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Self Published Reviewers – I NEED YOU



As some of you are aware I am hosting a Self Published reading Challenge for the year 2010 (see side bar). In line with that I have gone one step further to get involved in this part of the book world.

As it’s a massive undertaking it will be a gradual thing. One of the first things that will come onboard in January 1st is a new blog for this venture and one of the features on the blog will be a link for a referral  list of reviewers that are willing to review Self Published books.

I know all the draw backs to self pub books, but as one of my commenter from my post Would You Read A Self Published Book said.

In this age of digital publishing I would think that self-publishing would be ideal and the norm more than anything else. The negative reaction therefore seems a little strange to me.
And, let's face it, a number of the well known epublishers such as Torquere, Loose Id, Ellora's Cave, etc, etc all had authors involved in either their conception or as owners. Be a bit hypocritical to now say that self-publishing is not the way to go, wouldn't you think?

Kris ©  Kris N Good Books

This was followed up further by

I believe that we will see a shift toward self-publishing by a lot of authors who have been on the fence about this issue. With Smashwords and similar companies making it easier and easier to deal with the process and several large distributors seeing the benefits of joining in, authors who have had bad or SLOW publishing experiences may give it a try.
If you try it for one book and don't like or feel comfortable with the way it goes, there's no rule against subbing other works to a traditional publisher. I know several authors who self-publish certain works and have a publisher for others.

Rebecca Vickery © Rebecca J. Vickery

Some of my favourites authors are self published and with publishing house and to be honest, I am not particularly fused about who publishes a book – as long as it has a plot I can sink my teeth into, characters I can feel, little to no typos if possible and books in the genre that I read. I would think that corners a good percentage of what any reader looks for in a book.

If you would like your name to be added to the list – please either drop a line on comments and I will contact you or just email me at – whichever is easier for you.I will be needing


Name of Blog

Contact  Info (email)

Preferred Genre

Preferred Format


If you however have questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to also drop me a line and I will let you know more of what’s up coming in January.


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Imp on 9 December 2009 at 12:29 said...

I would *love* to be included on your list of self-published authors!


~ Alessia Brio
Purple Prosaic, LLC

Anonymous said...

Please count me in! I am open to most ALL genres

Brande Waldron (Book Junkie)
Name of Blog Book Junkie

Contact Info (email)

Preferred Genre- All

Preferred Format- PDF

Anonymous said...

Please count me in! I am open to most ALL genres

Brande Waldron (Book Junkie)
Name of Blog Book Junkie

Contact Info (email)

Preferred Genre- All

Preferred Format- PDF

The_Book_Queen on 11 December 2009 at 22:29 said...

Count me in as well-- I have to agree with you, I don't judge on based on big name publishers (or lack there of), but instead on whether or not the story seems like something I'd want to read! :D

Name of Blog:
TBQ's Personal Book Palace (


Preferred Genre:
Hmm... I would hate to cut any out, but my favorites are generally paranormal and a good historical. Of course, it depends more on the individual book information, not always just the genre it's been placed in!

Preferred Format:
PDF, if it's an e-book. Just me and my good old computer to read 'em, no fancy e-readers here.

Good luck with this challenge, EH, I'm sure that once the words out, and more bloggers join, self-published books will soon be seen on more and more blog reviews! :D


kathyk on 14 December 2009 at 22:04 said...

I'd love to be a part of this.

Name of Blog:
Books I Love, Books I Review (this month anyway) ~

Contact: (check ALL the time) (not as regular)

Preferred Genre:
I'm pretty easy; there really isn't anything that I won't read, but horror is probably the one thing I can't handle.

Preferred Format:
PDF please.

This sounds like a great endeavour.

A Buckeye Girl Reads on 17 December 2009 at 18:35 said...

I'd love to be apart of this! Here is my info:

Name of Blog: A Buckeye Girl Reads

Contact Info buckeyegirlreads @

Preferred Genre: Anything with romance! :)

Preferred Format pdf