Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Sunday Salon – Time Management, Author Power and Reading

Hey readers near and far – I hope you had a great week this past week. Loads of stuff to see and hear is always happening in book world.

For me time seems to run away from me at every turn – there just doesn’t seem to be enough in the days for me and I am away from the PC more often than I am and I have been very redundant in responding to my comments – but I am getting on top of them today and hopefully this week will flow a bit smoother.

I did spend some time doing some notes this week on some review I NEED to post on the blog – they are of books that I really enjoyed and books that surprised me alot.. Two such books are S.L. Danielson - NUMBERS and Bridget Midmay -Corporate Seduction…


When I posted the cover (the one on the left) a few weeks ago, a few commenter commented on the fact that the heroine’s boobs were a bit too full bodied to be on the cover of a book – For some reason I don't have a problem with it – it feels more real somehow. The cover on the left is the other cover for the book which I think more people took to.  Irrespective of the covers this was pretty good read for me - Check back later in the week to see what I thought of the book..


  • Author power was in full force this past day, as Rick R. Reed highlighted the submission requirement of The Wild Rose Press as of  late Friday night. Along with Nix Winter who did a rehash of the wording, did a short but intense piece on submission and what is acceptable.

Up to Friday on the TWRP website.

"Please note the elements that we do not accept within any of our lines:

No depraved or illegal acts

Hero and Heroine should not be already married to one another except in certain circumstances such as marriage of convenience.

Heroine and Hero should not be married to other people when they begin their relationship.

No bestiality

No degradation of women (rape)

No pedophilia* (no sex involving underage characters)

No homosexuality** (our romances celebrate heterosexual monogamous relationships)"

After the Article on Saturday Evening

Please note the following Special Submission Requirements which are for all lines in the company:

We publish stories between a man and a woman - (we do not, at this time, take submissions with homosexual romance).
Hero and Heroine should not be already married to one another except in certain circumstances such as marriage of convenience. 
Heroine and Hero can not be married to other people when they begin their relationship (no adultry).
Although we do accept stories containing explicit sex in most of our lines, it must occur between consenting adults.


Please stop by and read the comments they make for some interesting reading. I say however  go author power – can you imagine if they all got together to tackle this piracy matter. Yup that would be something..

As a matter of interest, as readers how much interest do you pay to the submission guidelines of a publisher – I have been reading The Wild Rose Press books for years and I haven’t looked – for the obvious reason, I didn't need to, but have any of you guys looked, as although I have supported TWRP – this info does make a huge impact and me rethinking some standards….



  • Shiloh Walker told us about her pet peeves in reading and I find they are mine as well – As I read a whole bunch of genre, there tend to be something's that are par for the course in particular genres, but there are just some things that have or are becoming stereotypical now…


Powers that make no sense

Big does not equal sexy

Overly independent heroines

Follow the link to see how she expands on them – I think the third one is one of my current major pet peeve at the moment… HERE


  • Janna from Erotic Romance Reader did a wonderful piece I thought about reading preferences. And while the piece was well thought out and well presented, the comments gave an added flavour to the article as all the commenter's are serious readers and quite direct in their opinions.

Give it a read – HERE –, graphic heavy site.



Until next week – cheers

From  site –

What is the Sunday Salon? Imagine some university library's vast reading room. It's filled with people--students and faculty and strangers who've wandered in. They're seated at great oaken desks, books piled all around them, and they're all feverishly reading and jotting notes in their leather-bound journals as they go. Later they'll mill around the open dictionaries and compare their thoughts on the afternoon's literary intake....

That's what happens at the Sunday Salon, except it's all virtual. Every Sunday the bloggers participating in that week's Salon get together--at their separate desks, in their own particular time zones--and read. And blog about their reading. And comment on one another's blogs. Think of it as an informal, weekly, mini read-a-thon, an excuse to put aside one's earthly responsibilities and fall into a good book


8 Speak To Me:

Tam on 28 February 2010 at 14:21 said...

I hate to break it to the honey in the cover on the right but he's cheating on her. He's been having a relationship with a man for quite a while now. ;-) Cheating bastard. LOL

I never look at submission guidelines but since I only read m/m obviously the publishers I buy from accept submissions.

Lily on 28 February 2010 at 15:19 said...

Since I don't write books I've never read the submission guidelines. I saw Rick's post last night and was a bit surprised by it. At least they've changed it now.

@Tam, he already has a great man, why is he trying to get with a chick now? Cheating bastard!!

Chris on 28 February 2010 at 17:03 said...

Oh! Thanks for that cover on the right. I'm slowly getting enough of HIM (with Kris' help, since she featured him in the first place) to do a post on that guy.

LOVE that xkcd. And I must go peruse that submission kerfuffle.

Erotic Horizon on 28 February 2010 at 18:09 said...


You slay me you really do - I can see that lovely belly button... Chris has trained us well...

I never look at submission guidelines but since I only read m/m obviously the publishers I buy from accept submissions

I know what you mean - even if I just read m/m stuff I would still be put out by how the whole thing was presented..

I suppose on the other hand - people just want to know what their publishers are producing...


Erotic Horizon on 28 February 2010 at 18:14 said...


I thought that was really quick - I have had issues with them over the years and I dont hesitate to email them...

Please leave the guy alone - let him spread his wings....


Erotic Horizon on 28 February 2010 at 18:17 said...


I know what you mean - Whichever book I see a model on - he/she is set in that characters mould for me... irrespective of any other book I see him on...

Yes please - go give a quick look...


Donna on 28 February 2010 at 19:01 said...

Thanks for sharing the links! Will check them out. :)

Lately time management has become a #1 priority with me, there will be some changes on my blog soon because of this -- hopefully for the better all around. Plus the family is complaining that they haven't had enough of my attention this past year. :)

Holy crap! my word verification is: anticat :(

Erotic Horizon on 1 March 2010 at 16:57 said...


Time mangement- that thing all bloggers struggle with...

I look forward to seeing what you decide on. Sometimes we just have to make the right decision for us..