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Review – Broken Shine (Bk-3) – Candice Glimer


Title:  Broken Shine (Bk3)

Author: Candice Glimer

Publisher: Lyrical Press (Amazon Link)

Main Characters: Felicia Hunter & Sir Liam

Love will be the death of him.

Felicia Hunter earned herself the nickname Leeza early in life, and well as the reputation for being a klutz. How she landed a job in a glass store was a miracle. The bigger miracle is the mysterious designer who brings in the most beautiful glasswork she’d ever seen. Little does she know, he’s an Immortal Knight Templar.

Sir Liam has spent the last 700 years as a Knight Templar, faithful to the Balance Mandate. His charge is to protect humans from all manner mythical creatures. In the past 24 years, he’s become more attached to Leeza than his vows of chastity allow.

The closer Liam gets to Leeza, the more love and need surge through him. His feelings for her bring him to the very edge, but if she pulls him over, he may end up broken.

Content warning, this story contains unbounded passion, a little bite-and-bleed love action and a Knight to die for.


Liam forced himself to squeeze the hand cut-outs on the cardboard box before lifting it out of the trunk.

What in the Heavens was she doing here?

This was bad. This was so very bad.

His heart hammered in his chest. He would take Marge out and beat the ever-loving-werewolf right out of her if he thought he could get away with it. There was an extremely simple reason why he never dealt with Felicia, or Leeza, as she liked to be called, when he brought in his glass.

The woman made him crazy.

And now he had to deal with her. A few weeks before, when he’d been forced to talk to her on the roof, he knew the strange sensations she created in him were getting worse—his whole body felt on edge, and it had taken a week to get over it.

Fortunately, the number of mythicals that needed taken care of had been high enough he could take his frustration out on them.

Liam watched her. He didn’t interact with her.

That was the rule. He ordered himself to take the items inside and leave. Speaking wasn’t necessary, being nice wasn’t necessary, anything that would make him stand out in her mind was unnecessary.

He just needed to get out of here as fast as he could.

He had a dozen things he could go beat up as soon as he left.

Because he damn sure didn’t want to deal with the rush of feelings inside when he looked at her. This was worse than when she’d caught him on the roof. If that had been hell on his equilibrium, this was going to be sheer torture, the likes of which he hadn’t experienced in seven hundred years.

He inhaled a breath, reminding himself of his promise. In and out. That’s all he had to do.

Broken Shine © Candice Glimer


The Review

I saw this book being promoted on the Lyrical Press site a while ago and two things drew me to this book, the cover and the blurb.

I simply love the cover and the fact that the blurb mentioned The Knight Templar – I was sold. I am a big fan of anything to do with the legend of the Templar's.

BROKEN SHINE starts simply enough with us meeting a group of men at the entrance to a fair that is really a re-enactment of days gone by that they had live through.  While the men are fascinated by various aspects of the stalls and the attendee at the fair they all agree that this was nothing like it truly was and they knew because all these men were over 700yrs old.

As expected of men who aren’t joined at the hips they make their own way through the fair and this is the beginning of a journey for Sir Liam, for it is at this fair that Liam meets a little girl called Leeza who seems to have been separated from her mother – and he ends up spending not only that day watching over her but the next twenty – four years.….

Jump all the years forward and clumsy Leeza is working in a glass shop and is making the most of her days.Her biggest concern in life is getting through each day without breaking anything and wondering about the artist that takes in the most beautiful glassware that sells in the shop. She finds out soon enough and it is most certainly not who she expected.

Liam is a Templar Knight whose sole purpose is to protect human for the otherworldly beings that they are hopefully unawares of. His interest in Leeza is unexplainable – but he cannot resist looking out for her and watching her from a distance.

When the two finally meets again sparks fly and one thing leads to another and nothing happens, because - Liam operates by a strict code of practice and it is not forgiving, secondly Liam is more than just  himself, he is a Knights Templar. Leeza on the other hand wants what she wants and once she finds out Liam is her mystery artist – she inadvertently put herself in a position to make her the pawn in a most dangerous game.  

This is the third book in I am not sure if it’s a series as it doesn’t say – So I took the chance to read it out of sequence. Straight off I liked the characters, from a too old Sir Liam trying to see beyond the fringes of everyday life, seeking out the mythical creatures that walk among the humans of present day, to Leeza with her cheeky precociousness and zest for life and pure innocence even at the young age at I initially met her.

Meeting them almost a quarter of a century later they are older but the heart of them has not changed and this made me smile as I got to know them better. Let me say now that not only was Leeza clumsy but she was silly as well and I found she accepted things too easily and literally had no sense to her own danger. Leeza was just as in the dark as the rest of the human population about the Templar and the mythical creatures that are not always up to good deeds and this is where the story begins.



All the hallmarks of a sweet read is there in this book – from the cute kid, grown up to be a woman who lust after the unknown man – and even more than sweet there was also anticipation for much of the book as well.

Ms Gilmer took more a mythological approach to this story of the Templar Knights and barely any theological reference were in the book  - which was a plus I thought.

I thought the Knights themselves were well described and the main players were scoped out enough to suit the plot and made accepting them much easier.

The mythical creatures where thick on the ground and they range from the young vamps to the age old gods and goddesses… however I thought their inclusion were too fleeting and too convenient in some cases.

While the plot was really simply and easy to follow – there were some side stories that were juicy enough to detract from Liam and Leeza’s story and I hope Ms. Gilmer follow up on some of those.

If you like a little creepy and some graphic vamp action in your read this will work for you…. if you are looking for a story with vengeance gone wrong – yup this will work for you as well.

I will say that the ending left me in a bittersweet mood. While I love a HEA , sometime I just don't get giving up all and everything for the girl… really I don't… It did leave me feeling like something had been lost…



This can be read as a stand alone book although I think it would have been aided by the use of a glossary.. While I  quickly figured out what was what, the time it took to do the mind melt was a little frustrating.

BROKEN SHINE is a whole lot more than what the blurb offers up and I was pleased but it did toss up characters that would been nice to know about before hand just in case I was averse to particular paranormal creatures. 

I thought the first half of the book was a much better read – the last end got too busy and too much new info tossed in at even that late stage… 


Bottom Line

BROKEN SHINE is my first taste of this authors work – and I am eager to find out what happen to the support players in this book. Liam was the classic hero – Gentlemanly to a fault, always there and just a cut above the rest – I liked him alot.

Leeza really did do my nerves in, but I though she pulled her big girls sock up when it was needed and got her HEA irrespective of mine or the Templar's fury at this.

A sweet read with an eclectic bunch of people that I didn’t mind spending time with…



Yup love it – then and now….


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Chris on 8 February 2010 at 17:14 said...

That cover IS excellent.

Donna on 9 February 2010 at 02:54 said...

I'm the same way when the Knights of Templar are mention, I come running. And the cover is pretty nice, I do love a nice, strong back. :)

Unknown on 9 February 2010 at 15:02 said...

Thank you for reviewing Broken Shine... I'm glad you liked Liam's story, he's probably my favorite Templar Knight. :)

And yes, the cover does rock. I squealed a little when I got it. :)

Erotic Horizon on 9 February 2010 at 16:16 said...


I fell right in love with that cover - I am pleased the book worked for me as well...


Erotic Horizon on 9 February 2010 at 16:18 said...


I can see the hussy in you - A nice strong back indeed...

I did particularly like the description of the Templars...


Erotic Horizon on 9 February 2010 at 16:19 said...


Welcome to my place - I did really like Liam alot....

I am looking out to see what you do with the other guys - the build up was a little more than I could survive - cant wait...

Congrats on the release...