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By Appointment – The Kiss

Ooh La La, The Kiss!

“You should be kissed and often – and by someone who knows how.”

No, I didn’t write that, Margaret Mitchell did. That’s Rhett Butler, talking to Scarlett O’Hara. And doesn’t it just make you tingle? Don’t we all deserve to be kissed like that?


Kisses are strange things. They can be absolutely awful! But the right kiss, from the right person, at the right time . . . Ooh la la!


Isn’t it why we read romance? Oh yes, we love the thrill of watching two people fall in love, as each of them meets challenges and becomes a stronger, better person and they work things through together – so that in the end we, the readers, have that wonderful sense of satisfaction. Yes, those two belong together and will live happily ever after.


But what’s that one peak moment? So often, it’s the first real kiss. Not a peck on the cheek, but the kiss where they truly connect and we, the readers, understand this is special. These two people are destined to be together.


Each first kiss is unique. Of course it is, because each heroine and each hero is unique. And isn’t it wonderful when the first kiss is absolutely perfect?


For example, in “Sex With the Proper Stranger,” in Sex on the Beach, Tamiko’s a successful model but she has a secret past: abuse that’s made her believe she’s frigid. When she attends a destination wedding in Belize, sexy resort owner Ric has no idea of her past. They’re strangers. Yet, when he rescues her after she almost drowns, and he kisses her . . . Well, see for yourself how it goes.

image She stared up at him, those huge, dark eyes starry as they reflected the moonlight. Her lips parted, and she drew in a shuddery breath that made her breasts shift against his chest.

Caught in her spell, he lowered his mouth to hers until their lips touched. Still she didn’t move away. Her warm breath puffed in and out rapidly, and he captured it in a kiss.

Her arms came up, not to push him away, but to twine around his shoulders. Long fingers threaded into his thick mass of unmanageable hair. Her lips answered his tentatively, almost as if she was as out of practice with kissing as with swimming.

He responded in kind, cherishing her mouth with soft brushes and gentle licks, sucking and nibbling her flesh tenderly.

“Oh,” she sighed. Her tongue ventured out to flirt with his, and when it retreated, he followed it back into her mouth. She was sweet, tasting like a fruity cocktail. Sweet, too, in the ingenuous way she met his kiss.

How could a drop-dead gorgeous woman like this, with so much sexual experience, kiss like a virgin?

Tamiko trusts Ric because he rescued her, and she’s drawn to him. Yet, if he kissed her intensely, forcefully, he’d awaken her fears and she’d push him away. Instead, he cherishes her – which is something she’s never experienced before – and she responds. And no, they don’t make love now; it’s too soon and she’s too vulnerable. But when they do, of course Ric takes it slowly, tenderly, and he awakens her sensuality and sexuality.


Contrast their first kiss to the one in “Sexy Exes,” also from Sex on the Beach. Giovanna and James are exes who’ve barely spoken in years because every time they talk, they fight. Yet, because they love their daughter, they both agree to attend her wedding. Sparks – the bad and the good kind – fly, and when they dance a salsa together those sparks burst into flame. The exes arrange to meet secretly in her cabana.



Inside her cabana, Giovanna pulled her hair back from her flushed face with trembling hands.

James. Dio mio, the man was sexier than he’d ever been. Like wine—and Giovanna herself—he’d improved with age.

She wanted to taste him. All over. Her entire body ached for him.

But this was insane.

When he opened the door and stepped inside, she planted her hands on her hips, tossed her hair back, and glared at him. “We don’t even like each other.”

He locked the door and gave a ragged chuckle. “No, but we sure as hell—” Then he pulled her into his arms and bent his head, his intent utterly clear in the indigo blaze of his eyes.

She groaned with relief, lust, God knows what, flung her arms around his waist, and clung as his lips brushed hers.

That first touch was sweet yet potent, like those tropical cocktails she’d been drinking. Deceptively innocent, just a brush of lips against lips, and yet behind it passion surged with an intensity she’d never felt before.

“Damn you, James,” she said against his lips as she pressed closer, feeling his lean hardness, a body that was new yet achingly familiar.

“Damn you, too,” he returned, then thrust his tongue into her mouth and claimed her.

Their teeth clicked, their lips ground together, their tongues thrust and parried as their mouths made love and war at the same time.

His mouth was a wild, wet world where she could lose herself.

He grabbed her butt and squeezed, pulling her belly against his rigid shaft.

Everything inside her turned to molten heat and raw yearning. She squirmed against him, rubbing against his cock as shamelessly as a cat in heat.

These two have so much history – of passion, hurt, and anger – that of course it all comes out when they first kiss each other after many, many years. No surprise that they end up in bed immediately. But don’t you also feel, from that first kiss, that they’re going to get back together? The emotion is so strong, they can never be indifferent to each other. This second time around, they’ll both be more mature and find a way of making it work.



Often, a kiss just happens, but sometimes one of the partners serves notice, or issues an invitation. That’s what thriller-writer Damien did with Theresa, the sexy but up-tight professor sitting beside him on the plane from Sydney to Honolulu.


This opportunity – this woman – was too good to pass up. “Remember the ‘all work’ thing?” Damien said. “Isn’t the prof allowed some time off to play?”

“Well . . .” Her cheeks were pink again. “Dare I ask what you had in mind?”

“I think you just did.” He gave her his full-wattage smile. “Whatever we feel like. A little more talk. Maybe . . . ” With his index finger he smoothed hair away from her temple. “A kiss, right about here.” Then he touched her nose. “Another, here.” And, finally, her lips. “And definitely one here.”

“You’re –” Her voice came out croaky. She cleared her throat. “You’re giving me warning you intend to kiss me?”

“Let’s say hope rather than intend.” He studied her face, which reflected a mix of embarrassment, uncertainty, and arousal. The physical signals – flushed cheeks, gleaming eyes, beaded nipples – said she was turned on. But would she get over her hang-ups and acknowledge her desires? “Figure that might be more fun than grading exams?”

Humor sparkled. “Undoubtedly. But . . .” She ducked her head. “Maybe you shouldn’t have asked. Maybe you should have just gone ahead.”

“No. I want you to opt in.”

Slowly she raised her head and gazed into his eyes. “To what, exactly, Day?”

“Three kisses. Temple, nose, lips. And then we’ll see.”

Those enticing lips curved. “That doesn’t sound too awful.”

“If it is, we stop there.”

The curve deepened. “And if it turns out to be enjoyable?”

“Then it’s your turn. You pick the next three things. Kisses or anything else you want.”

She sucked in a breath, and he wondered what she was imagining. Something that made her cheeks flame again, and that could only be good as far as he was concerned.

Now they’re both anticipating those kisses – and aren’t you, too? There’s nothing like anticipation and sexual tension to make the moment even sweeter – and spicier – when it finally happens!

That’s from Sex Drive, the first book in my “planes, trains, automobiles, and a cruise ship” Wild Ride to Love series (and, by the way, Sex Drive is Cosmo’s choice as “red hot read” for May 2010!).


In the second book, Love, Unexpectedly, it’s Theresa’s sister Kat’s turn to take a wild ride to love. Kat’s always been attracted to her neighbor Nav, but he’s her best friend and she refuses to risk that friendship. Nav’s crazy in love with her but can’t break out of the “buddy trap.” Her train trip from Montreal is his opportunity to play “stranger on the train” and seduce her into seeing him in a whole new light – and realizing he’s the man of her dreams. So, he plays the role of a “stranger,” Pritam. Yes, Kat knows who he really is, but if she opts into the stranger game, she can have sexy fun with “Pritam” then (or so she believes) return home to her safe old friend Nav. Of course Nav has a very different agenda!


As friends, they’ve shared casual kisses on the cheek, but here’s their first kiss as prospective lovers, with him playing Pritam.


We had both turned in our seats, facing each other. He leaned closer and caressed my cheek, making me tremble. “Between us, it would be more. You feel that, don’t you, Kat? There’s been a connection ever since we got on this train and our eyes first met.”

He was reminding me of the game. I could accept Pritam, and we might end up in bed. Or I could treat him like Nav, my good friend and neighbor—the one I’d forbidden myself from having sex with—and call it quits now.

His face moved closer as I watched, fascinated. Nervous. Hopeful.

He was going to kiss me. Should I let him?

I wanted that kiss. Really, really wanted it.

And yet, it would be a make-or-break moment. What if our lips touched and things didn’t click? Or the kiss was clumsy? Or it was nice but no passion sparked? Or, if it was great but I got hung up obsessing about my friendship with Nav? If any of those things happened, then so much for the game, the fantasy, the scarily glorious sense of possibility.

Oh damn, I believed in action, so why was I doing all this uncharacteristic analysis? I tilted my head and moved closer in clear invitation.

His eyes, warm and brown, filled with something that looked almost like wonder. Then, those sensual lips met mine, soft and gentle, tentative for a moment. But only a moment.

They firmed, and confidently he took possession of my mouth in a kiss that seared me from head to toe, especially all the deliciously sexy places in between.

His tongue demanded entry and I accepted it eagerly, answered back with my own. All the attraction I’d felt since I’d seen this man—whether he was Pritam or Nav—came together with relief, hunger, passion. This kiss was more than thrusting tongues, nips and nibbles, the liquid heat in his eyes. Something sparked, flamed, between us.

My body tightened, ached, moistened. Talk about possibilities. Our kiss more than hinted at them, it promised, and I threw myself headlong into it.

Suddenly he broke away. He scrubbed a hand across his face, sucked in a long breath, then blew it out again.

I was trying to catch my own breath when he said, eyes twinkling, “Now that was a damned presumptuous first kiss.”

I laughed softly at his wording. “You didn’t see me objecting, did you?”

A quick grin flashed. “No, thank God. But we are on a train. We don’t want to get booted off before we get to Toronto.”

I flushed. I’d been so caught up in the sexy world we’d created together, I’d forgotten our surroundings. “This is embarrassing.”

No big surprise that, when the train stops in Toronto, he persuades her to share his hotel room. And that’s just the start of their sexy journey! Love, Unexpectedly will be out in April. It’s written under my pen name Susan Fox.


Now, readers, it’s your turn. What are the best kisses you remember – either in your own life, in books, or in movies? Is there a first kiss, or special kiss, you’ll never forget?



Our Guest Today is:

Susan Lyons / Susan Fox is the award-winning author of sexy contemporary romance that’s passionate, heartwarming and fun. She is published by Kensington Aphrodisia, Kensington Brava, Berkley Heat, Harlequin Spice Briefs, The Wild Rose Press, and Freya’s Bower. Reviewers say:  “Ms. Lyons’ gives readers characters you can relate to, genuine emotional context and undeniable passion wrapped up in a compelling storyline that leaves you eagerly anticipating her next release.” “Susan Lyons is a talented storyteller with a voice like no other author. Her characters will touch not only your heart but your soul too.”

Susan is a Pacific Northwester with homes in Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia. She has degrees in law and psychology, and has had a variety of careers, including perennial student, computer consultant, and legal editor. Fiction writer is by far her favorite, giving her an outlet to demonstrate her belief in the power of love, friendship, and a sense of humor.



P.S. This was originally posted at The Erotic Romance Reading Challenge – I thought I would post it here as well… As I liked it so much..


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Tracy on 23 February 2010 at 19:12 said...

Ah the first kiss. Any kiss actually really gets to me. But the first one? It just has to sizzle.

I just finished a story where the woman had low self esteem from past partners and the man clued into her skiddishness. That first kiss was soft and sweet and oh man was it great. :)

Erotic Horizon on 23 February 2010 at 19:19 said...


I know what you mean...

A good author can drag me through a book with just the promise of a kiss- I think I love that more than a good smut scene...


Smokinhotbooks on 23 February 2010 at 19:20 said...

The first kiss is muy important, just finished reading His Convenient Husband and the first kiss scene was magical!

Anonymous said...

The promise of a kiss... What a beautiful phrase! And yes, I do think the first kiss should always be magical, because it says so much about the two people. Tracy, the one you mentioned sounds perfect for that couple.

Chris on 23 February 2010 at 23:27 said...

Ok, I'm obviously not up to snuff today, because as I was reading along, I thought "Wait! How did I not know that EH was an author?!" :)

Kris on 24 February 2010 at 05:23 said...

I adore first kisses. My favourites are when an author is able to convey that moment of anticipation, the first tentative touch and then the total loss of self in the moment. Glorious. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

LOL, Chris.

And Kris, yes, that really is glorious. Sigh...