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Recommend a Series: Toshi Genjin/John Holmes Mysteries © Sedonia Guillone

His Beautiful Samurai

Publisher: Torquere Press
ISBN-10: 1934166839
ISBN-13: 978-1-934166-83-3
ISBN eBook: 978-1-934166-13-0
Genre: LGBT (M/M); Suspense; Contemporary;

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Sexually repressed, duty-bound detective Toshiro Genjin has been on the trail of a serial killer in East Tokyo for six months. When the police department hires a psychic to help with the case, Toshi is unprepared for his intense attraction to the mild-mannered American, John Holmes. The attraction is mutual and passion flares between John and Toshi, bringing Toshi out of his long, self-imposed isolation. However, even as he and John close in on the murderer, they learn that they’re dealing with forces beyond the human realm and their naked entwined bodies may be the only way to lure an elusive killer out of hiding…

HIS BEAUTIFUL SAMURAI captures the reader’s attention from beginning to end with its fascinating peek into a culture so different from the usual fare. Toshi and John are compelling characters who complement each other. John is the familiar hero we can relate to, but his physic abilities give him an intriguing twist. Meanwhile, Toshi fires the imagination – a scion of Japanese aristocracy, he tries to balance familial duties and a modern, independent career. As a reader familiar with the western views towards homoerotic love, this story gave me a different look at how the subjected is treated in the Far East.

The mystery at the heart of this story is compelling…with its memorable characters and exotic locales, HIS BEAUTIFUL SAMURAI is a story that will appeal to those with a yen for the unusual.

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Beautiful Samurai, White Tiger

Publisher: Torquere Press
ISBN-10: 1603701508
ISBN-13: 978-1603701501
Genre: LGBT (M/M); Suspense; Contemporary;

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In the wake of mourning his uncle’s death, Inspector Toshiro Genjin unearths a long-held secret about the man he thought he knew completely. At the same time, Toshi is embarking on a relationship with his new lover, John Holmes, and must confront his family about the decision that will change all their lives. If this isn’t complex enough, Toshi is given a request he cannot refuse: find the missing nephew of his uncle’s best friend. In spite of Toshi’s obligations and of his uncle’s deception, he must not only honor his uncle’s memory, he must find a young man who could be in life threatening danger. Before it’s too late…

The search brings Toshi and his new lover, John Holmes, undercover to The Temple of the White Tiger, tucked away in Tokyo’s vibrant gay community, where eroticism leads to spiritual bliss and men love each other freely. Though he and John are searching for the missing man, the sensual world of the Temple and its alluring occupants mystify them and they discover things about themselves, body and spirit, that challenge their own relationship and make its future seem shaky.

However, they must proceed with caution, for although the path of the White Tiger leads to the heights of erotic pleasure, the web of relationships within it are not always what they seem. The lines of good and evil are blurred, leading Toshi and John toward Tokyo’s dark side – a place where John isn’t the only one with psychic powers and a fierce desire to protect the man he loves…

Ms. Guillone has created an incredible story that is very visual, fast paced and riveting. John and Toshi are two very real to life characters who seem to leap from the pages of the book as the reader is drawn into their very real to life characters who seem to leap from the pages of the book as the reader is drawn into their lives and experience the poignant love they have for one another. It was incredible to see the difficulties and gifts that John has and how Toshi accepts them and is there to support John anytime he can. John is incredibly sensitive, but he puts Toshi’s needs ahead of everything else. Come and enjoy as Toshi and John fight to stay alive as they unravel the mystery to save a young man’s life.

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Chris on 17 March 2010 at 14:13 said...

Darn it. I'd resisted these by having no clue what they were about. Now I'm intrigued. *shakes fist toward the UK*

Lily on 17 March 2010 at 14:35 said...

I really liked both of these books.

Erotic Horizon on 17 March 2010 at 21:15 said...


*shakes fist toward the UK*

I have been shaking my fist at you for a long time now - about time you start..

These are really good... My favourite re-reads...


Erotic Horizon on 17 March 2010 at 21:16 said...


Another fan I see - I love all her work...