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Excerpt Day – Dirty Sexy Murder © Cathleen Ross


“Take your pants off and lie down,” Marina Henry told her client before turning to leave the room. She had to fight to suppress a laugh. No way did she think she’d get used to saying that, not after the small-town life she used to live.

“You don’t need to leave,” her client, Adele, said. “I don’t care if you see me half naked. I just want that Brazilian. I read on the net that Gwyneth Paltrow reckons it changed her life.”

Marina turned back to Adele, a brunette with a thick blond stripe in the front of her hair. Adele already had her jeans half off in the Darlinghurst Road beauty salon cubicle in Sydney, where Marina had recently started work as a waxer. She smiled. “You want me to leave a landing strip? That’s my most popular wax. I do hundreds of them.”

Adele grinned back. “No wonder locals nickname this place Salon Clitty instead of Salon City.”

Marina laughed. She handed Adele a paper G-string. “Pop this on and park your tush down there.” She indicated to the treatment bed.

“Thanks.” Adele took the paper G-string.

Marina turned a knob next to the light switch so the pulsing rhythm of Brazilian music filled the cubicle. She walked over to her workbench. Adele was older than her, twenty-nine to her twenty-four, and seemed nice. It would be fun to help her take this big step.

When she turned back Adele was lying half naked and totally unselfconscious on the treatment bed. “I’m going on a hot date, so I want to look perfect everywhere.”

“Perfect I can do. How long have you known your guy?”

“Two weeks. I met him through a dating website. I told him I’ve got a Brazilian so now I have to go through with this.”

An image formed at the edge of Marina’s vision. She blinked with disbelief before warning bells went off in her head and she realized that she was about to have another premonition. She couldn’t believe this was happening again. She stopped breathing and scrunched her eyes shut. When she opened them again, the vision had gone. “You don’t think that’s a bit rushed?”

She picked up the talcum powder.

“I have to make myself stand out. I’m turning thirty, Marina. I want a family. I can’t afford to waste time.” Adele looked downward. “Start trimming that hedge. I’m going to use every trick in the book to hook my new man.”

Marina frosted Adele’s vulva and butt with powder to stop the wax sticking to the skin. “You need to be careful who visits Brazil.”

Adele just shrugged.

Was Adele always this reckless with men? She stared at her with concern. She smeared on the hot wax. Tested it with her fingers. When she found the lip formed by the wax, she pulled.

Adele gave a short, sharp scream. “It hurts.” She shuddered.

Marina started at the high-pitched sound. Her head started to throb. Last time she’d developed a major headache, the horrible vision of her wedding disaster had accompanied the pain. The vision had come true in every detail. She hadn’t believed in psychic phenomena then, now she dreaded it. Something was wrong with Adele. She could sense it. “You all right?” Marina asked.

Adele nodded. “I hope my date lives up to his bio.”

“What do you mean? Haven’t you met him?”

“Only by email. He’s into Brazilians. In fact that’s why he said he contacted me. I think my online dating name, Barbie Brazilian, got his attention.”

“That’s a bit out there to admit to a Brazilian online, especially when you didn’t have one.” Rip!

Adele slapped her hand on the massage bench, the sound making a thwack.

“Open your legs more,” Marina said. She smoothed the hot wax close to the delicate center and ripped.


Marina flinched as Adele’s piercing scream ricocheted off the walls of the cubicle and into her brain. The colours in the room became intense, so that the pale yellow walls of her cubicle burned her eyes. A strange aura, a shimmering light, appeared around Adele’s face. Marina had experienced this only once before, when she’d had her vision. Perspiration broke out on Marina’s brow. She centered her gaze on Adele’s face praying the pain would go away. It didn’t. Instead, the yellow of the walls deepened to ochre. Glancing at Adele, she saw that there was a trickle of blood seeping from her nostrils. “Are you okay?”

“Sure. Don’t stop.”

Marina’s vision cleared. There was no blood on Adele’s face.

“It’s fine to keep going. I can handle pain.” Adele bit her fingernail. “I’m sick of my boring life. I’m going to break out. This Brazilian is going to bring out the animal in me. This guy’s to die for.”

Marina shuddered with fear. “Adele, could online dating be dangerous?”

“Dangerous? Nah...”

She spread a neat strip of wax on either side and mentally prepared herself for the inevitable scream. Rip!


The scream swept over her. Shrill at first, then blunting to a gurgling sound like the last remnants of water going down a bath tub.

Alarmed, she looked up to see how Adele was doing, but Marina’s vision had clouded. She froze. Adele’s face was contorted in agony. Her eyes bulged and she was turning blue. There was something around her neck. What was it? A rope? She lunged at Adele to save her.


Her vision cleared. Adele was staring at her, her eyes were wide with alarm but she was fine.

Marina clutched her arm. “Adele. Don’t go on that date. You don’t know this person.”

“I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” Adele prized her fingers off her arm.

“Please Adele. Listen to me. Don’t go anywhere private with this man.”

When Adele left, Marina shivered, feeling frozen inside. Adele wouldn’t listen to her and she couldn’t make her. She couldn’t get rid of the foreboding sense of danger.

She’d seen Adele die.

Dirty Sexy Murder © Cathleen Ross


Dirty Sexy Murder

Author:  Cathleen Ross
Genre: Romance/Contemporary

Publisher: Lyrical Press

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Can Marina learn to have faith in her powers in time to save the people she loves?

Marina's got it made with a new job giving Brazilian waxes in a fashionable salon in the big city of Sydney. Life seems to be looking up for her, that is, until she starts having visions, which come true. Her clients start dying, one by one. Then her roommate, James becomes a suspect, and suddenly she must fight for the man she cares for. While she tries to harness her powers, people close to her begin to disappear. More victims of the serial killer? This time she can’t see, and in the midst of terror, Marina must save the lives of people she's come to love, but in a twist of fate, save herself.


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