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Excerpt Day – A Detour Home © Devon Rhodes




That was the first thing Cam noticed as a slamming sound brought him abruptly into wakefulness. Despite it being summer, most nights in the motel rooms he awoke chilled to the bone from the artificial air conditioning they’d cranked up to combat the day’s residual heat the night before.

But tonight he was toasty warm.

Mmm… Eyes still closed, he pressed back into the warmth. An arm tightened around him and he smiled.


His eyes flew open, but all he got for that effort was blackness. Must still be night. Even with black-out curtains, he’d be able to see something if the sun was coming up.

A feminine giggle and an answering masculine grunt.

Now he was really confused; that sure sounded like a girl. Trying hard to think, not an easy task coming out of a deep sleep, he tried to remember the previous night to get his bearings.

Okay, getting there. New motel. Furnace behind him must be…Jon. And they were
sharing a bed, because…

The wet sounds of kissing clear as a bell in the darkness.

Ah shit, Sid for a roommate. Who must’ve brought a girl home from the bar, apparently their entrance was what woke him up. Cam rolled his eyes in the dark, trying hard not to listen to the rustling of clothing and murmurs coming from the direction of the other bed.


He pictured the clothes coming off some faceless girl, and his damn hormones perked his prick up, picking right up where it had left off without satisfaction earlier in the shower.

Not even the thought of Sid being involved could quell the rush his cock and imagination were getting from the almost pornographic sounds emanating from the couple.

Cam wriggled with his discomfort, and the arm around him tightened once more, bringing his attention back to his own bed. This time, as the arm trapped him close, the unmistakable feel of an erection pressed against his backside had him momentarily freezing in place.

That’s Jon’s hard-on against my ass.

Just putting words to the acknowledgement in his mind was incredibly arousing. Jon was hot, yes, but he saw Cam as just his best friend. Never in a million years would Cam have thought he’d be tucked into bed with him, cradling Jon’s apparently very unchoosy cock in the crack of his backside.

His own erection took on new life and his breath grew short as the struggle to not move became way too much for him. Surreptitiously, Cameron arched his back, pushing back against Jon and was answered with a volley of thrusts and an incoherent muttering in his ear.

His heart pounded through his chest, fuelled by the addition of skin slapping and unmistakable sounds of fucking off to the right, Cam set up a rhythmic undulation back against Jon that had his friend following suit as if following his lead in an intimate dance.

His own ragged breathing was masked by the noise from across the room, and as Jon’s own breathing picked up along with the speed of his rubbing, Cameron went for broke, pushing his shorts down in the front enough to expose his cock then licking his palm and taking his erection firmly in hand. As he began to stroke, his upper arm was resting along the
top of Jon’s, whose hand was still wrapped around his middle. It was an incredibly intimate feeling to be so surrounded by another,
by Jon, as Cam pleasured himself. His breath caught and he sped up his motion, pressing back recklessly, wantonly, invitingly…

Suddenly, his hand was batted out of the way, and a larger, firmer hand took its place, curling around his straining cock with assurance, spreading the pre-cum welling from his slit over his sensitive head with a calloused thumb. Cameron gasped aloud, thankful that the sound coincided with a moan from the girl in the room. Jon’s chest heaved against his back, his breath on Cam’s neck was coming way too fast for him to be anything other than fully awake...



A Detour Home

Devon Rhodes

Contents: Contemporary, Gay
Publisher: Total E Bound
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A part of Total E Bound's Homecoming Valentines Collection, stories of love lost and love found: "If you love someone, let them go. If they return to you, it was meant to be. If they don't, their love was never yours to begin with..."
The road to love is never smooth, and when Jon pushes Cameron away with his demands, he thinks he's lost his chance forever.

Jon has held his love for Cameron in check, waiting for his late-blooming friend to grow up. Then one college summer working road construction, they are forced to share a bed, bringing them closer than ever before. The dark nights spent in each other's arms reveal their mutual attraction, but Jon pushes too far, too fast.

Cam has looked up to his best friend Jon for years and trusts him completely. He enjoys the gentle loving they share but when Jon wants to go further than he's ready for, Cam balks, and Jon's reaction costs them their friendship.

Years later, Cam needs a friend, and Jon returns home to lend his support. Has there been too much water under the bridge, or will they both finally be ready to embrace the love they once lost?




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Chris on 11 February 2010 at 13:42 said...

Darn it. I can see that these excerpt days are going to be expensive ones for me. ;)

Anonymous said...

This one sounds great! Like Chris said, all these excerpts are going to put a dent in my bank account!

Erotic Horizon on 13 February 2010 at 12:22 said...


Revenge feels so sweet....yes it does...

Enjoy hon...


Erotic Horizon on 13 February 2010 at 12:23 said...


I know hon - all these Yahoo groups does me in...

I have to go on a diet and stop buying for a while...

Wishful thinking...