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Excerpt Day - Leader of the Pack © Leighann Phoenix


Smoke thickened as the night wore on. Aislinn moved from one person to the next along the crowded bar, filling drink orders. She took the job a month ago, when she arrived in town. Her scummy boss, Derrick, was more than happy to hire her. He recently lost a bar tender, and Aislinn was above average in appearance, even if she didn’t think so. When Aislinn applied to the job Derrick didn’t even asked if she could mix drinks. He figured he could teach that. She wasn’t a super model, but she was attractive in a strange way, and she was better than moving Kelly up. The patrons liked her where they could reach he

Aislinn hated the place. She learned relatively quickly to keep space between herself and Derrick, the ass. He tended to grab her and make lewd comments. He even attacked her once, but she managed to get away. Unfortunately, she needed the job. She needed the money. That was the only reason she kept working after that. One would think that after she decked him he would stay out of her way, but Derrick just kept trying. Aislinn thanked the stars that currently he was at the far end of the bar talking with some regulars. With Luke tending bar between them, that was about the right distance tonight.

The other people she worked with were mostly nice. Kelly was really the only bitch and that was because Aislinn got the job Kelly wanted. In this place, the best spot 5

to be was behind the bar. Then the only person who could grab you was Derrick. Anywhere else and you were fair game for all the jerks who came in the place. Kelly thought that she did her time and deserved the bartender job. When Derrick gave it to Aislinn, he made Kelly a permanent enemy for her.

Aislinn approached the new guy who sat down at the bar near the wall. He was impressive. His presence caused most of the other patrons to make more than enough room for him, resulting in an unnatural amount of space at that end of the bar. Aislinn was perfectly happy to have a short lull in the number of people she had to deal with.

The man was pretty big, even sitting on the stool. He had black hair, brown black eyes, and tanned skin. He looked hard muscled even under the black leather duster he was wearing. But the strangest thing was this ageless appearance to him. At first look she might have said he was in his late twenties/early thirties. Then, at second glance, he looked almost 100. Whether that was normal for him or because he just had the worst day of his life was up for grabs. “What can I get you?”

The guy looked up at her as if he only just realized that he was in a bar. Aislinn waited and when he didn’t respond she asked again. “What can I get you?”

Cullen stared appraisingly at the girl speaking to him. She had an odd scent. It was hard to make out between the rancid smell of the bar, the smoke from the people around him soaking into everything, and some awful perfume she seemed to have bathed in. But there was something to it that caught his attention. She was attractive, but she wasn’t remarkable in any way. She had brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and medium build. She wasn’t his type. I would probably break her; he thought and grinned 6

at himself. Besides she wasn’t what he was here for. The last thing he wanted was a woman tonight. No matter how intriguing her scent was.

“If you’re not ready to order I can come back in a couple,” Aislinn offered at his silence and the annoyed, confused look on his face as he stared at her.


Aislinn nodded, poured the beer and placed it in front of him. No sooner had she waited on the next person but he was pushing his glass toward her again. She gave him another. Then another. At first she was concerned. He didn’t look very friendly and adding drunk to not very friendly usually didn’t end well. But he kept to himself, paid for each glass as he indicated his need for a refill, and didn’t do anything to bother her or anyone else. He just stared at his glass and drank. Something about him that she couldn’t quite put her finger on kept everyone else away.

Aislinn really wasn’t sure what kept drawing her attention back to him. His smell, for one thing, disturbed her. Since she had escaped her previous life, her sense of smell seemed more pronounced, sharper. After everything she’d been through to this point she kept her own council. That included not telling anyone that she could determine who she was talking to even with her eyes closed if she’d ever met the person before. Smells bothered her very easily. When she got out into the big wide world, she started layering on perfumes to mask the smells around her. But tonight his smell was getting through her defenses. He smelled foul or dead. At least that was the only way she could describe it. She didn’t know what could possibly make that odor. Every time the air shifted she nearly flinched at the awful reek that overpowered even 7

the rancid beer in this place. God why did I decide bartending was a good idea, she thought to herself.

Cullen was still sitting there drinking as the place was getting ready to close. He watched the girl who had been serving him all night walked up to him as she cleared the bar. “Hey, buddy, do you need me to call you a cab or something?”

“Cullen,” he said before he knew that he had said it.

“What?” Aislinn stopped what she was doing and started reaching for a phone.

“Is there someone I can call for you,” she reiterated.

“My name. Cullen. Not ‘buddy’. And no, I don’t need a ride. I’ll walk.” He started to get up only to realize that he drank more than he originally thought. It’s been a long time since I managed to get drunk, he thought with a measure of amusement. Well that’s what I came here to do wasn’t it? He sat back down on the bar stool.

Aislinn sighed and looked over at one of the other girls. Nikki just shrugged.

“Alright, Cullen,” she said haltingly. “Look, we’re closing. You’re too drunk to move. You’ve got to have a friend somewhere who’ll come get you.”

He looked up at her and grinned with wry amusement. “Yeah,” he said, “a whole pack.”

Leader of The Pack © Leighann Phoenix


Leader of the Pack

Author: Leighann Phoenix

Publisher: Excessica Publishing

Genre: : Vampires/Werewolves Paranormal,  Erotica

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Running for her life, hiding as a waitress in a sleazy bar, Aislinn never dreamed she would meet her soul mate. Compelled to save her, Cullen finds himself inexorably drawn to this mysterious woman. Aislinn believed her life couldn't get any stranger than it already was, until she happened across Cullen. As Aislinn discovers her lost past and Cullen works to protect his pack, they find themselves stronger together then they ever were apart. Now they just have to convince the pack elders that the alpha werewolf in the pack should be mated to a supposedly human girl.



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