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Reviewette – My Bloody Valentine © Rebecca Vickery


Love Kills: My Bloody Valentine
Edited by Jessy Marie Roberts
Release Date: January 2010
ISBN-13: 978-0984261055 (Softcover)
ISBN-13: 978-0984261062 (Hardcover)

Featuring 20 pulse-pounding short stories, including Mark Souza's "Cupid's Maze," Love Kills: My Bloody Valentine celebrates the sinister side of romance. Forget flowers and candy-scare your lover into your arms this Valentine's Day.
Including the talented works of Mark Souza, Lily Harlem, Phyllis Humphrey, Michael R. Colangelo, Marianne Halbert, Jack Horne, D.B. Reddick, Jessica A. Weiss, Jeffrey C. Pettengill, Neil Coghlan, Adrian Ludens, Harper Hull, David E. Greske, J. Troy Seate, Rebecca J. Vickery, John Pennington, C. Douglas Birkhead, Matthew Dent, Ruth Barrett and Rich Sampson.
This macabre collection of Valentine's Day horror is a devil of a good time.



Cold water splashed repeatedly on her face helped Rosalyn gain enough composure to seek out her supervisor.  She didn’t bother to ask, but hurriedly stated she was taking a couple of sick days. 

Perhaps it was Rosalyn’s pasty, white face, the look in her eyes, or her unusually abrupt manner, but she received no argument.  Surprising from a man who normally expected attendance from employees during childbirth or major surgery.

Rosalyn gathered up her jacket and purse before striding cautiously to the elevator.  She smelled Varian before she saw him.  The hairs on the back of her neck prickled in warning.  Funny how her senses seemed so acute at this particular time of year.  As she punched the call button, he sidled up behind her.  His scent called up memories of too many flowers crowded into one room.  Like at a mortuary.  A faint whiff of formaldehyde, a lingering haze of mold with a hint of rotting meat – death.  He smelled of death.

“Leaving already, Rosalyn?”  he whispered near her ear.  “It won’t do you any good.  I’ll find you.  But I do enjoy a challenge.  At least try to make it interesting.”  Varian chuckled when she hurried away down the hall.  He softly called, taunting her, “See you later.  Valentine’s Day starts at midnight tonight, you know?”

Happy Bloody Valentine © Rebecca Vickery – Love Kills My Bloody Valentine


My Thoughts

Valentines day is meant to be the day when lovers come out of the woodworks and show us lowly mortals what the art of romance  is all about, but what if Valentines day spelled your death and you have outrun it for the past seven years.

This is what Rosalyn has had to deal with.

After making the biggest mistake of her life she is now haunted by the ghost of her past and this ghost chose Feb. 14th as the day to lay all his cards on the table.

Rosalyn is caught out this year- she has gotten too comfortable in her life, too cosy in the phase that she is in and only when she feels the hands of time trickling down her spine does she realise that she has only has a limited time to arm herself in order to make it through the next twenty four hours – as she knows this year might just be the year that she just doesn’t make it.

LOVE KILLS MY BLOODY VALENTINE was released just a few weeks and I had the opportunity to read Ms. Rebecca J. Vickery’s contribution to this anthology - HAPPY BLOODY VALENTINE.

It is a short read and before I knew it, it was over but between meeting Rosalyn and delving into her story of love and lost , I was blown away.

Not only is the concept fresh – but the suspense and detail  of this books was edge of my seat stuff.

Horror is not associated with Valentines day and because of this I was intrigued to read this body of work. It was worth it and more,  I will absolutely be trying out all the other authors work in this anthology.


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Chris on 14 February 2010 at 23:46 said...

Your reviewettes are about 100 times longer than my reviewettes! Oh dear. What the heck does that make my reviewettes? "Now available in new bite sized"?! ;)

Donna on 15 February 2010 at 03:31 said...

LOL, Chris!

This story sounds very interested! Plus it's a nice twist on the lovey dovey Valentine's holiday.

Adele on 15 February 2010 at 19:42 said...

wow love that cover.

Erotic Horizon on 15 February 2010 at 21:17 said...


"Now available in new bite sized"?!

It an art dear - I bow low to you and your mad skillz....


Erotic Horizon on 15 February 2010 at 21:18 said...


I thought so as well Donna... I will be getting this Anthology.. it's nice to read something different..


Erotic Horizon on 15 February 2010 at 21:20 said...

@ Hagelrat

Isn't it just - I have been looking for the cover artist - can't find him/her.. but it is cool..