there is no where left to turn. All in all I really like this one and Ms. Hardt got a whole lot of this book right.



Loving Eve
Author:  Helen Hardt
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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Belly dancer Eve Costello has a problem.  She’s in love with both of her roommates.  Satisfied to simply worship them from afar, she’s unprepared when they drop a bomb.  Jon Blake and Brian Conrad are in love with her, too, and they want her to choose between them.  Her solution?  She spends one night with each of them before making her decision. Will she be able to choose one over the other?  Or will she be condemned to choosing neither, leaving all three of them miserable?



LOVING EVE is a quick story – The story is really a slice out of Eve’s, Brian’s and Jon‘s life. The tale starts with belly dancer Eve pondering over the fact that she has fallen in love with her two room mates Jon and Brian, both men have also fallen in love with her and this is where the story begins in ernest…

When both men confesses that they are in love with her, Eve comes up with a plan. Both men spending time alone with her - one on one and making her see what they each have to offer her.

There follows all three doing the dance of lust, the dance of love and what a dance it was – on the piano, on the table and I was having a blast with it all.

After the dance has ended however Eve must choose one of these men or she may have to give them both up – because she wants it all.

Ms. Hardt has put together a nice little romp in LOVING EVE. As I mentioned before this is a slice out of these three life’s, it just happen to be the slice where they have to sort their feeling and their future out.

There is very little character development and the book is all about these three connecting beyond the boundaries of friendship. LOVING EVE is a great little read- most certainly worth the time..



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Lizzie on 18 March 2010 at 12:30 said...

Congratulations, Helen!

Patti (@TheLoveJunkee) on 18 March 2010 at 13:39 said...

Both of these books sound good. I don't think I've read any older woman/younger man stories yet.

Anonymous said...

Loved Cowboy and the Cougar! It was my first "cougar" read!!!!

Great review as always ;-)


Chris on 18 March 2010 at 14:18 said...

I haven't read any cougar stories. Hmm. I wonder what the corresponding term is in m/m?

Helen Hardt on 18 March 2010 at 16:50 said...

EH, thank you so much for the lovely reviews! I'm so glad you enjoyed both of these stories. They're both very special to me in their own way. I very much appreciate all the support you've shown me and my work!


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:33 said...

Hey Book Junkie..

I did like that one alot as well...

Helen's heroine are such good fun.


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:34 said...

@Patti.. donr know what you are missing..

Hot man loving and women who can't get enough... check out a cougar book please...


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:35 said...


I wonder what the corresponding term is in m/m?

I think it's called May/December romance...

I hate that term - but I think that's the closest description..


Erotic Horizon on 18 March 2010 at 21:36 said...


You are welcome my dear - these two were just the right books for me...

Loved your heroines alot...